The Control Group, medical ethics and parallel communities

Friday 22nd July, Dr. Robert Verkerk1Alliance for Natural Health and Dr. Katarina Lindley2World Council for Health and Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (see her 2019 Direct Primary Care talk on this page). tell the Corona Investigative Committee about a paper on the control group survey.

Plus, a new medical journal and the need to return to traditional medical ethics and create our own community hubs and medical systems.

Grand Jury Day 1

As our governmental, medical, legal1Jessica Rose gives just one example here. and many other institutions are no longer truly ‘ours’ it is clear that we the people have to save ourselves.

So a group of international lawyers and a judge are enacting Grand Jury proceedings in full public view. To present evidence of ‘crimes against humanity’ to the public. Worldwide.

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    Jessica Rose gives just one example here.