Better Way Conference 2023 Highlights

A Conversation with the World Council for Health

… after another eye-opening Better Way Conference, I sat down with the steering committee of the hosts, the World Council for Health, Dr. Tess LawrieDr. Mark TrozziShabnam Palesa Mohamed, Dr. Christof Plothe and Emma Sron to discuss the highlights of the whirlwind conference stacked with international experts, personalities, journalists and activists, like Dr. Pierre Kory, Neil Oliver, Dr. Meryl Nass, James Corbett and Mattias Desmet.

The 3-day conference highlighted issues concerning health, democracy and a better way forward and included topics like ranged from From Big Pharma to Real HealthFrom Fake Foods to Food as MedicineFrom AI & Transhumanism to Being Human and From Electrosmog to Nature’s Frequencies.

Gord Parks