Justice For The Vaccinated

The Vax Justice Bus

… will finish its 10-day public tour of British Colombia tomorrow outside the College of Physicians & Surgeons in Vancouver.

After which it will be much harder for Canadian doctors (who seem to be dying in unusual ways and clusters these days) and their governing body to, credibly, say they didn’t know.

Dr. Charles Hoffe and Dr. Stephen Malthouse – two of many Canadian vilified for upholding the Hippocratic oath and warning about the Covid injections, are on the bus.

Along with VaxJustice co-founder Cris Vleck, they gave an interview on BrightLightNews.com about their journey – and why they’re doing it.

… the Covid-19 pandemic and the related vaccination program represents the biggest crime ever foisted on the people of this world.

It is such a vast conspiracy that it defies credulity, which is in large part how they were able to execute their plan.

VaxJustice.org | BrightLightNews.com | UninformedConsent.ca

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