Never Again Is Now Global

‘Never Again Is Now Global,’ a five-part docuseries directed by holocaust survivor Vera Sharav highlights the parallels between Nazi Germany and global pandemic policies, will premier exclusively, for free on CHD.TV beginning Monday, Jan. 30, at 7 p.m. EST.1Midnight in Ireland

Holocaust Survivors, featured in the docuseries explain how Nazi interventions — including the suspension of freedoms, imposition of lockdowns, coerced medical procedures and identity passports — are similar to modern-day dictatorial constraints on citizens worldwide.

We sat down with Vera at her home… to discuss the docuseries + the importance of disobeying the totalitarian continuum…

Children’s Healh Defense

Populations wouldn’t go along today, surely?

They just did. For similar reasons as they did then.

Fear. Pseudoscience. Propaganda. Censorship. Coercion. Othering…

Read Filipe Rafaeli’s The Day I Understood The Good German. Snippet:

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The Vaccine Injured: Ignore Them

Seems to be the approach worldwide

Josh Stylman, executive producer1Daily Clout recently featured an interview with both Director Jennifer Sharp and Executive Director Josh Stylman. of the film Anecdotals, joins me to discuss the fate of the vaccine injured in the age of Covid. I rank this one in the top ten of all 2,257 episodes.

Tom Woods

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COVID-19, The Nuremberg Code + The Question of Amnesty

Was amnesty raised to test our responses, or to distract us?1See here for background

Who should be granted amnesty, and who should face justice?

How do we prevent this brutal chapter from happening again?

Hear from CHD President + General Counsel Mary Holland, Holocaust Survivor + Human Rights Defender Vera Sharav, Professor Francis Boyle, Dr. Herman Edeling, Dr. EV Rapiti + More

Hosted by Shabnam Palesa Mohamed

Children’s Health Defense

“The White Rose” mini-documentary

After speaking at Nuremberg 75, Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav paid respects at Sophie Scholl’s grave in Munich, Germany.

Who was Sophie Scholl?

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The Nuremberg Code is not a relic of history

Then I heard Vera Sharav speak. What a revelation. Every word she uttered pierced through the veil and laid bare the truth – and she did it with an authority and spirit that galvanised me and everyone there.

In Germany, it is illegal to make comparisons with the Holocaust, with the understanding that to do so is to belittle this atrocity. Vera did not get the memo – or if she did, she ignored it. As a Holocaust survivor, she has every right to: she’s been through this before, she knows how it goes. First, the state of emergency, then the media propaganda, the flouting of existing ethical codes… she’s seen it all, suffered through it all, lost loved ones through it all. And her message to us was, it is happening again, but this time on a global scale.

Her speech was a reminder to me that we must listen to our elders. Vera is 86 years young. She could be sat with her feet up enjoying her golden years. Instead, she is on stage, speaking truth to power, sharing her wisdom – the depth of which can only ever be gained through life experience. It was humbling for me, and I forgot my weariness in her presence, such is her life force. She has my deepest gratitude and respect for everything she is doing, and I want to ensure that as many people as possible hear her message.

Dr. Tess Lawrie

Unless All of Us Resist, Never Again is Now” (video + transcript)

The Learning Curve

We are not familiar with totalitarianism.

More specifically, with the slow removal of rights that happen along the path towards its full, horrific expression.

We know about the Nazi medical experiments, concentration camps and slaughter… but not much about how the preceding years enabled them.

So we could be forgiven for not noticing or appreciating the import of what’s happening now. For not recognising totalitarianism.

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