We Are Not Alone

This list is growing. It is not the only one.1For example.

Also, it is quite anglo-centric. So similar lists could easily be created for those speaking French, German, Dutch, Afrikaans, Swahili and other languages.

Who features?

Initially, those who exposed the masks and lockdowns. Then, those espousing early treatment, warning of linguistic deception2e.g. redefining ‘vaccine’ and “statistrics”3Typo intended! and vaccine harms.

But since late 2022 it also includes some going beyond the COVID con to expose other aspects of The Matrix. Like the climate change scam. Or CBDC’s.4Central Bank Digital Currencies

Why are they on it?

They value truth, freedom and Human Rights.


Some may no longer be active because of de-platforming, censorship, intimidation, family, personal or other reasons – including death.5e.g. Dr. Zelenko RIP 2022

They may differ on why all this is happening, what the biggest danger is; how best to respond etc. This is healthy and not a valid reason to dismiss any, or all of their perspectives.

Their politics, religion, attitude, style etc are irrelevant. What matters is the veracity of their perspective and message.6Before dismissing something they say, please check you’re not being illogical.

Most of all, remember it only takes one black swan. Just one.

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  2. AJ Roberts7Also MrAJRoberts.com
  3. Alexander, Dr. Paul8Also DrPaulAlexander.com
  4. Allen, Richie (podcasts)
  5. Alles Auf Den Tisch9‘Everything on the table’
  6. Alliance for Natural Health10Covid-19 vaccine leaflets available on this page
  7. All The Risks (Jonathan Weissman)
  8. Alltman, Dr. Philip
  9. American Association of Physicians and Surgeons
  10. American Freedom Alliance
  11. American Frontline Nurses
  12. America’s Frontline Doctors
  13. American Institute for Economic Research
  14. Amerling, Dr. Richard M.D.
  15. Anecdotals Movie
  16. Anna Alice, Margaret
  17. Annett, Kevin11Several projects, but Republic Of Kanata is a good place to start
  18. Anomic Age (John Age)
  19. Ardis, Dr. Brian
  20. Arkmedic’s Blog
  21. Arora, Rav
  22. Astin-Gregory, Dan (Pandemic Podcast)
  23. Atkinson, Graham (The Red Pill Revolution)
  24. Attkisson, Sharyl
  25. Attwood, Mark12Odysee channel.
  26. Aurelian13Aurelian.ro
  27. Australian Vaccination-risks Network Inc
  28. Awaken With JP14Odysee channel.
  29. Azelbert, Dr Xavier
  30. Bailey, Dr. Samantha
  31. Ballan, Abir
  32. Barak, Avi
  33. Barbari, Dr. Antoine
  34. Baudet, Thierry15With Jerm Warfare – includes his video warning about the three ‘mega-trends’ affecting our present and threatening our future..
  35. Beaudoin, John, Sr.16Substack | Norman Fenton interview re Massachusetts death certificates & fraud
  36. Belfield, Alex
  37. Berenson, Alex17Too hot for Twitter.
  38. Behrendt, Dr. Silvia
  39. Bhargava, Dr. Aditi
  40. Bhakdi, Dr. Sucharit
  41. Bhattacharya, Dr. Jay
  42. Big Brother Watch
  43. Bigtree, Del (The Highwire)18Rumble
  44. Binder, Dr. Thomas
  45. Bloom, Godfrey (former British Army officer, former UK MEP)19Jim Ferguson interview
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  47. Boden, Dr. Mary
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  65. Buckland, Dr Christian
  66. Buttar, Dr. Rashid
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  68. C19Study 25collating studies on Vit d, Ivermectin…
  69. C19 Vax Reactions
  70. Cabrera Avivar, Dr. Mario
  71. Cadegiani, Dr. Flavio26Brazil
  72. Café Locked Out
  73. Cahill, Prof. Dolores
  74. California Parents Union
  75. Camell, Dr. Ben
  76. Campbell, Dr. John27Here’s why.
  77. Canada Health Alliance
  78. Canadian Covid Care Alliance (CCCA)28Odysee
  79. Canadian Society for Science & Ethics in Medicine
  80. Care Not Cuts
  81. Carroll, Dr. Vincent
  82. Cartland, Dr. David29See also Tess Talks interview, August 2022 | DrCartland.com
  83. Casey, Prof. Gerard30With Sara Haboubi & Mattias Desmet (2nd video on page). Regular guest on Tom Woods
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  94. Clark, Dr. Teryn
  95. Cloud, Gina34Undivided Podcast
  96. CoffeeAndCovid.com35Jeff Childers, lawyer
  97. Cole, Dr. Ryan
  98. Coleman, Dr. Vernon36aka An Old Man In A Chair
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  100. Consttuional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association
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  104. Corbett, James
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  110. Covileaks
  111. Covid19 Assembly
  112. COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project
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  114. Covid Legal USA41also their official blog: TheCovidBlog.com
  115. Covid Plan B
  116. Covid Recovery
  117. Cowan, Dr. Tom
  118. Cox, Bobbie Anne42Attorney
  119. Cox, Dr. Zac
  120. Craig, Dr. Clare
  121. Crawford, Mathew43Odysee | Rumble
  122. Crispin Miller, Mark
  123. Cuimmei, Melissa
  124. Cullen, Dave (Computing Forever)
  125. Cummins, Ivor (The Fat Emperor)
  126. Daily Clout44USA company, founded by Naomi Wolf, which is supporting citizens to “exercise their rights to directly weigh-in on issues and legislation so that their voices are heard at the local, state or federal level”.
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  134. Disabled Rights Advocates
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  136. Doctors for Covid Ethics 48100+ doctors and scientists from 30 countries
  137. Doctors for Patients UK
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  157. Evans, Dr. Liz
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  160. Feds For Medical Freedom
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  163. Fernando, Ruckshan (The Real Ruckshan)56Interview with Children’s Health Defense, March 2023
  164. Field, Topher (BattlegroundMelbourne.com)
  165. Fierlafijn, Dr. Anne
  166. Finn, Patricia
  167. Five Times August (Brad Skistimas)
  168. Fleming, Dr. Richard
  169. France Soir
  170. Freedom Fighter Nation
  171. Freeman, James
  172. Free The People (Matt Kibbe)
  173. Frei, Rosemarie
  174. Fuellmich, Reiner 57lawyer who helped expose VW engine emissions test fraud
  175. Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC)58Odysee
  176. Furey, Dr. Sheila59Interview with Alex Newman on The New American
  177. Gazda, Dr. Suzanne60Helping with neurological issues post Covid injection.
  178. Geopolitics & Empire61Odysee
  179. Gibbons, Anne
  180. Giesecke, Prof. Johan
  181. Gilberta St Rose, Dr. Mary
  182. Gill, Dr. Martin62South Africa
  183. Global Truth Network
  184. Gold, Dr. Simone
  185. Good Sciencing
  186. Grand Jury, The Court Of Public Opinion
  187. Great Barrington Declaration
  188. Griesz-Brisson, Dr. Margareta
  189. Gupta, Prof. Sunetra
  190. Habib, Liz
  191. Hal Turner Radio Show
  192. Hana, Sage
  193. Hammond, Jeremy R.
  194. Harper, Phil63His intro piece on ivermectin.
  195. HART64Health Advisory & Recovery Team
  196. Hart, Elizabeth (VaccinationIsPolitical.net)65Presentation to PANDA, April 2023 | Substack
  197. Haider, Dr. Syed66Odysee channel
  198. Hartley-Brewer, Julia67on Pandemic Podcast, July 28th, 2021
  199. Hayen, Todd
  200. Health Freedom For Humanity
  201. Hearts of Oak
  202. Heasman, Andy68Bitchute channel
  203. Hellström, Johan
  204. Henderson, Tracy
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  224. Hutchinson, Graham
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  226. Icke, David77speech at Worldwide Rally for Freedom London, July 24th, 2021
  227. Icke, Gareth78speech at Worldwide Rally for Freedom London, July 24th, 2021
  228. Igan, Max
  229. Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN)
  230. International Crimes Investigative Committee79Odysee | Telegram
  231. Ioannidis, Prof. John
  232. Ireland Excess Deaths
  233. Irish Freedom Party
  234. Iversen, Kim
  235. Jam For Freedom80Cambel McLaughlin interview with Tess Lawrie
  236. Jardine, Paula
  237. Jefferson, Prof. Tom
  238. Jensen, Dr. Scott
  239. Jerm Warfare (Jeremy Nell)
  240. Johnson, Senator Ron81Milwaukee News Conference, June 2021; Expert Panel on Federal Vaccine Mandates, Nov 2021; COVID-19: A Second Opinion, Jan 2022.
  241. Jones, Dr. Ros
  242. Kaufman, Dr. Andrew 82his joint Statement On Virus Isolation well worth a look
  243. Kaur, Dr. Kulvinder MD
  244. Kendrick, Dr. Malcolm
  245. Kerr, Dr. Lucy83Brazil
  246. Kilian, Dr. Rochagné
  247. Kingston, Karen84Varitage.com
  248. Kirsch, Steve85Double-jabbed since March 2021. Highlighting the major issues with the injections, statistics, science, institutions and censorship. Also offering millions of dollars in challenges and ‘name your price’ support CDC or FDA staff prepared to whistleblow.
  249. Klein, Dr. Harvey (Heshie)
  250. Kory, Dr. Pierre
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  270. Lotus Eaters93Their website isn’t searchable. Their Odysee channel is.
  271. Loupis, Dr. Anastasia Maria
  272. Lindley, Dr. Katarina94Also World Council for Health team member
  273. LSB Film Productions
  274. Lunoe, Sandy
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  277. Make Americans Free Again
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  310. Nagase, Dr. Daniel
  311. Nass, Dr. Meryl111“…an internal medicine physician and a recognized expert in bioterrorism who famously uncovered the origin of the mysterious “Gulf War Syndrome” as a reaction to the US Army’s own anthrax vaccine” (James Howard Kunstler). Dr. Nass’ Substack
  312. Nawaz, Maajid112Twitter. Substack. Gettr. Odysee. Rumble.
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  323. Nurse Freedom Network
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  326. O’Bernicia, Michael
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  332. Oliver, Neil
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  334. Open Source Truth
  335. Oracle Films119 Odysee | Rumble
  336. Our Voices Matter
  337. Palesa Mohamed, Shabnam120World Council for Health
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  339. PANDA (Pandemics – Data & Analytics)
  340. Parada, Pete122Jerm Warfare interview
  341. Pavlidis, Prof. Konstantin
  342. Peel, Jeffrey
  343. Pelech, Prof. Steven123Kinexus.ca also CanadianCovidCareAlliance.org
  344. PeterSweden
  345. Perrins, Laura
  346. Perro, Dr. Michelle124Interview with Steve Kirsch, Oct 2022
  347. Plummer, Joe
  348. Polly St. George (Amazing Polly)
  349. Ponesse, Dr. Julie
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