True Science Can’t Lie…

… with Jonathan Jay Couey

Biological realities mean RNA can’t pandemic… and he too was tricked into asking the wrong questions about the (still on-going) pandemic illusion. Central to the illusion was PCR not using ‘nested primers’ – allowing it find signals that were likely there in the background all along.

He also talks about the pain of being let go by Children’s Health Defense, the guilt he feels for not speaking out earlier about the transfections and how we need to apologise to, and seek forgiveness from the young. Because it is they who will have to live with the consequences of our compliance as ‘the edge of knowledge’ is pushed forward by those driving the fracturing of humanity.

“The evidence is there but not broadcast on the mainstream. Dr Jay Couey was the science advisor to Robert F Kennedy and the Children’s Health Defence. What we discuss here today is information that you have not heard before and the explanations from Jay are incredible. we hope you share this information and allow others to see how big the lie is that we have been sold. We can only hope it allows others to step forward and speak the truth rather than carry the burden of living the lie to protect the narrative.

Atlantic Underground Podcast

JJ Couey:

Pulse Oximeters. Be careful.

(26th March, since posting I’ve additionally learned oximeters might not only be unreliable, but can also give different results based on skin colour.)

Since COVID more and more people are measuring their blood-oxygen levels, watching for a threshold they’ve been told to worry about.

Interestingly, those thresholds are set by both mainstream and freedom oriented medics. For instance, the FLCCC say get to hospital if blood-oxygen saturation drops below 94%.


… Scott Schara sees oximeter use as pivotal in the lead up to the medical murder of his Down’s Syndrome daughter, Grace.

… Leslie Batts regrets using one too. Because it opened the door to the killing of her husband in hospital.

Knowledge misapplied or a psyop?

Most of us think oximeters are a useful tool. But…

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