COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?

Show this article to your narrative-believing friends.

Especially the ones who “say they are open-minded, but that they ONLY trust things in peer-reviewed medical journals.”1See Steve Kirsch on Substack for how to use this article to red-pill people.

Amazing to find such a thorough compilation published in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

So thorough that nearly every paragraph could be a highlight.

Here are just a few.

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The C.D.C. Isn’t Publishing Large Portions of the Covid Data It Collects

Dr. Paul Alexander reminds us of the New York Times piece from February.

The headline message might cause some to question the CDC’s integrity. Helpful from a freedom lovers point of view.

Not helpful is that the shared snippet implies better control of the virus could be achieved and more lives saved, if we had more info. Two unfortunate things there.

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Young Hearts 16

Mainstream Media report 769 athletes collapse over the past year

But remember, the vax is SAFE and effective… always. No matter how much anecdotal evidence like this accumulates.

Extremely fit athletes, young people and children collapsing is just the new normal. Apparently.

Despite the damaging and completely failed injections against Covid, a lot of mandates still remain and the death program pushes ahead


Covid Coincidence

Coincidence theorists1Those who see coincidences as merely coincidences – and not evidence of entities conspiring or systemic corruption. will probably enjoy this one.

October 2021, The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons featured an article called Covid Coincidence. In it Marilyn Singleton MD, JD asks some serious rhetorical questions.2Here’s the same article on her own website.

  • 1
    Those who see coincidences as merely coincidences – and not evidence of entities conspiring or systemic corruption.
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    Here’s the same article on her own website.

The (real) Global Covid Summit

Declaration IV – Restore Scientific Integrity

A Joint Statement, representing 17,000 Physicians and Medical Scientists to end the National Emergency, Restore Scientific Integrity, and Address Crimes Against Humanity.

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If they were interested in truth…

… wouldn’t they ask her how she came to believe what she believes?

December 2021. Remember the furore back then about this clearly racially-motivated attack by two white supremacists?1Sarcasm. Me neither.

Perhaps news of the outcry and the valiant efforts to protect this victim of racism never made it into my echo chamber?

Watch it here.

But before you do… this November 2021 video2Hugo Talks will clue you in for when she mentions Waterford, Ireland:

The Irish disinformation board

Following up my “Truth is in trouble” post with a piece from Gerry O’Neill about the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) branch in Ireland.

Given the complicity of academic institutions in fostering the rise of totalitarianism – by silencing dissenting voices1Like Mark Crispin Miller (here’s his Substack). and facilitating woke and cancel cultures2Some examples in these Jordan B. Peterson compilations: August 2021, April 2022, it’s hardly surprising to see somewhere like Dublin City University involved.

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Truth is in trouble

So are those who seek it and speak it.

But if you’ve not looked beyond mainstream media.,Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc you wouldn’t know. Because they are deciding who – and what – you get to hear, see and understand.

This limits your ability to reach a sound conclusion or make an informed decision. Not just about lockdowns or Covid injections. But about anything. Anything. Past, present or future.

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The West Is In Crisis

Dr. Julie Ponesse (PhD in Philosophy) has suffered because of her stance against the official Covid narrative.. Yet in her conversation with Zuby she sounds calm, tolerant and keen to understand what’s going on.

Despite it being somewhat dated (eg the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy had yet to be crushed by authorities when they spoke), conversations like this give me hope.

Well worth a listen.