Suddenly changed? Personality-changes after mRNA-Injection

Dr. Sucharit Bhakadi’s analysis suggests there’s a plausible mechanism by which the jab(s) can induce such changes.

Reiner Fuellmich, Peter Breggin and Naomi Wolf also discuss this, eugenics and the parallels between modern COVID times and pre-holocaust Germany.

NOTE: Breggin and Wolf are both Jewish. | Telegram | Source video

Infighting – a historical warning

Steve Kirsch claims the ‘no-virus-people’1Drs. Sam and Mark Bailey for example weren’t prepared to defend their science in a recorded public debate.2But there’s evidence they were – even though some, like Jon Rappaport consider such debate inappropriate.

The Breggins are dissing Mattias Desmet and the mass formation perspective.

Dr. Robert Malone is fending off ‘controlled opposition’ accusations, citing the historical example of Jacobinism as he does so.

Psychotherapist Todd Hayen thinks this infighting, intolerance and polarisation is consciously fostered to help the agenda.

Mass Formation: A Decoy for Digital Concentration Camps

I was a fan of the ‘mass formation’ analysis. Not so much after this.

The Breggin critique took away my comfort blanket. Behind which I’d been avoiding looking at the evil running the show.

It’s time to face it.

Catherine Austin Fitts talked with Peter Breggin about some of the flaws with Mattias Desmet’s work – and its dangers.

Prefer reading? Links to the three-part critique on There’s also this piece by Ulrike Granögger.