On the Covid Tyranny in New Zealand

Five Kiwis on their awakening, experiences of and responses to the COVID crazy.

We speak to a coalition of New Zealander voices leading the growing minority of dissidents speaking up against their government’s Covid mandate tyranny. First, unvaccinated filmmaking couple Leonie May and Jared Connon join us. Then we speak to Kirsten Murfitt, Founding Solicitor NZLSOS lobbying to defend civil liberties in New Zealand, and Dr Matt Shelton who is a GP & Founder of NZLSOS.1Possible typo? Nawaz may have meant NZDSOS: New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science Finally we wrap up the conversation with Marama Fox, an indigenous Maori representative and former co-leader of the Maori party.

Maajid Nawaz

Kirsten Murfitt’s “Open Letter To Parliament” | Dr. Matt Shelton

Pseudovaccine Quality Inconsistency

Not a drug scientist? Not a pharmacist? Then a lot of this may go over your head.

But you’ll still learn enough to know that the synthetic, modified mRNA in the COVID injections and their production processes are untrustworthy.


There are flaws at every level.1See also Turtles All The Way Down (about vaccine science in general) – shorter 47min audio on Children’s Health Defense

Maria Gutschi tells Mathew Crawford and Liam Sturgess

… this was one of the more educational discussions for me during the pandemic. I am still learning about the regulatory processes, and being shocked by new twists and turns. It’s as if the drug distributors always had a thousand tricks at their disposal, and decided to use them all at once for the shock and awe many of us intuitively felt even if we could not decipher all of the many details.

Mathew Crawford

Watch on Rumble

For a more generalised view of issues with science, see Science For Hire

Forced Physician Conformity – Round Table with Dr. Brian Tyson and Dr. Mary Talley Bowden

You learn about another person’s integrity the moment you see them put in a position to stand up to their peers. Drs. Brian Tyson and Mary Talley Bowden have shown what they are made of, despite threats to their medical licenses and careers. Disturbingly, medical boards want to stop them from practicing medicine for the crime of treating patients with antiviral and antibiotic medication, vitamins, and whatever else they as diagnosticians felt could help their patients. Between the pair, they and their staff have treated on the order of 20,000 patients with none dying if treated early, and a single-digit number passing otherwise.

Mathew Crawford

Also, while keen to receive the doctors data on their thousands of COVID-diagnosed patients, medical boards do not want their data on how deaths were prevented.

Odd, no?

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The case of Dr. Meryl Nass is mentioned. She is posting about it on her Substack.1Here’s a radio interview she gave Oct 27th

High Barriers

Doubt is not welcome. So debate seems impossible.

(Thank you Cancel Culture!).

I suggested [on Doctors.net – only accessible by UK registered doctors] that, perhaps it would be better to engage Dr Malhotra in debate, rather than attacking him as a charlatan. At which point I was attacked…

I have discussed vaccination at my local sports club. At which point, almost everyone takes on that silent, arms crossed look, if you mention you have some concerns about vaccines.

They don’t debate the issue, because they can’t, because they don’t know anything other than what they have been told by mainstream media. But it is clear that some of them now see me as a bloody anti-vaxxer. Even if I say nothing more than, ‘I have some concerns.’

Yes, to ask for debate, or to dare express some concerns, is to be labelled an anti-vaxxer.

This is a very high barrier to overcome.

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick

Paediatrician Michelle Perro speaks out against the COVID vaccine

… wide range of topics including [masks,] censorship of doctors, AB2098 (the California doctor censorship bill that was just signed into law), clinical practice guidelines, why her peers are retiring in large numbers, MIS-C1“Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children” rates in children, whether she has been able to red-pill anyone (short answer is no; she talked to 30 of her peers and red-pilled 0), are GMO foods safe or not, how can doctors be looking the other way while we give our kids unsafe drugs, and more.

Steve Kirsch

Kirsch mentions a Substack on Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis.

Watch on Rumble | DrMichellePerro.com

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    “Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children”

Dr. Paul Marik on why doctors aren’t speaking out

My friends … asked me incredulously, “Why would the medical community silence doctors who are trying to save lives?”

They didn’t believe my answer.

So I wanted to interview a doctor who is very highly respected and who is not an “anti-vaxxer” to explain it to them…

He regrets not having done his homework and trusting others when he took the shot. It was only after he looked at the data directly himself, he said the data was crystal clear…

[Dr.] Meryl Nass, like Dr. Marik, has been punished for speaking out.

Meryl Nass explains why most doctors did not speak out against the COVID-19 treatment protocol or even bother to look at the data: they trust the system…

“if [Fauci] creates a standard and that is the standard and you vary from it, if anything happens to your patient, you are liable to the charge of malpractice. If you use his standard and all the patients die, you can’t be sued because that’s the standard of care.”

Steve Kirsch

Dr. Marik interview on Rumble | Dr. Nass interview with Terry Gilberg


Why Have We Doctors Been Silent? | Good People Can Do Awful Things

Oct 15: UK Doctors Conference

All health professionals welcome!

Dr. Steve James, Dr. Tina Peers, Dr. Tess Lawrie, Dr. David Cartland, Patrick Holford, Dr. Ros Jones, Dr. Anna Forbes, Dr. Peter Chan, Dr. Sarah Myhill, Dr. Julia Wilkens, Dr. Stephan Becker, Dr Rob Verkerk, Dr Mohammad Adil and others will discuss the future of the NHS,1National Health Service, UK health consequences of the C-19 chapter, medical ethics, and how to empower excellent health for all.

Better Way Conference
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    National Health Service, UK

Two Doctors on Tuesday

Doctors File First Lawsuit Challenging California Law That Seeks to Punish Physicians for COVID ‘Misinformation’ (Children’s Health Defense)

September 30th, Governor Newsome signed a new Californian law – under which doctors who share unapproved medical information could lose their licence.

So California patients can no longer trust their doctor is sharing everything relating to a condition or treatment.


Dr. Mark McDonald, a Los Angeles psychiatrist, and Dr. Jeff Barke, an Orange County primary care physician are successful.

Two doctors on Tuesday became the first to file a federal lawsuit to stop a new California law that subjects the state’s doctors to discipline, including the suspension of their medical licenses, for sharing “misinformation” or “disinformation” about COVID-19 with their patients.

Children’s Health Defense

Doctor u-turns on mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines. Calls for global pause

I was wilfully blind… until I wasn’t…

What’s worse than ignorance? The late, great Stephen Hawking tells us: the illusion of knowledge…

I was one of the first people to have the Covid-19 vaccine… in January 2021… I, at the time, did not even conceive… of the possibility that a vaccine could cause any real harm at all…

Dr. Aseem Malhotra

… a hero. When he learned he was wrong, he did the right thing: publicly admitted his mistake and called for the halt to the vaccines… at considerable risk to his reputation.

Steve Kirsch

His U-turn on Covid vaccine safety could save countless lives – if only mainstream media would give his message the airtime it deserves.

Dr. Tess Lawrie

Why listen? Why share?

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On the Parasitic Practises of Big Pharma

UK cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra and public health professional Abir Ballan MPH1Master’s in Public Health spoke with Maajid Nawaz on the corruption and parasitic practises of the global pharmaceutical industry.

Ballan’s revelations about Case Fatality Rates, PCR cycles, WHO funders and more begin at 51:00.

Her (lay-person-accessible) review: The WHO Review And Why It Matters To You

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    Master’s in Public Health


17th August 2022, Queensland, Australia.1A follow-up to the COVID Under Question event of March.

Chaired by Senator Malcolm Roberts, the inquiry heard shocking and revealing evidence concerning breaches of the doctor-patient relationship and the regulatory capture of Australia’s health and drug regulators.

Here is Dr. Philip Altman’s first of two testimonies on the day:

More testimonies here…

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By now you’ll have heard of the new wonder <snigger> drug approved for use with COVID. Especially as it didn’t help Dr. Anthony Fauci recently and his COVID rebounded.

Effective and safe, so approved for us by the same experts who said…

  • lockdowns worked (but they didn’t, plus did colossal damage);
  • masks didn’t work (until suddenly they did, so we put them on and they did nothing);
  • vaccines would end the pandemic (but they didn’t, so we need more and more of them)1Quadruple-injected US President Joe Biden is the latest to demonstrate their effectiveness!

… and thankfully kept us safe from useless, dangerous interventions like ivermectin.

“The Uncensored Citizen” collated some sources on Paxlovid.

On How To Get Better

UK GP Dr. Sam White was sanctioned by the General Medical Council for speaking out against the COVID narrative. But the High Court ruled the GMC were violating his human rights.

July 3rd he talked with Maajid Nawaz about his initial questions, resignation, suspension, kangaroo courts, evidence submitted to the police – and Integrative / Functional Medicine as a better form of health care.

The Radical episode on Midazolam.

Dr. White’s December 2021 testimony to the Corona Investigative Committee.