On What Else Could They Have Lied To You About?

Following on from his episode on pharma’s parasitic nature, Maajid Nawaz was joined by Dr Tess Lawrie. CEO of the Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy she spoke about the WEF1World Economic Forum and state-led Covid interventions – and better ways forward.

Like the World Council for Health and the Better Way Conference.

Dr. Tess Lawrie’s Substack | Better Way Charter27 Principles of a Better Way

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    7 Principles of a Better Way

The Nuremberg Code is not a relic of history

Then I heard Vera Sharav speak. What a revelation. Every word she uttered pierced through the veil and laid bare the truth – and she did it with an authority and spirit that galvanised me and everyone there.

In Germany, it is illegal to make comparisons with the Holocaust, with the understanding that to do so is to belittle this atrocity. Vera did not get the memo – or if she did, she ignored it. As a Holocaust survivor, she has every right to: she’s been through this before, she knows how it goes. First, the state of emergency, then the media propaganda, the flouting of existing ethical codes… she’s seen it all, suffered through it all, lost loved ones through it all. And her message to us was, it is happening again, but this time on a global scale.

Her speech was a reminder to me that we must listen to our elders. Vera is 86 years young. She could be sat with her feet up enjoying her golden years. Instead, she is on stage, speaking truth to power, sharing her wisdom – the depth of which can only ever be gained through life experience. It was humbling for me, and I forgot my weariness in her presence, such is her life force. She has my deepest gratitude and respect for everything she is doing, and I want to ensure that as many people as possible hear her message.

Dr. Tess Lawrie

Unless All of Us Resist, Never Again is Now” (video + transcript)

The Forbidden Debate

He was only supposed to present audience questions. But Del Bigtree saw an opportunity.1at The Better Way Conference opening evening, May 20th

So, finally, we got a public discussion about vaccines!

His follow up with Geert Vanden Bossche2… scroll to 1:06:27 is equally educational.

Official episode page.

A Letter to Andrew Hill

One year on and there’s still something in the way of ivermectin.

Despite plenty of evidence it reduces hospitalisations and deaths – especially when combined in ‘protocols’ with other medications and/or supplements, Ivermectin is still not officially approved.

One of the main contributors to this situation is Dr. Andrew Hill’s paper of January 2021.

Dr. Tess Lawrie, Dr. Paul Marik and Dr. Pierre Kory are still calling out that paper…

… and offering forgiveness.

Will he retract it?


Because he knows he’ll be out of a job. After all we live in a world where going against public health diktats gets you branded a terrorist threat and truth telling gets you fired.

But if he did he’d save lives by enabling cheap, safe and effective treatment of Covid. He’d also spare more adults and children from the dangerous1Just how dangerous is becoming clear from insurance company data (see here, here and here), analyses of trial data (see here) and anecdotally (see here, here and here). Covid injections.

He’d also likely save us from totalitarianism.

How so?

The main reason the injections are being pushed on, and accepted and adopted by the public is that an emergency was declared – and that emergency could not have been declared if an effective intervention was known to exist and had been deployed.

Lockdowns and other (medically useless) measures like masks, distancing, testing and isolating healthy people couldn’t have been justified either.

Nor the passing of emergency laws that increase government and police infringement on our human rights, create two-tier societies and are help usher in a bio-security totalitarian way of life.2Here’s yet another example confirming this is not about health.

I wouldn’t like to be Andrew Hill.

But if I was, and I’d been offered forgiveness, I’d gladly accept it.

The day before the Letter To Andrew Hill was published Dr. Lawrie shared the background to it with Del Bigtree of The Highwire. You can watch that interview here.

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    Just how dangerous is becoming clear from insurance company data (see here, here and here), analyses of trial data (see here) and anecdotally (see here, here and here).
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    Here’s yet another example confirming this is not about health.

Dr. Tess Lawrie explains why Ivermectin works

South African cartoonist and podcast host Jerm interviews fellow compatriot Dr. Tess Lawrie. Now based in the UK, Dr. Lawrie discusses the good news about Ivermectin and the ever-growing body of evidence that shows it is effective at both preventing and treating Covid-19.

More details on the original page on Jerm’s website.