We need to talk about excess death

You don’t want to die prematurely, do you? You don’t want your friends and family to either? So, why are you ignoring the signals?

Some important things have happened this week.

One of the most important was the suspension of MP Andrew Bridgen. It’s important because, like many of us truthers over the last couple of years, he has simply become the latest victim of censorship…

… The other important thing is el gato publicly humiliating the ONS.1Office for National Statistics, UK. He has diligently re-analysed their “vaccine effectiveness” data to show that the vaccinated were already dying proportionally more than the unvaccinated up to May last year when the ONS callously stopped reporting…

… yet, when presented with the irrefutable evidence that, in the six months after the mass injection of the population with an experimental medical treatment, the excess mortality signal is at least as high as when the deadly pathogen emerged, the government and media don’t even so much as want to talk about it but they have to shut up anyone else who dares to try.

The data is only in for the first half of season 2022-23 but at 90% higher than the 2018-19 lowest early season, it’s not looking too good either, is it?

I am deeply saddened that the majority of people are still completely unaware of the situation we face.

I am even more saddened by the continued apathy of those who are aware but still choose to do nothing about it.

But we must persist. For the sake of our children.

I might be wrong. Andrew might be wrong. But we sure as hell won’t ever find out what’s right if we muzzle those who ask questions….

Laurence Fox can see it…

Why can’t you?

Joel Smalley

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    Office for National Statistics, UK.

Gotcha! Gleeful Tories knife Andrew Bridge

It appears that the political establishment has circled its wagons and decided it will make a stand against any and all who voice questions regarding Covid vaccine.  No gradual rolling back on vaccine efficacy or safety, but a doubling down on the dishonest propaganda that espouses the importance and essential need for the vaccine and ongoing vigilance, and acceptance of Government as the only source of truth for future emergencies (e.g. catastrophic climate change).

The expulsion of Andrew Bridgen is a shot across the bows of any other MPs who might consider raising their heads above the parapet. The claims of vaccine safety and effectiveness will be amplified, false data re-asserted as truth, and opposition quelled by any means.

This is authoritarianism coming out into the light, ready to use its recently found power over our lives. Over the last three years it has taken control over almost all aspects of our lives, and now it has decided it is going to go on the offensive to cement its position of dominance over the shaping of all our futures, and it will not be forced to relinquish its grip without drastic action by us, the electorate.

John Hale

Kathy Gyngell, editor at The Conservative Woman added:

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Dr. John Campbell: Time to pause covid mass vaccination

Pro-vax, nursing educator followed The Science actual science

So far he has not posted this on his YouTube. Probably concerned about being censored or deplatformed. Only on his Rumble channel for the moment.

Watch on Rumble


My name is John Campbell, I am a semi-retired clinical nurse, nurse lecturer, academic, researcher and author of numerous articles and two text books.

My specialisms are human physiology and pathophysiology, as applied to clinical practice. I have also produced many educational videos which are used extensively around the world.

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Australia’s Former AMA President Defects, Exposes COVID Vaccines

Former Australian Medical Association President and a former MP, Dr. Kerryn Phelps, just defected and is on our side!

A wide-ranging article in The Chronicle1Archive. reveals that she and her wife suffered devastating injuries from Covid vaccines. Dr. Phelps submitted her reports of injuries, as well as her mistreatment and silence imposed on Australian doctors, to the Parliament of Australia.

Igor Chudov

I read Kerryn Phelps’ submission.

A member of Oz SAGE, she seems…

  • worried about Long COVID2Something Drs. Marik, Kory, McCullough and others say can be avoided with early treatment
  • keen on masks (“evidence-based targeted mandates”) and mandating isolation of the infected
  • to want ‘misinformation’ tackled3Like some ‘myths’ she lists on page 5
  • to think children are at risk4No mention at all of age-stratified risk. No infection fatality rate or case fatality rates stated either.
  • concerned at reduced levels of testing
  • to want a zero COVID approach in hospitals and medical facilities
  • to prefer large-scale public health and government interventions over personal responsibility so no one is left behind…

Just some of the red flags I saw in her submission. Plus there’s this:

The vaccine injury happened to Dr. Phelps around July 2021…

What was she doing in January 2022? That’s right, pushing Covid vaccines to be administered to kids.

Igor Chudov

That’s what JJ Couey highlights while introducing Australian Doctors With Voices discussion on Dr. Phelps revelations.

Nonetheless I welcome…

… that pages 9-13 of her submission to the Inquiry into Long COVID and Repeated COVID Infections covered a lot of the harms associated with these shots – and the need to support the injured (specifically mentioning the React19 and CoVerse support groups).

Another medical professional speaking out. Great! Maybe the tide is turning?

Australian Media non-combative?

Phelps joins a growing number of high-profile physicians worldwide, including British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra and oncologist Professor Angus Dalgeish, who have turned against the shots after publicly supporting them in 2021.

But Phelps’s history of aggressive advocacy for the Covid vaccines – and all Covid countermeasures – makes her comments particularly hard to dismiss…

As striking as Phelps’s warning is the reception that Australian media gave it. While other physicians have faced scorn for their recent efforts to discuss potential vaccine injuries, Phelps is being treated largely respectfully.

Maybe the obvious failure of the vaccines to prevent Covid infection is leading to a larger reassessment of their benefit and risks, or maybe Phelps’s advocacy for other Covid countermeasures improves her credibility with journalists. Either way, though, the wall of silence around vaccine injuries seems to be cracking. At least a little.

It only took two years.

Alex Berenson

Igor Chudov | Alex Berenson | Submission 5105Archive. Here’s my downloaded copy of her submission.

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    Something Drs. Marik, Kory, McCullough and others say can be avoided with early treatment
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    Like some ‘myths’ she lists on page 5
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    No mention at all of age-stratified risk. No infection fatality rate or case fatality rates stated either.
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    Archive. Here’s my downloaded copy of her submission.

Andrew Bridgen, MP with James Delingpole

A view from inside the halls of power

Sorry James. Everything you told me was true…

I’m vaccine harmed myself…

Andrew Bridgen, MP (see from 45:10 for context)

Andrew James Bridgen is a British politician and businessman who has served as the Member of Parliament for North West Leicestershire1United Kingdom since 2010. Bridgen recently2December 13 spoke in the vaccine harms debate of Parliament claiming that the Covid vaccine is not safe, this has been followed by criticism from senior doctors calling Bridgen ‘irresponsible.’

James Delingpole

You can find Bridgen’s debate contribution (in Dr. John Campbell’s video) here.

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    United Kingdom
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    December 13

Vaccine dangers, UK Parliament debate

Led by double-jabbed MP Andrew Bridgen

… mid-way through [he] revealed that a whistleblower from a very reliable source had told him that the British Heart Foundation (BHF) had data which was being covered up. According to Mr. Bridgen, the BHF are covering up information about mRNA vaccines causing heart inflammation. They are doing this through fear of losing funding from the pharmaceutical industry. So much so that a prominent leader within the organisation has sent out non-disclosure agreements to his research team preventing them from speaking out.1Nothing says “trust the science” quite like hiding the data! (Sarcasm).

Naked Emperor

Matt le Tissier remarked on the attendance

Related: Dr. John Campbell | Dr. Aseem Malhotra | Yellow Card Reports

Transcript of the entire debate available on Hansard.

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    Nothing says “trust the science” quite like hiding the data! (Sarcasm).

No nuance allowed. And ISAG.

Wide-ranging, insightful conversation between Gerry O’Neill and Irish ex-pat Ewan MacKenna – Journalist, author & broadcaster.

You will have yours, but two stand outs for me:

  1. Our culture now prevents nuanced perspectives and conversations. Ask a question, drop a hint and we are instantly categorised as either pro- or anti- … vax… lockdown… Putin… Ukraine… no middle ground allowed.
  2. In the current lull it’s easy to forget things. Like ISAG1the Independent Scientific Advocacy Group members deceiving politicians, scaremongering approach and desire to sort things with a good hurley and no witnesses.

Catch the interview on West’s Awake Substack


Newstalk interview (March 2021)2MacKenna starts about 6-7mins in. Note: the player does not allow skipping forward, and stopping means restarting from beginning.

Gript coverage of Newstalk taking down, then reinstating it.

ISAG leaked emails and more on Gript.ie

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    the Independent Scientific Advocacy Group
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    MacKenna starts about 6-7mins in. Note: the player does not allow skipping forward, and stopping means restarting from beginning.

What happened in the mid-terms?

Despite expectations and hopes there wasn’t a ‘red wave’ in the USA elections. So the current political, judicial, economic, medical, educational etc direction of travel are unlikely to change much.

Dan McCarthy shared his analysis with Tom Woods .

But if the elected keep infringing human rights and making things worse… does their party affiliation really matter?

By their fruits ye shall know them.

“A clear winner is emerging” by JermWarfare.com

The politics of Covid – a year on

The swelling of the red-pilled population is perhaps the best thing to emerge from the Covid panic. The resolutely blue-pilled will look increasingly foolish, naïve and cowardly as that process continues. The red-pilled are taking on all manner of wokery in corporations, clubs and school boards. Long may that continue.

Nick Hudson

Unfamiliar with the pill idea?

In The Matrix (1999), there were two: red and blue.

Today there are a few more.


Archbishop Viganò: The Vatican must withdraw its support of the ‘disastrous’ COVID shot

Production AND use at odds with Catholic morality

Some extracts:

Permit me, Your Eminence, to renew my appeal in the light of recent declarations made by Pfizer to the European Parliament and the publication of official data by the world health agencies…

The safety and efficacy of the individual vaccines should have been established after a period of experimentation, which normally takes several years. But in this case the health authorities have decided to carry out the experimentation on the entire population, departing from the normal practice of the scientific community, international regulations, and the laws of individual nations.

The results that are now emerging from the official data published in all the countries that adopted the mass vaccine campaign are incontestably disastrous: it is emerging that people who have been subjected to inoculation with the experimental serum not only have never been protected from contagion by the virus, nor from grave forms of illness, but they have actually been made more vulnerable to COVID-19 and its variants due to the irreversible compromising of their immune systems caused by mRNA technology. The data also highlights serious short- and long-term effects, such as sterility, the inducement of miscarriages in pregnant women, the transmission of the virus to children through breastfeeding, the development of serious heart conditions including myocarditis and pericarditis, the return of cancerous tumors that had previously been cured, and a whole series of other debilitating diseases. The many cases of sudden deaths – which until recently were stubbornly considered as having no relation to inoculation with the serum – are revealing the consequence of repeated doses, even in people who are young, healthy, and physically fit…

… the time has come for the Holy See to definitively distance itself from those private entities and multinational corporations that have believed that they can use the authority of the Catholic Church to endorse the neo-Malthusian project of the United Nations’ Agenda 2030 and the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. It is not tolerable that the voice of the Church of Christ continues to be complicit in a plan to reduce the global population based on the chronic pathologizing of humanity and the induction of sterility;…

The Catholic hierarchy has experienced a decline in recent years that is directly proportional to the support it has given to the globalist ideology: its commitment to support the vaccine campaign is not an isolated case, judging by the participation of the Holy See in climate initiatives – which are also based on false assumptions that have nothing scientific about them – and trans-humanistic endeavors.

But this is not the purpose for which Our Lord placed the Church on earth: she must first and foremost proclaim the Truth, keeping herself far away from dangerous involvements with the powerful of the earth…

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop
Former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States of America
18 October 2022

Audio version on LifeSite News. Or read in full here:

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UK Govt Ignores the Electorate and Declines an Inquiry into COVID Vaccine Safety

107,121 UK citizens petitioned their government to open a public inquiry into COVID-19 vaccine safety.

Parliament duly debated the matter.

Then, ignoring the will of the electorate, the dictatorial state said they won’t bother.

If you don’t look, you can’t find anything.

Joel Smalley


… I think the petition and debate have still been worthwhile – over 107,000 people were concerned enough to sign the petition, and the serious concerns raised by backbench speakers in the debate (and the united Tory/Labour/SNP front bench refusal to acknowledge them) are now a matter of public record.

Mike Baker1One of eighteen members of the public who attended the debate in person. From his summary in Comments section.

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    One of eighteen members of the public who attended the debate in person. From his summary in Comments section.

Net Present Value

The Safe and Effective™ is so safe that governments are running schemes to pay off your relatives if you die from the Safe and Effective™…

In order to qualify for one of these paltry payouts you have to persuade a doctor (who will risk getting struck off for signing your form) to sign your form. And you know that it isn’t the manufacturer of the Safe and Effective™ who is underwriting this scheme, don’t you? It’s you. The taxpayer. The public. The very people that funded the Safe and Effective™. The manufacturers are paying zip, and can’t be sued (until they can be shown to have committed fraud)…

Do you get it yet?

Dr. Ah Kahn Syed1Pseudonym. Previously @arkmedic on twitter. MD PhD. t.me/arkmedic

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    Pseudonym. Previously @arkmedic on twitter. MD PhD. t.me/arkmedic

Pfizer executive’s Freudian slip has given the vaccine game away

One week on. Legacy media silent. But multiple independent journalists have covered it. This angle stood out.

… Pfizer executive Janine Small’s incoherent answer to Dutch MEP Robert Roos began: ‘Regarding the question around did we know about stopping immunisation before it entered the market? No [laughs].’

Few seem to have noticed this apparent slip by Small. Being flustered, she may have simply used the wrong word – ‘immunisation’ rather than ‘transmission’. Arguably, she may have meant what she said.

… Covid-19 vaccines were initially presented as a double dose. Then new variants emerged, and a booster was pushed. In the UK the fifth dose is currently being offered. Is this an emergent process, responding to incidence and immunity patterns, or is it planned?

After the Pfizer vaccine came out in December 2020, the EU signed a contract with the company for an incredible 4.5billion doses. For a population of 450million, that’s ten vials per person. In the UK the then Prime Minister Boris Johnson proudly announced his pre -purchase of 350million doses – some seven each for the adult population. A further purchase of 114million doses was announced by Sajid Javid, the then Health Secretary, just one year later. 

This raises important questions. Why did the EU and the UK commit so much money to a vaccine that had not completed trials and therefore its impact on infection and transmission were unknown? Why weren’t European citizens told that they would be expected to take all of these injections?…

My inference is that Ms Small accidentally let loose the terrible truth that Pfizer does not want immunity to Covid-19. This is not a wild conspiracy theory: it is now known that repeated jabs raise the risk of infection, and that the only remaining selling point is the claimed reduction in symptoms…

Niall McCrae