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00:00:00 – Intro by Charles Kovess

00:04:11 – Dr. Mike Yeadon outlines his training & background in respiratory & other drug development leading up to his founding Ziarco.

00:14:36 – Noticed his peers in public health were lying early in 2020. Lockdowns are illogical, destructive and there was no public health emergency – it was faked. (Related: Denis Rancourt).

00:21:19 – Covid injections were designed to harm – in at least three ways. (1) Get the body to express a foreign protein thereby triggering auto-immunity. (2) Get the body to make a known toxin (spike protein). (3) Lipid Nanoparticles were already known to accumulate in the ovaries after releasing ‘the payload’ (mRNA) in the body. (Related: Letter (with Wolfgang Wodarg) to Europen Medicines Agency; Letter to PC Ben Bates; it was Byram Bridle who obtained the Japanese bio-distribution data1see also here).

00:35:27 – New drugs usually fail because (a) the hypothesis underlying them was wrong and/or (b) they’re toxic. Using those Covid injections would not have made it past structural review.

00:41:21 – Q&A starts with Steven Frost. Was a ‘normie’. Spiritual experience. Colleagues won’t debate. Search engines / censorship (Related: Google, Mojeek, Yandex). Giving up, as not reaching more people. Law / legal trickery = no ownership, digital currency (Related: Katherine Watt, Sasha Latypova, David Rogers Webb). Politicians as barriers. Digital ID.

01:17:00 – Teresa Tannahill – letter to all Chief Constables (and perhaps coroners & DPP) to encourage a coalition.

01:21:35 – Daria Schooler: 300+ mRNA products in pipeline. Pandemics impossible? (Related: SheepFarm Podcast).

01:29:10 – Glen Macko – how to gather more people to the cause?

01:35:10 – Albert (VAERSaware.com) – thoughts on new monoclonal antibody?

01:36:02 – Anders O. Brunstad – magnetic particles in hydrogel of injections?

01:38:58 – Jim – US chiefs of staff aware of hydroxychloroquin which was withheld. Yeadon: people were murdered in hospitals. ‘Good germans’

01:47:52 – Janet – mechanism of action of Remdesivir? Why was AstraZeneca withdrawn? (J&J mentioned too).

01:56:27 – Emanuel Garcia – why temperature requirements? New Zealand vaccine contacts might help wake normies?

02:05:40 – Peter – what do you make of WHO pandemic treaty? (Related: James Rogouski).

02:10:43 – Vera Sharav – people are coming over, but not quick enough?

02:16:07 – Celia Farber – what supranational force have done already implies they don’t need a pandemic treaty. Have they a weak point? (Related: Ian Brown “Little Seed Bird Tree“)

02:21:09 – Graham Hood – Australian airline pilot on senate hearing. Human-factor disaster, requires “Captain, you must listen!”

02:33:00 – Thomas Binder – no pandemic (tests drove it), mRNA is flawed, refuse ‘digital’ anything.

02:34:00 – Stephen Frost – compile your insights Mike?

02:37:40 – Graham Hood – prayer and closing.



Denis Rancourt

Letter (with Wolfgang Wodarg) to Europen Medicines Agency

Letter to PC Ben Bates

Katherine Watt

Sasha Latypova

David Rogers Webb

SheepFarm Podcast

Ian Brown “Little Seed Bird Tree



“Dr Mike Yeadon – a career commercial life science researcher with a degree in biochemistry in toxicology, and a research-based PhD in respiratory pharmacology, former Vice President and Chief Scientist of allergy and respiratory research at Pfizer.
I spent ten years as an independent, consulting to biotech as well as founding my own successful biotech, Ziarco, acquired by Novartis in 2017.

Prior to 2020, I made no public comment about anything beyond my professional field of work.

I started speaking out in 2020, because I could easily detect that what we were being told was lies, which have progressed to extraordinary crimes of massed, intentional harms to millions of people.

Charles Kovess (original video)

Dr. Mike Yeadon: Telegram | Substack