An important message from Dr Mike Yeadon

“I believe Mike, not just because I’ve looked him straight in the eyes and trust his honesty, integrity and wisdom but because the vast amounts of data I have studied for myself fully support his rhetoric.” Joel Smalley

Many have asked why people didn’t resist tyrants in the past. Partly it is fear. But it’s more than that. It’s that normal people, like you & me, simply cannot imagine being so evil. We trust in humanity. And so we should. Most people are good. Few are truly terrifyingly horrible. But some are. It’s the inability to believe it’s happening that really stopped people objecting when they should, when the evidence was unmistakable but had not yet quite reached their door, their family. They are coming for you & your children. It is happening again. There’s ample evidence emerging of long term, patient planning. I’m so sorry. 

I recommend Joel Smalley’s republication because of Yeadon’s comment beneath it.

Alternatively, read the August 31st original pasted below:

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Doctor sues Oregon Medical Board for $35 million

The Highwire episode 2841The Fine Line, September 8, 2022. began with Dr. Drew realising new California legislation obliges doctors to keep medical truths from patients.

Great to see a famous doctor seeing the light. But even better…

Paediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas studied c 4,000 children born into his practice and found the more vaccinated seemed more prone to chronic illnesses.

So the Oregon Medical Board revoked his licence. Of course.

He fought to get it back… and is now on the offensive. Go Paul!2More on: and

The episode continues from 23:05 with The Jaxen Report.

Then from 52:23 Del goes deep with Mattias Desmet about mass formation – and the self-defense mechanisms under-pinning it. Worth a listen. Especially if interested in psychology or spirituality.

There’s also an uncomfortable truth for those who believe conspiracy is the only reason all this is happening.

Time to De-Stigmatize the Word “Anti-Vaxxer”

Cartoon by

My point in showing Jerm’s cartoon is not to educate in how to defeat an innocent. Rather to suggest we can ‘win’ against the globalists by disempowering the language being deployed to divide us. One encounter at a time.

Perhaps keep that in mind as you read Chudov’s encouragement.

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17th August 2022, Queensland, Australia.1A follow-up to the COVID Under Question event of March.

Chaired by Senator Malcolm Roberts, the inquiry heard shocking and revealing evidence concerning breaches of the doctor-patient relationship and the regulatory capture of Australia’s health and drug regulators.

Here is Dr. Philip Altman’s first of two testimonies on the day:

More testimonies here…

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Mass Formation: A Decoy for Digital Concentration Camps

I was a fan of the ‘mass formation’ analysis. Not so much after this.

The Breggin critique took away my comfort blanket. Behind which I’d been avoiding looking at the evil running the show.

It’s time to face it.

Catherine Austin Fitts talked with Peter Breggin about some of the flaws with Mattias Desmet’s work – and its dangers.

Prefer reading? Links to the three-part critique on There’s also this piece by Ulrike Granögger.

the true framing of power

a fan of logic and reason, i had to swallow some bitter pills to get through this thought-provoking piece from ‘the bad cat’

lower case as usual

this is not about logic nor reason nor justice. those words to not even have meaning where this conversation is taking place. we are not in the realm of of aristotle, aquinas, or kant, this is nietzsche and machiavelli and alinsky.

the only distinctions that matter are what you can and cannot, will and will not do.

the only political classification of import is the simplest of all:

friend and enemy.

this is war without rules, recrimination, or a need to legitimize. power gained and power exercised becomes its own ends and it justifies any means.

try to think about this in any other way and you are chasing your tail.

el gato malo

Words From The Dead

How to Lift Society from the Ashes of Postmodernism

Looking back at historical events like the Plessy backfire and Jefferson keeping slaves, Julius Ruechel thoroughly explores the role of the scared in societal cohesion – and how story-telling is central to its protection. and restoration

Counter-extremist Maajid Nawaz is also aware of the roles of the sacred and story-telling.

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On “Trusting The Science”

In his well-documented June 26th episode double-jabbed1but not taking any more for reasons of conscience. Maajid Nawaz[ spoke with two HART members.

First, retired clinical psychologist Dr. Gary Sidley discussed how compliance is being engineered. Scroll back to the start to catch him. Because…

… I set the video to start with pro-vax, diagnostic pathologist Dr. Claire Craig exposing the poor quality data the FDA used to endorse injecting young children.2She also highlighted these issues on The Highwire, June 23rd

So poor it is actually a gift to truth tellers!

Deeper with Desmet

Does History Repeat Itself?

In this lengthy, thorough and fascinating conversation Bret Weinstein challenges, and applies the evolutionary biology perspective to, Mattias Desmet’s mass formation analysis.

Areas of agreement and disagreement emerge. Nonetheless respect pervades their interaction as they go deep into many areas including, (but not limited to):

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Most important interview yet?

In 1951 Hannah Arendt warned a Technocratic Totalitarianism was coming. Different to Fascistic or Communistic Totalitarianism, it would be led not by gang-leaders like Hitler or Stalin, but by dull bureaucrats or technical experts.

Learn how we got here – and how we can respond – in this conversation between Ivor Cummins and author Prof. Mattias Desmet1The Psychology Of Totalitarianism, 2022

A wide-ranging discussion that explains and clarifies much – including the key differences between dictatorships and totalitarian regimes.

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    The Psychology Of Totalitarianism, 2022

Mattias Desmet with John Waters

Truth-speech in a Time of Industrialised Lies

Empathy as a useful tool for both apprehending science and exposing the dangers of seeing rational, technical knowledge as the only kind worthy of pursuit and living by.

Higher education increases vulnerability to mass formation.

The centre of gravity in totalitarianism lies in the minds of the masses: the ideology they believe. A return to human principles is the best resolution.

Speaking out is critical. Because history shows the true atrocities start once dissonant voices are silenced.

Radical Blindness. Speak Out.

Sometime mid-May, Professor Mattias Desmet spoke with Dr. Joseph Mercola.1Their conversation was then embedded in a article entitled ” The Psychology of Totalitarianism” on June 19. Given Mercola’s policy of removing content within 48hrs, I’m reproducing that text here, guided by his Citation Policy. He explained mass formation and outlined some examples of the radical blindness it can trigger in the entranced.

He also emphasized the importance of speaking out, thereby hampering the mass hypnosis. Because totalitarianism commits even greater atrocities after its critics are silenced. In which case, not even parallel structures will save us.

But what to say?

That’s the ultimate challenge: to show people that in the end, a transhumanist view on man and the world will entail radical dehumanization of our society. So, I think that’s the real challenge we are facing. Showing people, ‘Look, forget for a moment about the Corona narrative.

What we are heading for if we continue in the same way, is a radically, technologically controlled transhumanist society, which will leave no space whatsoever for life for a human being.”

Mattias Desmet
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    Their conversation was then embedded in a article entitled ” The Psychology of Totalitarianism” on June 19. Given Mercola’s policy of removing content within 48hrs, I’m reproducing that text here, guided by his Citation Policy.

The Psychology Of Totalitarianism

Earlier this year Zuby remarked1While interviewing Julie Ponesse on how modern humans seem to think our psychology has evolved beyond that of those who perpetrated the horrors of World War II.

WE could never fall for lies like the 1930’s Germans did. WE could never take part in, or go along with, the atrocities the German authorities orchestrated. Because WE have learned from history – and WE are different.

Truth is we have not – and we are not.

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