COVID UPDATE: What is the truth?

Show this article to your narrative-believing friends.

Especially the ones who “say they are open-minded, but that they ONLY trust things in peer-reviewed medical journals.”1See Steve Kirsch on Substack for how to use this article to red-pill people.

Amazing to find such a thorough compilation published in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

So thorough that nearly every paragraph could be a highlight.

Here are just a few.

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The C.D.C. Isn’t Publishing Large Portions of the Covid Data It Collects

Dr. Paul Alexander reminds us of the New York Times piece from February.

The headline message might cause some to question the CDC’s integrity. Potentially helpful from a freedom lovers point of view.

But the snippet he shared also implies better control of the virus could be achieved and more lives saved, if we had more info. Which is unfortunate for us – and possibly deliberate on the part of the newspaper.

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If they were interested in truth…

… wouldn’t they ask her how she came to believe what she believes?

December 2021. Remember the furore back then about this clearly racially-motivated attack by two white supremacists?1Sarcasm. Me neither.

Perhaps news of the outcry and the valiant efforts to protect this victim of racism never made it into my echo chamber?

Watch it here.

But before you do… this November 2021 video2Hugo Talks will clue you in for when she mentions Waterford, Ireland:

The Irish disinformation board

Following up my “Truth is in trouble” post with a piece from Gerry O’Neill about the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO) branch in Ireland.

Given the complicity of academic institutions in fostering the rise of totalitarianism – by silencing dissenting voices1Like Mark Crispin Miller (here’s his Substack). and facilitating woke and cancel cultures2Some examples in these Jordan B. Peterson compilations: August 2021, April 2022, it’s hardly surprising to see somewhere like Dublin City University involved.

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Joe Rogan talks with Maajid Nawaz

I found this a horrifying listen. But couldn’t help admiring his research and presentation, and kept thinking THIS is what good journalism looks like.

We are in a war. Between centralisation and decentralisation. Take it from someone who once fought (non-violently) for a totalitarian way of living.

Double-jabbed, former UK call-in show host Nawaz was once an Islamist revolutionary, trained in ideological warfare – the deconstruction of a country for the purpose of destroying it from within. So he knows the signs.

After describing his activism and imprisonment he warns about mission creep, the weaponisation of language, the deliberate shutting down of those seeking truth and widespread sowing of confusion.

Finally he discusses (‘with receipts’)1Fair play to Rogan who plays devils advocate well how Covid has been a red herring – and a key step on the way to the centralised, totally controlled life some actors 2who publicly share their plans and say they have penetrated governments worldwide – 50% of the Canadian parliament being one example want for us all.

… people in power… have told us what they want to do next… Central Banking Digital Currency… programmeable… controlled centrally… so that you can’t buy certain foods, or if you do something that your employer doesn’t like… you won’t be able to spend your money. In other words it’s not money. They’re vouchers! … ‘only spent on essentials or goods which an employer, or government, deems to be sensible’… because the passport infrastructure is in place, you bring in that digital currency and you’ve got this total control

Maajid Nawaz, Joe Rogan Experience #1780 (from c 02:07:00)

Spotify: The Joe Rogan Experience #1780

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    Fair play to Rogan who plays devils advocate well
  • 2
    who publicly share their plans and say they have penetrated governments worldwide – 50% of the Canadian parliament being one example

The Learning Curve

We are not familiar with totalitarianism.

More specifically, with the slow removal of rights that happen along the path towards its full, horrific expression.

We know about the Nazi medical experiments, concentration camps and slaughter… but not much about how the preceding years enabled them.

So we could be forgiven for not noticing or appreciating the import of what’s happening now. For not recognising totalitarianism.

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Matt Le Tissier – On The Record

February 1st, Oracle Films published this wide-ranging interview with the former England international and Southampton club soccer player.

An exceptional midfielder and excellent penalty taker, after retiring from playing Le Tissier became a football pundit – most notably with Sky Sports. All was well1Nothing unusual reported on his Wikipedia entry as of June 2020. until August 2020 when “he was dropped” by Sky Sports.

Probably just a coincidence but that was around the time he was becoming more vocal about the Covid response. But it meant his Wikipedia entry needed at least this addition:

In 2020, Le Tissier became an outspoken critic on the reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom, with several tweets in which he criticised what he deemed to be an “overreaction” from the government and media, among others opposing lockdowns and mask orders. An image he posted on Twitter which implied a comparison between the Holocaust and having to wear masks during the pandemic was deleted.

Wikipedia, April 24th, 2021

Le Tissier then began to comment on and question the growing numbers of athletes AND sports fans collapsing. So by August 2021 someone had added this sentence:

In 2021, Le Tissier drew widespread criticism when he again promoted conspiracy theories. He tweeted a post suggesting that Christian Eriksen’s on-pitch cardiac arrest was an adverse reaction to being vaccinated.

Wikipedia, August 20th, 2021

Matt Le Tissier… football star… tv pundit… turned conspiracy theorist.

Welcome to the club Mr. Le Tissier!

Thank you Oracle Films.

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    Nothing unusual reported on his Wikipedia entry as of June 2020.

A Second Opinion

Thanks to…

  • NGOs, Governments and medical institutions blocking innovative, safe and effective treatment protocols
  • medical boards oppressing doctors for daring to try treating their patients
  • fraudulent scientific papers and statements
  • skewed statistics
  • ignoring of natural immunity
  • mainstream and social media censorship and cancellation of those advocating protocols or asking questions
  • and more… (all being done for our sake of course!)…

… it’s been almost impossible to get a second opinion on Covid-19.

Until yesterday, January 24th, when Senator Ron Johnson held a Roundtable panel discussion in the US Senate.1766,148 views as I type A clever thing to do as the perspectives and testimonies of world renowned doctors, medical experts, researchers, legal and military professionals and members of the public are now in the senate record – and thus less censorable.

This discussion provides a different perspective on the global pandemic response and explores the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.

The panel starts at 40 minutes into the recording, then runs for almost 5 hours. Yes it’s long. But it’s an amazing 5 hours. Especially if you are a medical practitioner.2If you don’t have 5 hours here’s the highlights in 38 minutes.

More detailed time codes will be available in time. But here are the opening statements to get you started:

  • 00:40:15 Sen. Ron Johnson
  • 00:50:40 Dr. Peter McCullough
  • 00:57:00 Dr. Ryan Cole
  • 01:00:45 Dr. Harvey Risch
  • 01:07:25 Dr. Pierre Kory
  • 01:16:05 Dr. Richard Urso
  • 01:28:00 Dr. Christina Parks
  • 01:33:30 Dr. Mary Boden
  • 01:38:30 Dr. Harpal Mangat
  • 01:41:05 Dr. Paul Marik
  • 01:50:10 Dr. Aaron Kheriaty
  • 01:57:00 Dr. Robert Malone
  • 02:03:15 Dr. David Wiseman
  • 02:09:10 Dr. Christina Parks (vaccines on race)
  • 02:12:15 Dr. Richard Urso (acknowledging Sen. Johnson)
  • 02:13:20 Dr. Jay Bhattacharya
  • 02:21:50 Open discussion begins…

Won’t believe there is a conspiracy happening around Covid?

Then you must have found some way of denying or dismissing the obvious.

In which case, whether you read it as a “conspiracy denier” or a “coincidence theorist”…

… Robert Malone’s recent News that Doesn’t make it to “Mainstream” will simply bounce off your comforting bubble of denial. Especially the bit about “nation states” being a thing of the past.

But if you’re Irish, before you let that bounce happen perhaps ponder this.

Even though Ireland wasn’t mentioned by Malone or Lord, we do have some Klaus Schwab / World Economic Forum graduates amongst us.

Like Leo Varadkar for one.

Just a coincidence though. Nothing to see here. Right?

Cartoon above from Jerm. Who is ‘out’ as a conspiracy theorist.

Believing that there are not nefarious, powerful people trying to control our lives from a local level to a global level, is profoundly naive and, quite frankly, stupid.

It’s not a conspiracy theory if they’re openly telling you what they’re doing.

Jerm Warfare

Struggling to understand vaccine hesitancy?

TRIGGERnometry co-host Konstantin Kisin explains how ordinary people can become ‘vaccine hesitant’ – without being conspiracy theorists or anti-vaxxers.

I’d sum it up as a credibility issue. When I hear the list (and more could be added) I find myself thinking “yeah, how could you expect anyone to trust what politicians and other leaders are recommending?!”

“Please do not donate to Wikipedia”…

… asks Steve Kirsch.

Because they changed him from a good person to a bad one – and wouldn’t even talk to him when he challenged their edits.

He spells it out here, making use of the fabulous “Wayback Machine” to highlight some of their key moves.

He also points out that even Larry Sanger, a co-founder of Wikipedia, says we can trust it… to give the establishment point of view. In other words, propaganda.

Maybe donate to The Wayback Machine instead?!

New Normal: sports people collapse, some die

Welcome to the ‘new normal’ where increasing numbers of fit sports people can collapse suddenly – and even die – with cardiovascular issues often involved.

Will journalists continue to ignore scientists saying that spike protein damage to blood vessels and organs is likely driving the sudden increase in stories like these? Will they continue publishing blithe dismissals like “it’s just a coincidence”, “it’s rare” and “nothing to do with the vaccine”?

Now that 5-11 year olds are being jabbed will we be told things like “young people get strokes too”?

Time to Think: The Basic Data says It All – Simplified and Clear!

In his latest video Ivor Cummins looks at all-cause mortality statistics for Ireland, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Combining those statistics with

  • the real-world experience that ‘vaccines’ do not stop transmission
  • boosters will be required to maintain ‘vaccinated’ status
  • naturally acquired immunity doesn’t count
  • the age-graduated risk profile of Covid
  • and its flu-like survival rates…

… makes it clear that ‘vaccine passports’ are completely illogical as a public health measure.

So why are so many people unable to see that?

Ivor is not the only person who suspects the media play a central role in the collective psychosis.1“The word psychosis is used to describe conditions that affect the mind, where there has been some loss of contact with reality… During a period of psychosis, a person’s thoughts and perceptions are disturbed and the individual may have difficulty understanding what is real and what is not.” National Institute of Mental Health.

  • 1
    “The word psychosis is used to describe conditions that affect the mind, where there has been some loss of contact with reality… During a period of psychosis, a person’s thoughts and perceptions are disturbed and the individual may have difficulty understanding what is real and what is not.” National Institute of Mental Health

Why lockdowns are never the answer

Dan Astin-Gregory interviews broadcaster Julia Hartley-Brewer on July 28th, 2021.

It’s not often a mainstream journalist is prepared to speak out, but today’s guest does exactly that.

Julia Hartley-Brewer presents the weekday breakfast show on talkRADIO and is a regular columnist for the Daily Telegraph, The Sun, and The Spectator. During the course of the pandemic, she has interviewed countless MPs, doctors, scientists, and others about the Government’s Covid-19 response.

Julia has said: ‘Asking questions and demanding evidence for a policy which devastates millions of lives and livelihoods, destroys children’s education and — according to eminent experts from some of the top universities in the world — will cost more lives than it will save… if the evidence for lockdowns is so strong and not just a totally debunked computer model from a year ago, then why are those so in favour of lockdowns so terrified of a public debate?’

Join me today at 12 noon BST when I will be finding out what Julia has learned over the past 18 months and why she believes lockdown always was, and remains, the wrong policy.

Pandemic Podcast