Thank you Africa

In the gloom Africa is beginning to shine bright.

A few weeks ago some African countries collectively hampered (for now) the WHO global power grab.1Aka the ‘pandemic treaty’

Then June 18th saw the launch of the African Sovereignty Coalition which…

… brings together expert African scientists, doctors, lawyers, activists and journalists, and many more. Its purpose is to bring a united, organised resistance to the increasing threat to national and individual sovereignty perpetrated by the World Health Organisation, and by extension, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum.

Dr Tess Lawrie

Why are Africans a source of hope?

… the dystopian WEF and WHO agenda is not limited to Africa; it is a global agenda, the solutions to which are to be found in Africa and its people.

These are the reasons why:

Africans are savvy to corruption and duplicitous political agendas. We have a nose for propaganda: we can sniff it a mile off. We have witnessed corrupt governments come and go, currencies rise and fall, and each time we find a way through it.

We remember Apartheid and recognize it when we see it! The international Covid strategy being proposed by the WHO and WEF in the form of vaccine passports is nothing less than medical apartheid, where our ability to earn, learn, live and work is suddenly dependent on complying with unlawful vaccine mandates. Where unvaccinated is a dirty word. We Africans will not tolerate Apartheid in any form.

Importantly, Africa has experience in healing the artificial separation instituted and fostered by those that seek to control us. More than once, Africa has shown the world the power of truth and reconciliation: in post-apartheid South Africa under the leadership of Nelson Mandela, and also in Rwanda. In both cases the road to forgiveness and reconciliation has not been easy and it is by no means over, but the depth of compassion and humanity demonstrated through the years is a lesson to the world.


I am because we are. Our own health and happiness depend on the health and happiness of our community. We have the answers to a Better Way for a Better World, Africa. It’s time to share them.

Dr Tess Lawrie (address to the launch of the ASC, June 18th, 2022)

Dr. Lawrie’s contribution begins at 3:27:30 in the replay below the press release on this page.

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    Aka the ‘pandemic treaty’

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