Eurostat excess mortality, February, 2024

Ireland: 3rd WORST in EU at 9.4%

You can use the Eurostat Interactive Tool to select and compare Ireland with the EU average. As you do I invite you to ask yourself two questions:

why don’t Irish excess deaths come down in the Summer like they used to?

– why aren’t politicians, public health and media kicking up a fuss like they did in 2020 (the year when deaths barely went up!)?

Irish Central Statistics Office did not project this amount of death

“… a mortality projection produced by the CSO immediately after the 2016 census when they would have had the exact up to date age and sex profile of the population and relevant actuarial data…

The 2021 to 2023 figures (in red) are rounded estimates based on figures as per …

As you can see, the CSO pretty much nailed it for 2017 to 2020 (Scamdemic Year) but then things go horribly off kilter from 2021 onwards.

2021 just happens to be year the Covid 19 mRNA vaccines were rolled out…

Patrick E. Walsh

Ireland excess mortality @ 10.4% for November 2023

Phone or tablet? Tap the ‘hamburger’ menu. Desktop? Click the down arrow. Theo select Ireland to compare with EU average.

Tap on or near a dot to show that month’s info.

UK: early heart disease deaths rise to 14-year high

Some, like checkur6, are reminding us that Dr. John Campbell convinced many to take a harmful product – despite evidence of harm being available at that time. Evidence he either refused to seek out or believe.

Having fallen for the charade myself for about a year, I can’t bring myself to judge.

But whatever amount of harms and deaths Dr. John Campbell might have contributed to, at least now he’s highlighting excess deaths

The chart for Ireland in his video

“Nothing was spreading”

Professor Denis Rancourt on deaths in Ireland

“… graph on all-cause mortality in Ireland from 2018 to present day which shows the first major spike around April 2020. Rancourt puts these deaths down to official assaults on vulnerable people, like ventilators and end-of -life protocols at a time of visitor restrictions at hospitals and nursing homes.

“The proof that it cannot be due to a virus is the following. Everywhere that it occurs around the world, it is synchronous, it happens at the same time immediately after the pandemic is announced. So the virus is waiting for a political announcement that there is a pandemic and then it’s going out and killing people right away”.

Aisling O’Loughlin

Aisling O’Loughlin: Rumble, Substack | |

Tipp Today: Patrick E Walsh debunks that OECD report and the forthcoming ‘Official Ireland’ Covid ‘review’

In his interview Patrick mentions some links. He has provided them on his Substack.

There’s red flags and questions

Did the report use the most appropriate figures to base calculations on?

Is the hyping of the report preparing the public for what the official COVID review is going to find?

Are the three years 2020, 2021 and 2022 being lumped together to disguise the facts that

  • 2020 saw just some hundreds of more deaths than 2019 (but politicians, experts, TV, radio and newspapers gave the opposite impression)
  • 2021 saw c 3,000 more deaths than 2020 (but politicians, experts, TV, radio and newspapers did not highlight that)
  • 2022 saw even more deaths again than 2021 (but politicians, experts, TV, radio and newspapers again, did not highlight)…

Explore the figures yourself on and 1Each site use different methods of counting death notices. Hence some slight variance in their numbers. But the trends they identify are the same.

Related: Tipp Today. Is There hope? OECD: no excess deaths in Ireland 2020-2022

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    Each site use different methods of counting death notices. Hence some slight variance in their numbers. But the trends they identify are the same.

Tipp Today. Is there hope?

OECD: no excess deaths in Ireland 2020-2022

But… Jan 3rd audience comments and how the host Alison spoke suggest considerable scepticism.1Extracted from the full podcast recording here. Even amongst some who have taken a transfection.

The first 19 minutes feature Prof Anthony Staines exceptional mental and verbal gymnastics talking about the OECD report.

For those reading from abroad… “Tipp” is short for the county of Tipperary – which has seen a noticeable upswing in deaths in recent years:

More on ambulances

I’ve previously highlighted some ambulance data. Now Dr. Pierre Kory has more to share.

“Recent FOIA-obtained data from the Department of Emergency Services in Westchester, NY reveal a shocking number of vaccine emergency calls as well as requests for ambulances to be “on standby.”

Dr. Pierre Kory

Yes, you read that last bit right.

Ambulance teams in some New York counties were called in advance of COVID injection clinics and asked to be on standby.

A prudent precaution, you say?

But why would such prudence be necessary? Because if the injections were ‘safe’ there should have been no increase in the number of people requiring emergency medical assistance on any given day, or in any particular time period, in those communities.

So, why would people administering the injections feel a need to ring emergency services ahead of time and warn them?!

Read Dr. Kory’s full article here.

Is this the spirit we need?

“We’ll be assembling an army if we need to!”

“I’m just not willing to sit back and let this shit go on anymore…

So…because I’d most likely not get a response anyways…

I figured that I’d throw out a Public Address, via Twitter/X to let Premier Danielle Smith and Minister of Health, Adriana LaGrange know what they’d be looking at in 2024.

No disrespect of course…but the line in the sand is drawn!

Prior to changing over the Provincial COVID Dashboard to the new Provincial RSV Dashboard, there were 2,768 people reported to have been injured by the jabs.

This is based on approximately 82% of the population being “Fully Vaccinated…

However…the CANVAS (COVID Study… Reports that 1:10 have reported an adverse reaction, 1:20 have reported a Severe Adverse Reaction…

This represents an under-reporting factor of between 3,000-6,000%(ish).

In the New Year, there are going to be a few of us gathering to compile some data – federally and provincially on support for those who have been injured and presenting it to you…and we’re not going to stop until we have some answers on what the UCP1United Conservative Party is doing to ensure that these people are handled and addressed appropriately and what you plan to do to ensure that no more Albertans get harmed by these COVID Vaccinations.

We will Not Stop.

Sheldon Yakiwchuk

Full article on Substack

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    United Conservative Party

The Continuing Mystery of Early 2020

“Now that the dust has finally settled, we have the leisure to return to the panicked days of early 2020 and reexamine what really happened. And it may not be quite what we think. Nick Hudson and Jonathan Engler join us.

Tom Woods, 29th Nov, 2023

Eight reasons to doubt the New York story

Jessica Hockett takes Mark Kulacz through some of key oddities in the official story.

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IRELAND: excess mortality @ 17.8% for October

“The carnage continues for Ireland to an orchestra of silence…

Patrick E. Walsh

Phone or tablet user? Tap the ‘hamburger’ menu. On desktop click the down arrow. Theo select Ireland to compare. Tap on or near a dot to show that month’s info.

‘Official Ireland’ won’t acknowledge the fact of Eurostat excess deaths because to do so would be an admission to a problem they caused and an embarassment…

“I will continue to publish and comment on these monthly Eurostat releases because they pound home the truth of what is happening from official sources but also because to stop now would allow the complacent to think the problem is going away.

Patrick E. Walsh

Actuarial and statistical problems around the Covid phenomen

Neuro-biologist JJ Couey, reviews Nick Hudson’s Oct 11th presentation to the Actuarial Society of South Africa. A plain version can be watched on

(Apologies for the text/chat replay on the screen. Nothing I can do about it.)


Copied from the Pandata substack. Contains an Addendum responding to some questions he was asked on the day…

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Deaths in Ireland… upward trend slowing down?

Today, Ireland Excess DeathsIrish Quislings and RIP Counties each updated with their November numbers. Thankfully, this November seems less harsh than Nov ’22 and Nov ’21. But still way above pre-scam Novembers.

Also, more people have died in eleven months of 2023 than in the whole ‘novel virus’ year – the year we (supposedly) had no natural immunity nor injections to save us.

Good job those transfections started in Jan ’21 just as the deaths really started accelerating, eh?! It’d have been so much worse if those counter-measures hadn’t been deployed just then. Just in time.1Sarcasm

And no, this does not show lockdowns, masks and standing on circles in shops saved us in 2020. Because if they had saved us that year, why did they stop saving us from Jan ’21 on? (You might remember we were also doing those things for about the first half of 2021 – while the transfection roll-out was ramping up?).

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“Millions Of Lives Saved”

Denis Rancourt PhD, live with JJ Couey

Denis Rancourt is interviewed by JJCouey about his paper which evaluates whether the Nobel-Prize-winning COVID-19 vaccine has actually saved millions of lives.

Looks like it comes down to the assumptions made when inputting data into the model… and the credulity of those accepting the models answers as real.

If you really want to dive in, helpfully Rancourt has provided links to some resources mentioned. |