COVID Psychological Manipulation: Unpacked

Insights aplenty.. Plus an admission from Dr. Campbell.

“Ros Nealon-Cook, a psychologist from Australia, had her license suspended for sounding the alarm about the harms to children from government pandemic policy. Ros has joined forces with a number health professionals from around the world who were similarly censored and silenced. Together, they have created The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration to raise awareness about the widespread propaganda and censorship of expert scientific opinion. You can read and sign the declaration here: – adding your signature will take less than a minute.

In the coming months, the Lighthouse Declaration team will host a series of webinars and roundtables to further expand the conversation on these critical issues.

Ros and the Lighthouse Declaration team, can be contacted through their social media channels or via the website:

Twitter: @Lighthouse_Dec
Twitter: @rosalina_nc
Facebook: LighthouseDeclaration
Instagram: @lighthouse_dec

Dr. John Campbell

UK: early heart disease deaths rise to 14-year high

Some, like checkur6, are reminding us that Dr. John Campbell convinced many to take a harmful product – despite evidence of harm being available at that time. Evidence he either refused to seek out or believe.

Having fallen for the charade myself for about a year, I can’t bring myself to judge.

But whatever amount of harms and deaths Dr. John Campbell might have contributed to, at least now he’s highlighting excess deaths

The chart for Ireland in his video

Young Hearts 47

Who are the real heroes?

“Who are still pushing the virus, pcr, early treatments etc.?
Who were talking up lockdowns, masks and the jabs to their audiences, when it mattered? and then came out against it after their audience had largely taken it?
Who never got cancelled nor missed a pay cheque?
Who won’t defend or even talk about those who were cancelled, villified and stripped of their livelihood, and petition for their reinstatement?
There are globalists pretending to be the good guys, jockeying themselves for positions at what could be the alternative to the WEF/UN, They even had the audacity to brand themselves as the dream team.


NOTE: if you are affected by horror movie / zombie images, it might be wise to stop watching after 16:00

Irish interest

  • @ 8:12 Derek O’Connor’s life saved by GAA rival


The Distraction Files and Leaks

Recently The Twitter Files revealed US officials were pressing Twitter to censor on their behalf. Then the US Dept. of Energy endorsed the lab leak story, followed by Woody Harrelson being allowed describe1Mathew Crawford wrote a follow up to his first take the insanity on the Saturday Night Live TV show.2More perspectives: Mark Crispin Miller, Kate Wand, Gerry O’Neill, Dr. Peter McCullough, Alex Berenson

Now The Lockdown Files leak shows UK officials orchestrating public fear and more. Dr. John Campbell feels disappointed about the revelations. while Dr. Byram Bridle cautions that verification is needed and el gato malo finds them astonishingly unastonishing

… all neatly distracting from…

… falling birth rates, excess deaths and…

the WHO’s power grab.3See also

What The WHO Is Actually Proposing

Science swindle in Swindon?

No. It’s good news actually!

The ScienceTM says this UK hospital region suffered very little COVID-related or vaccine-related heart damage. (Isn’t that great?!)

Related links, previous video…

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Dr. John Campbell: Time to pause covid mass vaccination

Pro-vax, nursing educator followed The Science actual science

So far he has not posted this on his YouTube. Probably concerned about being censored or deplatformed. Only on his Rumble channel for the moment.

Watch on Rumble


My name is John Campbell, I am a semi-retired clinical nurse, nurse lecturer, academic, researcher and author of numerous articles and two text books.

My specialisms are human physiology and pathophysiology, as applied to clinical practice. I have also produced many educational videos which are used extensively around the world.

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Vaccine dangers, UK Parliament debate

Led by double-jabbed MP Andrew Bridgen

… mid-way through [he] revealed that a whistleblower from a very reliable source had told him that the British Heart Foundation (BHF) had data which was being covered up. According to Mr. Bridgen, the BHF are covering up information about mRNA vaccines causing heart inflammation. They are doing this through fear of losing funding from the pharmaceutical industry. So much so that a prominent leader within the organisation has sent out non-disclosure agreements to his research team preventing them from speaking out.1Nothing says “trust the science” quite like hiding the data! (Sarcasm).

Naked Emperor

Matt le Tissier remarked on the attendance

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Transcript of the entire debate available on Hansard.

  • 1
    Nothing says “trust the science” quite like hiding the data! (Sarcasm).

Scotland: excess baby deaths investigation

I don’t like linking to platforms that endanger lives by censoring data and medical opinion. But I’m not aware of Dr. John Campbell publishing anywhere else… and this info needs to get out.

(Plus, in my humble opinion, this is a masterful display of how to communicate without tripping the censorship algorithms. Wonder if they’ll start censoring silence, tone-of-voice and/or facial expressions next?!)

Watch on YouTube

Here’s what he wrote in the video description:

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Australia: all-cause deaths up 17.1%

Official Australian stats1Archive versions of that page here and here. show 17.1% more deaths than expected in 2021-2022. Here’s their main graph – to which I’ve added southern hemisphere seasons.

Initially the ‘with and without Covid’ approach distracted from the key metric: all-cause deaths (red line).

But, once focused I began comparing the red line to the baseline range (light blue zone)… and recalled something my statistics lecturer in university said: the height of the curve is not as important as the total area under it.

So I found myself wondering:

  • why did deaths in this particular Australian summer so greatly exceed
    1. the normal summer range and
    2. also that of the previous winter?2The chart’s language and design suggests these summer deaths are Covid related. But since when did respiratory viruses do more harm in summer than winter?!
  • why are deaths this current winter so much higher than in the previous, less-vaccinated winter?!
  • why are Australian all-cause deaths trending upwards and not returning to normal seasonal ranges – just like we see in:
    1. Rancourt’s USA findings
    2. Engler’s Lombardy analysis3see the final chart I included
    3. Euromomo
    4. Eurostat (I’ve highlighted baseline “0” in their graph)

Who could have seen this coming?

Stats people like Joel Smalley as it happens. In May he posted:

Australia begins to reap what it has sown. It’s grim.

Dr. John Campbell went in to more detail about Australia.

Thanks to checkur6 for highlighting these stats at the end of the latest Young Hearts vid.

  • 1
    Archive versions of that page here and here.
  • 2
    The chart’s language and design suggests these summer deaths are Covid related. But since when did respiratory viruses do more harm in summer than winter?!
  • 3
    see the final chart I included

The Truth About Ivermectin

In under 14 minutes.

Of all the harmful misinformation spread over the past couple of years, one of the most disturbing false narratives was targeted at the Nobel Prize winning HUMAN medicine, Ivermectin. We produced this short film to correct the narrative and to reveal the motive behind the smear campaign against one of the safest and most effective medicines of this era.

Mikki Willis. Father/Filmmaker.