Tess Talks with Dr. David Cartland

David was always pro-vaccination but so much about the Covid-19 vaccines raised alarm bells for him. He was coerced into taking the jab under immense pressure, until his own rigorous research led him to conclude unequivocally that something was very, very wrong.

… we spoke about David’s own journey, the impact of the jab on his health, the lack of doctors sitting on regulatory boards such as the General Medical Council, and the possibility of establishing alternative organisations for medical professionals. David is a doctor by vocation, upholding his Hippocratic Oath no matter what the personal cost to him may be. He is ruthlessly honest in this conversation, as only the truly courageous can be. I hope this conversation inspires other doctors to speak out – as David says, “there are more of us than we think”.

Dr. Tess Lawrie, Aug 28

Mentioned at the end: Covid Care flyer | UK CV Family flyer1vax injury support group

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