New York, Spring 2020

27,000 more deaths than normal

May 3rd, Jessica Hockett spoke with the Corona Investigative Committee about some of the issues with the official COVID story. Just some. For more, visit

Her work leads to many questions. One in particular is gaining a foothold in my circles recently.

If New York suffered the equivalent of greater than 9/11 levels of death non-stop for approximately six weeks, there surely must be some nurses, doctors, emergency responders, undertakers and others who were traumatised by the experience of witnessing so much death or handling all those bodies.

Why aren’t we hearing their stories?!

The Haslemere Happenstance

A question for you

Put aside… its use of glaringly unreal assumptions (like ‘no one is immune to the virus’; proximity to a carrier for x amount of time means you definitely will (a) contract it and (b) pass it on)….

… overlook… the fact that its modeled data were used to justify inform the UK Governments COVID response decisions….

… ignore… how it predictively programmed the viewer to accept reinforced concepts such as: pandemics are inevitable; asymptomatic transmission; spike proteins; antibodies = immunity; super-spreaders; school closures; restricting people gathering; stay-at-home; vaccines are the way out because antibiotics can’t treat viruses; vaccines need to be made faster; the numbers infected will be huge; more testing and surveillance (via phone apps) always help and are essential for public health…

… and then ask yourself…

… what are the chances that the first case of someone contracting COVID within the UK in 2020 just happened to happen in the town of Haslemere1Archive. See also BBC News (archive) – the very same town where the “Contagion! The BBC Four Pandemicmodel-creation-exercise had been set in 2018?

Pighooey lays it all out

More details and BBC coincidences on Pighooey’s Substack and their 5-part playlist.

In case you want to see the original

Pighooey’s Substack | Maths Team report (PDF) 2Archive. Archived PDF

Byram Bridle: 1,000 days dangerous

Apparently to protect some of his colleagues, the University of Guelph have kept the viral immunologist1archives out of his laboratory and office for 1,000 days now.

But he’s free to go everywhere else on campus.

(It doesn’t have to make sense. Because it’s Covid Logic.)

Here’s his April 20th Substack article.

An Unwelcome Milestone

I have been locked out of my laboratory and office for 1,000 days

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Eurostat excess mortality, February, 2024

Ireland: 3rd WORST in EU at 9.4%

You can use the Eurostat Interactive Tool to select and compare Ireland with the EU average. As you do I invite you to ask yourself two questions:

why don’t Irish excess deaths come down in the Summer like they used to?

– why aren’t politicians, public health and media kicking up a fuss like they did in 2020 (the year when deaths barely went up!)?

Wouter Aukema…

… is the source of that graph showing how relatively quickly that infamous Corman-Drosten PCR paper went through the Eurosurveillance peer review process.

(This is the same paper whose Version 1 had been submitted to the WHO on Jan 13th 2020 – “eight days prior to the date it was submitted to the medical journal Eurosurveillance…)

“To assess commonality in the review and acceptance process at, the author collected and analysed meta-data for all 1,595 publications since 01-Jan-2015…

  • Of the 17 types of articles published since 2015, three types occur most frequently: Rapid Communication (385), Research (312) and Surveillance (193).
  • The average number of days between Acceptance and Reception of Research type articles is 172 (2019) and 97 (2020). 
  • In line with the Editorial Policy for Authors, the category ‘Rapid Communication’ publications appear to be reviewed and accepted more quickly (18 days average) than type ‘Research’ and ‘Surveillance.’
  • Except for this one Research article (on 22-jan-2020), no other article has ever been reviewed and accepted within a single day since 2015.
Wouter Aukema

Interactive version of graph | Instructions to replicate

True Science Can’t Lie…

… with Jonathan Jay Couey

Biological realities mean RNA can’t pandemic… and he too was tricked into asking the wrong questions about the (still on-going) pandemic illusion. Central to the illusion was PCR not using ‘nested primers’ – allowing it find signals that were likely there in the background all along.

He also talks about the pain of being let go by Children’s Health Defense, the guilt he feels for not speaking out earlier about the transfections and how we need to apologise to, and seek forgiveness from the young. Because it is they who will have to live with the consequences of our compliance as ‘the edge of knowledge’ is pushed forward by those driving the fracturing of humanity.

“The evidence is there but not broadcast on the mainstream. Dr Jay Couey was the science advisor to Robert F Kennedy and the Children’s Health Defence. What we discuss here today is information that you have not heard before and the explanations from Jay are incredible. we hope you share this information and allow others to see how big the lie is that we have been sold. We can only hope it allows others to step forward and speak the truth rather than carry the burden of living the lie to protect the narrative.

Atlantic Underground Podcast

JJ Couey:

Jason Christoff: Mind Control

How it was done. Why it continues. How we get out.

“Jason Christoff runs an international overcoming self sabotage and psychological reprogramming institute where students are educated on the subjects of mind control, brainwashing, behavior modification and psychological manipulation. Jason’s students then use their knowledge in these areas to help reprogram their clients or patients into better versions of themselves on all levels. Jason believes that the social decay we openly see in our world today has only come about because key players in our society are using this manipulative psychology against most of humanity. If we are to survive and thrive in the upcoming years Jason believes that each citizen must understand these processes, so as to protect themselves from future psychological operations.

Charles Kovess

Dr. Lisa Hutchinson, Ph.D.

In 2004, as its Chief Editor, she launched the journal Nature Reviews: Clinical Oncology.

During her 13 years there she witnessed scientific publication switching from being subscription based to being ‘Open Access Publishing’. As she recently told the HOPE Sussex Community, the changeover has not helped science but rather its funders and their agendas.

I wonder if she knows about the Broken Science Initiative?

Her article from The Light Paper (p23):

About Dr. Lisa Hutchinson: | Linkedin