(Parrhesia by Kayla Henry)

Covid-19 is being used to usher in a totalitarian ‘new normal’ in which we will own nothing and (apparently) be happy.

I’m not happy about that.

Nor am I happy about watching family, friends and society be ‘nudged’ into self-destruction. Or the frightening, faux-intelligent, emotionally-packed backlash experienced when I tried explaining that.

So I set up this site (using a pseudonym to protect myself) as a support for those of us seeking to counter the conspiracy.


Yes. People and organisations are conspiring to bring that about.


No. Fact. There is a published plan1Summarised in The Great Reset and Planet Lockdown. – which will succeed unless enough wake up and resist.2Perhaps the best form of resistance is to create a parallel world?


The human mind is brilliant at denying horrible facts. So most are simply not looking, while those courageous enough to look are unable to accept what the evidence demonstrates.

So governmental and public health lies continue. As does the harming and killing of people by the suppression of viable treatment, hospital protocols and the Covid ‘vaccines’.

Compliant ‘big tech’, legacy media, scientists, medics and educators have a lot to answer for.


The fear of facing reality is one powerful force keeping people from seeing. The skilful, coordinated deployment of propaganda is another.

Almost every aspect of the official Covid narrative is false or, at best, dreadfully weak. So 24/7 fear-inducing, society wide messaging is needed to distract from that – as well as the globally coordinated human rights violations, Nuremberg and other medical code breaches, and the censorship, attacking, cancelling and de-platforming of those who dare challenge the narrative.

Coordinating something so big is impossible!

Plus, not everyone would fall for it – and there would be whistleblowers.


  • … there are whistleblowers3Heavily censored, attacked & deplatformed
  • … they only need a substantial minority to comply4e.g. “Mass Formation
  • … and there is ample organisation (and compliant enablers) to pull it off.5See here – especially the Paul Schreyer video.

The dam is cracking

But the cracks are getting harder to hide. Excess deaths are way above normal. Young people and athletes are dropping, So growing numbers are waking up and speaking out publicly or quietly educating family and friends.

This site is a resource to help with that awakening.

Explore it. Share it.