CDC Lied about Vaccine Myocarditis Being Mild: 20% of Sudden Deaths Caused by Myocarditis

A better summary than mine of the Heidelberg autopsy study.

Our authorities claim that “myocarditis does not cause deaths” for only one reason: they refused to autopsy vaccine victims. As soon as autopsies of a representative sample of “sudden deaths” were finally done, as in the above Heidelberg study, it turned out that 20% of sudden deaths were myocarditis-related.

Igor Chudov

He also asks:

What Caused Other 80% of Deaths?

Here’s the list of “causes of death” for most of these subjects. Thanks to Brian Mowrey for pointing it out. A lot of them deserve their own substack post!!! Look at sudden-onset pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, thrombi etc…

Igor Chudov

Autopsy-based histopathological characterization of myocarditis after anti-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination

Table 2 Case characteristics

Here, we describe the cardiac autopsy findings in five persons who have died unexpectedly within seven days following anti-SARS-CoV-2-vaccination, with vaccine-induced myocardial inflammation representing the likely or possible cause of death. Our findings establish the histological phenotype of lethal vaccination-associated myocarditis.

This a small study: 5 out of 25 people who died unexpectedly within 20 days of a COVID-19 injection. But hard to dismiss as coincidental given the mounting evidence1e.g this, this, this, all this and that the authors reported:

During the last 20 years of autopsy service at Heidelberg University Hospital we did not observe comparable myocardial inflammatory infiltration. This was validated by histological re-evaluation of age- and sex-matched cohorts from three independent periods, which did not reveal a single case showing a comparable cardiac pathology….

More extracts…

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It’s All About That Spike

with Jessica Rose, Ph.D + Steven Pelech, Ph.D

The two highly-qualified pro-vaxxers recentlly spoke with Bernadette Pajer

  • innate and adaptive systems of natural immunity1Pajer was involved in getting it officially recognised in the State of Tennessee. Mentioned: “Antibody Deception” with Pelech and Rose
  • ivermectin helping with RSV and more?2Pajer mentioned this clip from
  • wild spike protein (in the engineered virus)
  • modified spike protein (from the injections)
  • Renin-Angiotensin Aldosterone system – RAAS3the Jessica Rose RAAS video on YouTube
  • VAERS4Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System – user-friendly summary of its data on – de-incentivised and under-reported
  • 6,000 deaths stopped vioxx – yet 32,200 deaths and mRNA is still going
  • redefining “vaccine” to protect makers of these genetic drugs from liability
  • auto-immune triggering
  • infectious DNA clones 5Rose cites (archive) and a talk with RFK J. Jay Couey, Ph.D., Robert Malone, M.D., Meryl Nass, M.D., Tess Lawrie, Ph.D. and Jessica Rose, Ph.D
  • impact on fertility6e.g. 40% of women experience menstrual changes
  • research projects they are working on
  • the loss of humanity, ugliness and need for civil discourse
  • forgiveness… we need to embrace it… for some.

Why the toilet paper? She needed a model (see 34:00).7The two guests never appeared side b side during the interview. This is a composite I created. Oisin.

Note: the 6-min break from 54:00 to 1:00:15 features clips from freedom rallies around the world.

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Featured: |

Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth

Had “Turtles All The Way Down1The subheading “Vaccine Science and Myth” distinguishes from John Green’s older book of the same name. received its deserved attention from the international medical community when it was written one year prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world may very well have avoided the predicament that we are in today.

Madhava Setty, M.D.

Co-editors Mary Holland and Zoey O’Toole, who organised the English translation of the original 2019 Hebrew book, spoke with Bernadette Fiaschetti on One Life Radio Oct 6.

They also spoke with Steve Kirsch of The Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF) on Oct 20.2Some other topics mentioned on this VSRF episode: FLCCC Educational Conference (Steve Kirsch’s slide deck)| Texas Lyndsey on the Brook Jackson whistleblower court case | Billboards | ACIP decision

Buy through or Amazon.com3Link provided by Children’s Health Defense

Children’s Health Defense4Also | One Life Radio | Steve Kirsch | Rumble

Pseudovaccine Quality Inconsistency

Not a drug scientist? Not a pharmacist? Then a lot of this may go over your head.

But you’ll still learn enough to know that the synthetic, modified mRNA in the COVID injections and their production processes are untrustworthy.


There are flaws at every level.1See also Turtles All The Way Down (about vaccine science in general) – shorter 47min audio on Children’s Health Defense

Maria Gutschi tells Mathew Crawford and Liam Sturgess

… this was one of the more educational discussions for me during the pandemic. I am still learning about the regulatory processes, and being shocked by new twists and turns. It’s as if the drug distributors always had a thousand tricks at their disposal, and decided to use them all at once for the shock and awe many of us intuitively felt even if we could not decipher all of the many details.

Mathew Crawford

Watch on Rumble

For a more generalised view of issues with science, see Science For Hire

mRNA Vaccines Injure the Heart of ALL Vaccine Recipients and Cause Myocarditis in Up to 1 in 27, Study Finds

The latest evidence comes in a study from Switzerland, which found elevated troponin levels – indicating heart injury – across all vaccinated people, with 2.8% showing levels associated with subclinical myocarditis.

An article replete with examples and references. Hard to pick highlights. But the 13-min Dr. Vinay Prasad video (near end of article) provides an overview.

There’s also these:

1. Australia as control

The official line on elevated heart injuries and deaths, where they are acknowledged, is that they are most likely caused by the virus as a post-Covid condition rather than the vaccines.

However, expert group HART (Health Advisory and Recovery Team) has pointed to Australia as a “control group” on this question. HART notes that even though Australia had not had significant Covid (only 30,000 reported infections and 910 deaths) prior to mid-2021, it still saw a trend in excess non-Covid deaths beginning in June 2021 (see below). HART notes that Australia “did not have prior Covid as a reason for seeing this rise in mortality and hospital pressure from spring 2021”. Instead, “the results from this control group indicate that the cause of this rise in deaths, particularly in young people, must be something in common with Australia, Europe and the USA”

Will Jones

2. New Zealand, Japan, Israel too

(Just coincidences of course…)

“The age groups most likely to use boosters show large rises in excess mortality after boosters are rolled out.” John Gibson, New Zealand.

The Speed Of Science

One day it will gain such momentum that The ScienceTM will either vibrate itself to bits or crash, out of control into a wall made of its own hubris.

But how do we minimise the numbers it will hurt, maim or kill along the way?

Ordinarily I’d highlight specific parts of a Highwire episode. But there are too many important issues converging…

  • Paxlovid was found to cross react with common heart, statin and immunosuppressive medications
  • Boston University developed a more virulent SARS strain
  • Florida’s Surgeon General confirms greater risk of cardiac death for young men after an mRNA shot and recommends against mRNA injections for young men because of the increased risk of cardiac death and says there’s a “snowflake’s chance in hell” Florida would require COVID injections for schoolchildren
  • Joe Biden says “the pandemic is over” but his administration renews the state of emergency and the CDC’s ACIP committee voted 15:0 to pave the way to permanently protect manufacturers from liability for harms their COVID injections might cause recommend the COVID injections be added to the US childhood vaccination schedule.
  • a Pfizer executive laughed as she told the EU their COVID injection was never tested for transmission before release
  • there are signs the mRNA injections are triggering 15% more deaths than normal
  • some MEPs are calling for billions in refunds for these fake vaccines
  • The ScienceTM gets away with sophistry, word salads, lies and a coordinated, carefully-planned propaganda campaign while those calling them out are censored
  • … and some public figures who took part in that campaign have started back-pedalling. (More on that soon).1But let’s start with a question. If you disparaged those of us who knew all along that the shots were not tested for transmission and that we were all being misled about their effectiveness and harms, how credible do you think we’ll find it when you say you now believe The ScienceTM has changed?

Individual clips available on The Highwire Episode #290 page.

  • 1
    But let’s start with a question. If you disparaged those of us who knew all along that the shots were not tested for transmission and that we were all being misled about their effectiveness and harms, how credible do you think we’ll find it when you say you now believe The ScienceTM has changed?

Let’s See What Happens

Twitter Post, Oct 22nd:

1/7 Let’s strip away evidence and history, and try something new.

Let’s put software entrepreneurs, a Swiss-German corporate club and Pharma CEOs in charge of public health, and see what happens.

Let’s then lock old people in homes and withdraw support, and see what happens.

2/7 Let’s stop taxpayers from earning money, and see what happens.

Let’s close borders, and see what happens.

Let’s stop cancer and cardiovascular screening, and see what happens.

3/7 Let’s restrict education to those wealthy enough to have their own room, computer and screen, and see what happens.

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Science For Hire

A Gary Null Production

It’s long. But thorough.

Billions of dollars are spent to manipulate and buy the allegiance of elected officials and the media. Those who speak up against modern science’s culture of corruption risk having their careers destroyed. Governments operate in lockstep with the pharmaceutical ambitions to erect an unregulated global regime, a “Great Reset,” …

Gary Null Film Library

Who is Gary Null?

Author, broadcaster, film producer. Here’s an example. His 1996 interview with Nobel Prize laureate and PCR inventor Dr. Kary Mullis1who it seems was also wise to the environmental scam

  • 1
    who it seems was also wise to the environmental scam

Toward a real Grand Jury.

Doctor, Physicist, Actor & Lawyer, Dr Richard Fleming tells Maajid Nawaz about his

But the Grand Jury only happens if enough of “we, the people” demand Attorneys General conduct it.

So tell people about this initiative. Especially US citizens. |

Previous interviews with Dr. Andrew Huff are mentioned. Here they are.

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Is Not Science

… my dad… suffered a cardiac arrest and a sudden cardiac death at home…

… extra 14,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in 2021 versus 2020, so, post vaccine rollout…

… my own social circle, at least half-a-dozen people unexpectedly suffered sudden cardiac death within weeks to months of having the vaccine…

… the original Pfizer trial… there is a smoking gun… there were four cardiac arrests in the vaccine group versus one in the placebo…

… people aged between 16 and 39 there was a 25 per cent increase in either heart attacks or cardiac arrests.

… my duty is to patients and to scientific integrity, and to the truth.

Dr. Aseem Malhotra

June 2022: Moderna CMO believes spikes from the mRNA vaccine get to the heart

But Dr. Paul Burton still has his job.

In contrast, after this short May 2021 radio interview…

… and publishing a Parent Guide to COVID-19 Vaccination

My life exploded into a storm of harassment, accusations, and censorship…

… fact checkers claiming that I did not know what I was talking about…

An open letter was written by a large number of my colleagues at the University of Guelph, none of whom are vaccinologists.1Context: Dr. Bridle is an Associate Professor of Viral Immunology in the Department of Pathobiology at the University of Guelph. All of them accused me of spreading misinformation…

My career has suffered what will likely be irreparable damage. I am still not allowed to access my office or laboratory… 

I wonder if the naysayers will listen to the COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ manufacturers as they now confirm this 1.5-year-old message.

Dr. Byram Bridle

Doctor u-turns on mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines. Calls for global pause

I was wilfully blind… until I wasn’t…

What’s worse than ignorance? The late, great Stephen Hawking tells us: the illusion of knowledge…

I was one of the first people to have the Covid-19 vaccine… in January 2021… I, at the time, did not even conceive… of the possibility that a vaccine could cause any real harm at all…

Dr. Aseem Malhotra

… a hero. When he learned he was wrong, he did the right thing: publicly admitted his mistake and called for the halt to the vaccines… at considerable risk to his reputation.

Steve Kirsch

His U-turn on Covid vaccine safety could save countless lives – if only mainstream media would give his message the airtime it deserves.

Dr. Tess Lawrie

Why listen? Why share?

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The Lombardy Analysis

A pattern difficult to explain by viral spread.1An article by eugyppius (The Earliest Days of the Italian Pandemic, or: Why Nobody Wants To Talk About February 2020 Anymore) got Jonathan Engler digging in the Lombardy regional death data.

The first thing to note… is the extreme synchronicity of the excess death curves… surprising in the context of a “spreading” virus. The next thing to note is the height and sharpness of the peaks in deaths.

This extremely rapid rise and fall, to unprecedented levels, also seen synchronously elsewhere in Lombardy, does not look at all natural. However, it does resemble another, non-viral incident. In 2003 there was a huge spike in elderly deaths in France, triggered by a heatwave…

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Maddie De Garay

A name to mention when told…

  • to Trust The ScienceTM or
  • the COVID injections are safe.

After her second shot during an early clinical trial1Her two brothers also participated. So she and her consenting parents were clearly not ‘anti-vax’. Maddie became paraplegic.2Maddie was one of c. 1000 in her study group. Implication: there could be a 1-in-1000 chance of paraplegia with your second Pfizer mRNA COVID injection.

To this day her many injuries are downplayed and ignored by vaccine pushers (like the trial leaders, doctors, nurses, Public Health officials, governments and the dying mainstream legacy media).

So, very few people know her story. Despite…

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  • 1
    Her two brothers also participated. So she and her consenting parents were clearly not ‘anti-vax’.
  • 2
    Maddie was one of c. 1000 in her study group. Implication: there could be a 1-in-1000 chance of paraplegia with your second Pfizer mRNA COVID injection.