TOP 5 Rebel News Scrums at WEF in Davos

Last week I led a team of seven Rebel News journalists in covering the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland. Despite not being officially accredited to enter the conference, the Rebel News team managed to gain access to some of the wealthiest and most influential people in attendance. We wanted to be part of the small number of journalists who will actually hold these people to account.

Ezra Levant, Rebel News

Melissa Cuimmei

A collection of interviews with the investor.

Dec 2, 2022: You will ‘rent’ everything and be happy!

… do you want the government dictating every aspect of your life?

Net zero is not about saving the planet. Net zero is about taking control of the food and the energy. And finding a way to turn that into a currency

It cannot happen without digital ID. Digital ID is the last gate that we can rebel at

Jan 19, 2022: ICONOCLAST Roundtable 4

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On What Else Could They Have Lied To You About?

Following on from his episode on pharma’s parasitic nature, Maajid Nawaz was joined by Dr Tess Lawrie. CEO of the Evidence-Based Medicine Consultancy she spoke about the WEF1World Economic Forum and state-led Covid interventions – and better ways forward.

Like the World Council for Health and the Better Way Conference.

Dr. Tess Lawrie’s Substack | Better Way Charter27 Principles of a Better Way

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    World Economic Forum
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    7 Principles of a Better Way


Edward Dowd… touches on…

Jerm Warfare |

Joe Rogan talks with Maajid Nawaz

I found this a horrifying listen. But couldn’t help admiring his research and presentation, and kept thinking THIS is what good journalism looks like.

We are in a war. Between centralisation and decentralisation. Take it from someone who once fought (non-violently) for a totalitarian way of living.

Double-jabbed, former UK call-in show host Nawaz was once an Islamist revolutionary, trained in ideological warfare – the deconstruction of a country for the purpose of destroying it from within. So he knows the signs.

After describing his activism and imprisonment he warns about mission creep, the weaponisation of language, the deliberate shutting down of those seeking truth and widespread sowing of confusion.

Finally he discusses (‘with receipts’)1Fair play to Rogan who plays devils advocate well how Covid has been a red herring – and a key step on the way to the centralised, totally controlled life some actors 2who publicly share their plans and say they have penetrated governments worldwide – 50% of the Canadian parliament being one example want for us all.

… people in power… have told us what they want to do next… Central Banking Digital Currency… programmeable… controlled centrally… so that you can’t buy certain foods, or if you do something that your employer doesn’t like… you won’t be able to spend your money. In other words it’s not money. They’re vouchers! … ‘only spent on essentials or goods which an employer, or government, deems to be sensible’… because the passport infrastructure is in place, you bring in that digital currency and you’ve got this total control

Maajid Nawaz, Joe Rogan Experience #1780 (from c 02:07:00)

Spotify: The Joe Rogan Experience #1780

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    Fair play to Rogan who plays devils advocate well
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    who publicly share their plans and say they have penetrated governments worldwide – 50% of the Canadian parliament being one example

Matt Le Tissier – On The Record

February 1st, Oracle Films published this wide-ranging interview with the former England international and Southampton club soccer player.

An exceptional midfielder and excellent penalty taker, after retiring from playing Le Tissier became a football pundit – most notably with Sky Sports. All was well1Nothing unusual reported on his Wikipedia entry as of June 2020. until August 2020 when “he was dropped” by Sky Sports.

Probably just a coincidence but that was around the time he was becoming more vocal about the Covid response. But it meant his Wikipedia entry needed at least this addition:

In 2020, Le Tissier became an outspoken critic on the reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom, with several tweets in which he criticised what he deemed to be an “overreaction” from the government and media, among others opposing lockdowns and mask orders. An image he posted on Twitter which implied a comparison between the Holocaust and having to wear masks during the pandemic was deleted.

Wikipedia, April 24th, 2021

Le Tissier then began to comment on and question the growing numbers of athletes AND sports fans collapsing. So by August 2021 someone had added this sentence:

In 2021, Le Tissier drew widespread criticism when he again promoted conspiracy theories. He tweeted a post suggesting that Christian Eriksen’s on-pitch cardiac arrest was an adverse reaction to being vaccinated.

Wikipedia, August 20th, 2021

Matt Le Tissier… football star… tv pundit… turned conspiracy theorist.

Welcome to the club Mr. Le Tissier!

Thank you Oracle Films.

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    Nothing unusual reported on his Wikipedia entry as of June 2020.