Covid Vaccines Affect Jewish Marriages

The Jewish Orthodox community is in a unique position… Because of the sacred role of the mikveh (ritual bath) in marital life, this community was alerted early to menstrual suffering among its vaccinated women, and advocates in that community are now also raising alarms about a dramatic drop in birthrates – from five or six a week to one or two a month – as well as reports of a wave of births in which babies were missing a hand or a foot…

Grim reading. But…

The crime has been committed. The fallout is occurring before our eyes, even for those who insist on keeping their eyes closed. With frustration and a heavy heart, our job is to continue to search for information, share it, and do what we can to prevent such coercive physical measures on humanity from ever happening again.

The next part of this series will include more detailed accounts…

Etana Hecht

Suddenly changed? Personality-changes after mRNA-Injection

Dr. Sucharit Bhakadi’s analysis suggests there’s a plausible mechanism by which the jab(s) can induce such changes.

Reiner Fuellmich, Peter Breggin and Naomi Wolf also discuss this, eugenics and the parallels between modern COVID times and pre-holocaust Germany.

NOTE: Breggin and Wolf are both Jewish. | Telegram | Source video

A Lost Small Town

Like Sage Hana, Naomi Wolf is also contemplating where and how to draw the line. Her own lived experience, plus study of The Pfizer Documents, mean she is acutely aware of the long list of abuses and abusers.

… everything that Woody Guthrie songs memorialize, everything of which American soldiers dreamt when they were far away — everything decent and pure, is to be found in Hudson Valley towns.

It sure looks that way, anyway.

But these days, I am obliged to maintain a fervent inner monologue, just so I can pleasantly go about my business in the local hardware store, in the local florist, in the post office.

Because an emotional massacre has taken place in these little towns. And now we are expected to act as if — this never happened at all.

Naomi Wolf

ALARMING Drop in Birthrates and Fertility Among MRNA Vaccinated Women

(And Men, I might add)

Mathematician Igor Chudov recently talked with Naomi Wolf about the precipitous decline in birth rates nine months after mRNA COVID injections rolled out. In several countries.

As he points out, correlation does not prove causation – but it is a signal.

interview on

His key articles on this issue |

Pfizer knew. So did the FDA.

Now China controls the injection technology.

Dr. Naomi Wolf sketches the bigger picture with Maajid Nawaz.

An interview with Michael Senger1attorney and author of “Snake Oil: How Xi Jinping Shut Down the World” is mentioned. Published May22nd, you can watch it here:

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    attorney and author of “Snake Oil: How Xi Jinping Shut Down the World”