Risk Assessment Summary for SARS CoV-2 Sublineage BA.2.86

What do you take from this August 23rd statement by the CDC?

Putting aside that this is an acknowledgement that the ‘vaccines’ are useless (so you’ll need a booster which we’ll license soon), doesn’t this amount to saying “pretty much everyone” ?

… BA.2.86 may be more capable of causing infection in people who have previously had COVID-19 or who have received COVID-19 vaccines…

CDC1Archived. Archived.

The same release also says:

  • existing expensive pharmaceuticals “appear to be effective” against it
  • “this updated vaccine will be effective at reducing severe disease and hospitalization” (nice bit of confident predicting there!)
  • and it is transmitting internationally because there are 9 cases across Denmark (3); South Africa (2); Israel (1); United States (2) and United Kingdom (1)..

Yes. 9 cases.

In the world.

The entire world.

Of c. 8,000,000,000 people.

But… in case you might be tempted to relax and not worry… they note reduced genome sequencing means “more variants may emerge and spread undetected for longer periods of time” … so they’ll keep an eye on everything and will update their assessment when they have more data.

Ed Dowd: ‘They Can’t Run From This Data’

… Disability claims are on the rise… “If it’s not the vaccine, what is it?” asks Ed Dowd…

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COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake in Ireland Reports

They were being issued weekly until Week 07 2023 (week ending Sunday 19th February 2023). Then there was no report at all in March, and ..

As of April 2023, the frequency of HPSC reporting on COVID-19 vaccination uptake will change to monthly.

Health Protection Surveillance Centre1Archived: July 16th, March 31st

But two-and-a-half months later (mid-July), there are no subsequent reports. Despite data being available the most recent report is for Week 16 (week ending Sunday 23rd April 2023).

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Aaron Siri gives testimony to the Arizona State Senate

May 25th, the ICAN lawyer put the COVID-19 “vaccines” in context.1Speaking at The Arizona Novel COVID South Western Intergovernmental Committee hearings.

Do you know…

… vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability for harms their products might cause?

… some vaccines are deemed safe after 5 days of study?

… if a Pfizer trial investigator ‘feels’ Maddie de Garay’s paraplegia and other injuries are not related to her Covid injection, that’s enough for the FDA?

As is to be expected these days, some media maligned the hearings and showed no interest in exploring any specific issues raised:

Here is the full 2-day event…

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Pandemic of the Vaccinated – Original Antigenic Sin in Covid Hamster Study

… one of the concerns with using vaccines against coronaviruses is the concept of Original Antigenic Sin (OAS). This phenomenon is where the immune system is trained on the variant in the vaccine but upon encountering a new but similar version of the virus, it responds based on its memory of the original virus rather than the new one.

So, if you were vaccinated at the beginning of the pandemic and your body was trained on the original Wuhan spike protein, the hypothesis is that when you encounter a new variant, your body produces a response against the Wuhan virus and not the new variant. This could mean you have a less effective immune response to the new variant, if any at all.

On the other hand, if your immune system is primed through natural infection, it is trained on all the different parts of the virus, not just the spike protein. You still get OAS but this time, if the spike protein has mutated into a different variant, your body will still produce an appropriate response because it will still recognise other parts of the virus that mutate much more slowly.

But this has just been theory. A group of researchers wanted to investigate whether the theory held up in practice and have recently published their report… The hamsters were given a three-dose mRNA vaccination, similar to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccine used in humans. After the vaccinations, the hamsters were exposed to different variants of SARS-CoV-2.

The researchers then measured various outcomes, such as the amount of viral RNA in the hamsters and the ability of the hamsters’ immune systems to neutralize the virus.

These are the results, which I will explain below…

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