Ireland’s COVID inquiry

Anticipating the next pandemic

Some in the political class seem confident there will be another pandemic. Táiniste Micheál Martin for instance.

In anticipation of which he thinks the inquiry the evaluation should take it easy on those who took action during the COVID pandemic. Because fear of consequences might restrain them during the next pandemic.

Yes. The next one.

But he probably need not worry. Because…

The review is being dubbed an “Independent Pandemic Evaluation,” and will reportedly not be a statutory inquiry. This means it will not have the powers to compel witnesses to give evidence, nor will it be able to set limits on the government’s discretionary control of the inquiry. It will reportedly focus on “lessons” that can be learned from the pandemic and lockdown period.

Anticipating the lessons

At a guess the core lesson is going to be that, for the next pandemic, those acting for the greater good in the public interest need not be worried should they mislead, lie, misdirect, err, conceal, distract, omit, ignore, bully, coerce, threaten, manipulate, terrorise, deprive, incite or somehow make a whole plethora of medical, health, economic, social or human-right-infringing mistakes or judgement calls. As long as they’re applying the lessons the government the Independent Pandemic Evaluation decided were to be learned from the COVID pandemic, they’ll be fine.

“Nothing was spreading”

Professor Denis Rancourt on deaths in Ireland

“… graph on all-cause mortality in Ireland from 2018 to present day which shows the first major spike around April 2020. Rancourt puts these deaths down to official assaults on vulnerable people, like ventilators and end-of -life protocols at a time of visitor restrictions at hospitals and nursing homes.

“The proof that it cannot be due to a virus is the following. Everywhere that it occurs around the world, it is synchronous, it happens at the same time immediately after the pandemic is announced. So the virus is waiting for a political announcement that there is a pandemic and then it’s going out and killing people right away”.

Aisling O’Loughlin

Aisling O’Loughlin: Rumble, Substack | |

Is this the spirit we need?

“We’ll be assembling an army if we need to!”

“I’m just not willing to sit back and let this shit go on anymore…

So…because I’d most likely not get a response anyways…

I figured that I’d throw out a Public Address, via Twitter/X to let Premier Danielle Smith and Minister of Health, Adriana LaGrange know what they’d be looking at in 2024.

No disrespect of course…but the line in the sand is drawn!

Prior to changing over the Provincial COVID Dashboard to the new Provincial RSV Dashboard, there were 2,768 people reported to have been injured by the jabs.

This is based on approximately 82% of the population being “Fully Vaccinated…

However…the CANVAS (COVID Study… Reports that 1:10 have reported an adverse reaction, 1:20 have reported a Severe Adverse Reaction…

This represents an under-reporting factor of between 3,000-6,000%(ish).

In the New Year, there are going to be a few of us gathering to compile some data – federally and provincially on support for those who have been injured and presenting it to you…and we’re not going to stop until we have some answers on what the UCP1United Conservative Party is doing to ensure that these people are handled and addressed appropriately and what you plan to do to ensure that no more Albertans get harmed by these COVID Vaccinations.

We will Not Stop.

Sheldon Yakiwchuk

Full article on Substack

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IRELAND: excess mortality @ 17.8% for October

“The carnage continues for Ireland to an orchestra of silence…

Patrick E. Walsh

Phone or tablet user? Tap the ‘hamburger’ menu. On desktop click the down arrow. Theo select Ireland to compare. Tap on or near a dot to show that month’s info.

‘Official Ireland’ won’t acknowledge the fact of Eurostat excess deaths because to do so would be an admission to a problem they caused and an embarassment…

“I will continue to publish and comment on these monthly Eurostat releases because they pound home the truth of what is happening from official sources but also because to stop now would allow the complacent to think the problem is going away.

Patrick E. Walsh

Three times. In three weeks.

NOV 12th: live-link to some German Parliamentarians

“… After I’d finished… The whole place was on its feet. They were clapping like mad. It went on for an embarrassing 2-3 minutes.

Gratified, I mumbled thanks for the opportunity to speak to them and ended the link.

I learned yesterday that dissenting voices in AfD had decided my opinions were too extreme and they’ve excised my presentation from the link to the session, which I understand has now been made public…

Dr. Mike Yeadon

DEC 1st: an event for Croatian Parliamentarians and journalists

“… For reasons I don’t yet fully understand, this recording was not played at the session in Croatia…

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Katherine Watt with James Delingpole

A comprehensive interview in which the “Mom, Catholic, and paralegal from Pennsylvania” describes her Covid awakening – and puts Covid in its geopolitical and legal context,

Includes an excellent summary of Pfizer trials whistleblower Brook Jackson’s story and how it both revealed and confirmed the “kill box” perspective that Katherine shares with Sasha Latypova. she documents how since at least the Second World War, US Congress has been waging war on the people by passing legislation which makes it easier and easier for them [i.e. you and me!] to be destroyed – legally – by the pharmaceutical industry.

James Delingpole

Substacks: Katherine Watt | James Delingpole
Video channels: Katherine Watt, Rumble | James Delingpole, Odyseee

Eurostat excess mortality updated to August, 2023

Ireland: HIGHEST in EU at 21.1%

Yet… amazingly… our Minister for Health, Stephen Donnelly has no idea.

Apologies for the small text on the bar chart. But that’s how it exports from Eurostat.

Vertical centre line = average monthly death rate (so excess is 0%).
Left / Right of that line = percentage below / above average.

Eurostat Interactive Tool

Use the interactive tool to select Ireland and compare it with the EU average. As you do I invite you to ponder a question: why aren’t Irish excess deaths coming down in the Summer like they’re supposed to?

Aaron Siri gives testimony to the Arizona State Senate

May 25th, the ICAN lawyer put the COVID-19 “vaccines” in context.1Speaking at The Arizona Novel COVID South Western Intergovernmental Committee hearings.

Do you know that…

… unlike any other consumer product producer, vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability for any harms their products might cause? (@ 10:25)

… some vaccines are deemed safe after just 3-5 days of safety studies? (@ 16:30)

… if a Pfizer trial investigator ‘feels’ Maddie de Garay’s paraplegia and other injuries are not related to her Covid injection, then that satisfies the FDA? (@ 1:16:40)

At around 23 minutes he brings us to the FDA website. To save you searching, here is the FDA’s Vaccines Licensed for Use in the United States page – and here is the package insert for the Hepatitis B Vaccine. Section 6.1 can be found on page 4.

Siri’s talk was part of a two-day event. As is to be expected these days, some media maligned the hearings and showed no interest in exploring any specific issues raised:

Here is the full 2-day event…

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May 22nd: We the People 50 Recall the Shots Initiative Testimony in Idaho, Washington County

Laura Demaray organised Janci Lindsay, PhD, Peter McCullough MD, Ryan Cole, MD, James Thorpe, MD and Sasha Latypova to testify in support of a proposed resolution to ban the shots under Idaho bioweapons prohibition laws.

[“We The People 50, Recall The Shots” is an initiative taking place at local level in the USA. A bottom up approach to ending the shots. You can keep an eye on it through Sasha Latypova’s Substack. Here’s her affidavit submission to the project.]

After 2.5 years working more than full time on trying to stop the government atrocity, I came to the realization that this is not going to be prosecuted at the federal level. The criminals do not investigate or prosecute themselves. There is a faint hope that at least some state level AGs1Attorneys General can step up, but it is quite faint at the moment. I believe we have to fight for every town and county. The good news it is not difficult to get a hearing at a county level. We have brought a team of experts to this meeting at a small county in Idaho. We plan to continue going to any commissioner meeting that will let us in the door, and there are many! Reach out if you can organize a hearing.

Sasha Latypova

The resolution is quite a read. Here’s a snippet:

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Who needs quarantine camps?

New York apparently.

Eight months after losing her fight to keep a draconian and wholly unconstitutional regulation called “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures”, [New York] Governor Kathy Hochul just filed an appeal to try to overturn that decision.

Bobbie Anne Cox

Seems the state is prepared to fight for the legal power to lock you away, indefinitely, on mere suspicion, with no release criteria…

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The Battle to Ban the Jab

The First Domino Fell

Lee County, Florida: local Republican Party group passed resolution to ban the jab. Not a powerful group. But…

Last night on February 21 we had our first Republican Executive Committee (REC)meeting since the election. On the agenda was my Ban The Jab Resolution.  Resolutions are one of the most important things we can do as executive committee members. Resolutions put pressure on elected officials while at the same time providing cover for them to take action. Resolutions also motivate voters and give them a reason to support the REC financially and otherwise. They also reveal the frauds in the local party. Powerful resolutions give voters a reason to vote…

There were a few people repeating the false narrative that this issue was about freedom of choice and the right to buy a product. It was kind of like arguing that I have a right to buy coffee that I don’t know is poisoned…

Eventually, the vote came up and the two thirds vote required was smashed and it was a landslide victory on the resolution…

Does it matter?  

Well, the intention of this resolution was to call out every politician in the state of Florida to tell the truth about these bioweapons and take action. It appears that other REC’s across the state will be taking up this resolution or similar ones. This may be the beginning of a statewide revolt from the bottom up within the Republican Party of Florida and the beginnings of a campaign against the genocide. Hopefully, this will spread beyond Florida. In short, this may be the first domino to fall. At the very least there is an open discussion about whether these bioweapons should be on the market or not rather than being mandated.  

Dr. Joseph Sansone