Now 745 heart attacks, 477 dead…

… according to the ever-growing, regularly updated Good Sciencing page.1Wayback snapshot.

Readers are writing to us asking for comparisons from previous years. Some say without that, these results mean nothing. That’s not true because if we had seen this in previous years, it would be well known and others would have documented it. We are starting to work on this – it is a lot of work.

Where are the fact-checkers? Where is the mainstream media? Some have piles of money from Bill Gates. Why are they not proving us wrong by all piling on and showing the documented Athlete deaths from 2019, 2018, 2017 and the previous decade?

They are nowhere to be found because this number of athlete deaths is abnormal and they know it. They have money from people who don’t want journalists poking around. So that’s why they don’t try to thoroughly Fact-Check these reports or show previous year numbers.

Good Sciencing

Young Hearts 1-12

In August 2021 “checkur6” began a series called “Young Hearts” highlighting cases of people suffering Covid injection injuries – including death. By February 18th, 2021 they had posted 12 such videos.

AllTheWorldsAStage compiled them in to one:

As you watch remember you are supposed to believe:

  1. These injections are “safe and effective”.
  2. These injuries and deaths are purely coincidental.
  3. The media are ignoring or downplaying them so there’s nothing to worry about.
  4. Your Government, and the pharmaceutical companies they indemnify from liability for injuries and deaths caused by these products, would never cut corners and are always acting in your best interest – even when obfuscating or hiding data from you, destroying your familial and societal life, breaching the Nuremberg Code and denying you your human rights.


On the internet 404 usually indicates a problem with a website.

But today on the internet it is also the number of athletes whose sudden deaths have been recorded on this ever-growing page of Good Sciencing.1Wayback snapshot for posterity

I see some Twitter remarks by my compatriot, former soccer player Gary Dempsey, are pictured also.

I wonder if Twitter will caution or ban him for talking about his experience and feelings? Because that kind of sharing could create vaccine hesitancy – something no longer condoned by the private companies and governments determining what we, the people, are free to speak about.

If size matters…

… this will be hard to beat!

I don’t know how convoy lengths are measured. Is it simply a matter of counting the trucks and combining their lengths?

Assuming each was 25m long then it suggests some 2,800 trucks were needed to make up yesterdays 70km convoy.

And there’d have to be 6,000 involved now to make up today’s 150km total.


Guess we’ll find out when the various convoys all converge on Ottawa.

We’ll also find out what Spotify think of free speech soon. Or at least what they think of bullying. Because Neil Young seems to be saying they either dump Joe Rogan or him.

That’s ballsy Neil. Comparing your value to Spotify with what Rogan brings them. Good luck with that.

Good luck too with your thinning fan base. Because many who value free-speech and don’t like bullying are now dumping you.

Thanks Jessica for the update – and the trucker video.

Athletes continue to drop…

… but it seems the penny still hasn’t with the wider public.

Probably because, like Mattias Desmet says, they are under a kind of hypnosis which is called ‘mass formation’ – a collective state which fosters the emergence of totalitarian regimes.

Media, politicians, scientists, doctors, nurses, police and others with duty of care to the public not investigating these injuries and deaths1So groups are forming to do so. Like Good Sciencing. are helping sustain the trance… and allowing this continue.

It’s important those of us aware of what’s going on speak out as best we can. Because our silence also allows it continue.

Source/credit: Hugo Talks

Jessica Rose

Someone I wish I’d come across sooner. PhDs in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry… coder… surfer… with a sense of humour (which has gotta help her cope with the horrors she’s seeing in the VAERS data).

You can subscribe to her writing on Substack and here’s her interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola from December 17th.1Originally posted on

Mercola highlights:

  • The U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is among the best adverse event data collection systems in the world, but it’s antiquated and difficult to use. Still, it’s a good way to detect safety signals that weren’t detected during premarket testing or clinical trials
  • There are unmistakable, unprecedented safety signals in VAERS for the COVID shots. While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim no deaths can be attributed to the COVID jabs, it’s impossible to discount 8,986 deaths in the U.S. territories alone, reported as of November 26, 2021
  • The estimated underreporting factor for COVID jab injuries in VAERS is between 31 and 100, so the actual death toll in the U.S. could be anywhere from 278,500 to 898,600
  • There’s a strong safety signal for female reproductive issues and for heart inflammation (myocarditis) in young men and boys. VAERS data show an inverse relationship between myocarditis and age, with youths being more frequently affected than older men
  • VAERS data are being deleted without explanation. Each week, about 100 or so reports are routinely deleted, so there are now thousands of inexplicably missing reports

New Normal: sports people collapse, some die

Welcome to the ‘new normal’ where increasing numbers of fit sports people can collapse suddenly – and even die – with cardiovascular issues often involved.

Will journalists continue to ignore scientists saying that spike protein damage to blood vessels and organs is likely driving the sudden increase in stories like these? Will they continue publishing blithe dismissals like “it’s just a coincidence”, “it’s rare” and “nothing to do with the vaccine”?

Now that 5-11 year olds are being jabbed will we be told things like “young people get strokes too”?