Support your own and others’ 800lb gorillas!

Jason Christoff with the Corona Investigative Committee

You will have your own, but my key takeaways were:

  • our subconscious is lovingly designed to act to ensure our safety
  • it believes our safety is with the bigger herd/group
  • it perceives that which is repeated most often in our environment as indicating what the group expects and thus what we need to do – or not do – to ensure we belong and can be safe
  • then,, as if its an 800lb gorilla, our subconscious drags us in that direction.

Thus, those who decide what is repeated most often in our world can steer us as and how they want. Along with repetition, they also deliberately increase our need for the group by weakening us in multiple ways – but especially through

  • poisoning (toxins, processed foods, chemicals) and
  • infantalisation (a central component of which is conditioning us to protect ourselves and everyone else from pain, thus missing the lessons/maturation it can trigger).

Repetition is a way out

People will snap out of the mind control when their pain threshold is reached. But we can encourage them to wake up before that by becoming strong ourselves (leading by example) and by being consistently present with those we love. Regularly connecting with them and asking questions which get them thinking will likely be more effective than making statements – which tend to create defensiveness.

Support their 800lb gorilla to bring them out of it.


Derren Brown: The Push

David Whitehead about Cult Of The Medics

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