Caught in their own trap?

Appropriate vaccine information they want to ignore

Pasted below the line: a thorough and succinct critique of a recent “we must overcome vaccine hesitancy” article. Copied from the PANDA Substack. Also published on


“On January 5, 2024 the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published an article by Peter Marks and Robert Califf. Both authors are affiliated with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The article, “Is Vaccination Approaching a Dangerous Tipping Point?,” is a discussion about growing vaccine hesitancy in the US, and includes suggestions on how to alter this trend. The article is brief; it contains only nine paragraphs and one figure. The authors claim that vaccines (including the Covid shot) have been carefully developed and are safe and effective. They also argue for the medical community to “redouble its efforts” to provide the public with appropriate information about vaccines.

Unfortunately there are multiple problems with the claims made by the authors. We do, however, agree with their conclusion that “the best way to counter the current large volume of vaccine misinformation is to dilute it with large amounts of truthful, accessible scientific evidence.” In consequence, we think it appropriate to respond to the article by countering their incorrect claims with truthful, scientific evidence. To accomplish this, we consider nine specific claims made in the article.

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Young Hearts 47

Who are the real heroes?

“Who are still pushing the virus, pcr, early treatments etc.?
Who were talking up lockdowns, masks and the jabs to their audiences, when it mattered? and then came out against it after their audience had largely taken it?
Who never got cancelled nor missed a pay cheque?
Who won’t defend or even talk about those who were cancelled, villified and stripped of their livelihood, and petition for their reinstatement?
There are globalists pretending to be the good guys, jockeying themselves for positions at what could be the alternative to the WEF/UN, They even had the audacity to brand themselves as the dream team.


NOTE: if you are affected by horror movie / zombie images, it might be wise to stop watching after 16:00

Irish interest

  • @ 8:12 Derek O’Connor’s life saved by GAA rival


JJ Couey: The Pyramid of Nonsense (Bret Weinstein on Tucker Carlson)

Probably too long for a newbie, but the first 59 minutes are a good synopsis of JJ Couey’s perspective. After which he discusses yet more ‘dissident’ figures (in this case Bret Weinstein, Robert Malone and Steve Kirsch) who:

  • are broadcasting subtle pro Scooby-Doo / pro-train, messages1“Scooby-Doo” and “Train” mean nothing to you? Watch the 7 mins from 15:20 to 22:30
  • do not discuss glaringly obvious issues
  • get widely promoted2Unlike those who called the bullshit early. Such as Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Prof. Knut Wittkowski,
  • seem unable to reach certain conclusions – conclusions which seem inevitable if one has the humility and integrity to admit they had fallen for the train mime.

Yes, arguably some he talks about might simply be slower at catching on than others. But these highly educated, intelligent people are doing these things FOUR YEARS after the COVID story broke. That’s a long time. Is it any wonder he’d doubt them?

The Jessica mentioned at 01:03:55 is Jessica Hockett who is exploring the strange case of New York’s “mass casualty event” which demonstrates (amongst other things) there were no signs of ‘spread’. Her work can be found on

JJ Couey playlist |

  • 1
    “Scooby-Doo” and “Train” mean nothing to you? Watch the 7 mins from 15:20 to 22:30
  • 2
    Unlike those who called the bullshit early. Such as Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, Prof. Knut Wittkowski,

Actuarial and statistical problems around the Covid phenomen

Neuro-biologist JJ Couey, reviews Nick Hudson’s Oct 11th presentation to the Actuarial Society of South Africa. A plain version can be watched on

(Apologies for the text/chat replay on the screen. Nothing I can do about it.)


Copied from the Pandata substack. Contains an Addendum responding to some questions he was asked on the day…

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Vaccine Experts Under Oath:

Shocking Revelations in the Fight for Transparency And Truth

Last Thursday’s Highwire episode features a presentation given by Del Bigtree and Aaron Siri at Freedom Fest in Memphis earlier this year.

If you have not yet seen Aaron Siri’s testimony to the Arizona Senate in May, this is a pretty good summary.

“… Everything you thought you knew about vaccines, is wrong. Listen to Del and Aaron take you through court depositions and cross examinations of the world’s leading vaccine experts. Listen to shocking admissions by these experts, in their own words, when they are compelled to tell the truth, under oath…”

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