Pulse Oximeters. Be careful.

(26th March, since posting I’ve additionally learned oximeters might not only be unreliable, but can also give different results based on skin colour.)

Since COVID more and more people are measuring their blood-oxygen levels, watching for a threshold they’ve been told to worry about.

Interestingly, those thresholds are set by both mainstream and freedom oriented medics. For instance, the FLCCC say get to hospital if blood-oxygen saturation drops below 94%.


… Scott Schara sees oximeter use as pivotal in the lead up to the medical murder of his Down’s Syndrome daughter, Grace.

… Leslie Batts regrets using one too. Because it opened the door to the killing of her husband in hospital.

Knowledge misapplied or a psyop?

Most of us think oximeters are a useful tool. But…

… before COVID most people weren’t using pulse oximeters – and even now they’re not using them every moment of the day. So people have no idea of how their blood oxygen levels normally respond to exercise, rest, eating food, drinking, singing or being sick.

It’s a bit like the ‘novel’ virus. We weren’t looking for SARS-CoV-2 before 2020. So we have no idea whether it existed, or how prevalent it was before then or not.

So, when you consider how pivotal they were in the Schara and Batts stories, it’s hard not to see oximeters as a deceptively-innocent-looking part of an elaborate trap.

JJ Couey | Mark Kulacz