The Distraction Files and Leaks

Recently The Twitter Files revealed US officials were pressing Twitter to censor on their behalf. Then the US Dept. of Energy endorsed the lab leak story, followed by Woody Harrelson being allowed describe1Mathew Crawford wrote a follow up to his first take the insanity on the Saturday Night Live TV show.2More perspectives: Mark Crispin Miller, Kate Wand, Gerry O’Neill, Dr. Peter McCullough, Alex Berenson

Now The Lockdown Files leak shows UK officials orchestrating public fear and more. Dr. John Campbell feels disappointed about the revelations. while Dr. Byram Bridle cautions that verification is needed and el gato malo finds them astonishingly unastonishing

… all neatly distracting from…

… falling birth rates, excess deaths and…

the WHO’s power grab.3See also

What The WHO Is Actually Proposing

Some want a ‘Pandemic Amnesty’

October 31 Professor Emily Oster called for amnesty in The Atlantic.1Also archived here. Because, apparently, she and others were in the dark and didn’t know.

But she could have known, couldn’t she?

Cartoon by Jerm

Plus, she never says

  • what wrongs were done
  • who perpetrated them
  • what reparations will be made or
  • how we can prevent anything similar happening again.

So it hasn’t gone down well

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  9. Sage Hana
  10. Justin Hart4author of the new book: “Gone Viral: How Covid Drove the World Insane” from Regnery Publishing
  11. Erich Hartmann5Describes witnessing Oster arguing for opening schools, then backtracking.
  12. Jessica Hockett
  13. AJ Kay
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  11. Paul Joseph Watson
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… to name but a few.

You have been propagandized.

A letter for your friends.1By Kate Wand.

You have been propagandized.

You have been lied to. I know. It’s hard to believe, but just stay with me.

I think you’re still reading because you know it’s true.

And maybe, you want to understand how, or more importantly, why?

What happened to us? Humans? What happened to your country, your city, your school, your work, your life?

What happened to your relationships?

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Ethical Medicine with Dr. Rochagné Kilian

From November 2021, so it might appear dated. But what motivates people, medical ethics, principles and similar topics are eternal.

She talked with Kate Wand about moral choices in the face of Covid measures and government interference in the doctor-patient relationship.

Are you as comfortable with your choices as Dr. Kilian is with hers?

She also spoke at the Freedom Convoy in Ottowa in February 2022. Just before her court case.

Truth is in trouble

So are those who seek it and speak it.

But if you’ve not looked beyond mainstream media.,Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc you wouldn’t know. Because they are deciding who – and what – you get to hear, see and understand.

This limits your ability to reach a sound conclusion or make an informed decision. Not just about lockdowns or Covid injections. But about anything. Anything. Past, present or future.

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Good people can do awful things.

During the Covid response it has amazed me to witness otherwise ‘good’ people going along with – even relishing the lockdowns, masks, censorship, suppression of treatments, coerced injections, risking children to save adults, piling ludicrous debt onto future generations, creating a privileged and an ostracised class of citizen, human rights violations… and much more.

Intuitively, the harms from any one of the above are obvious to anyone thinking about it. Just one extra bit of imagination and the collateral damage from the whole becomes apparent. Our Covid cure is far, far worse than Covid itself would ever have been.

So why are ‘good people’ going along with such obvious harms being inflicted on both themselves and others? And why are some of them actively inflicting those harms?

A rare, ‘serious’ video from JP Sears sheds some light.

Kate Wand’s piece on this topic takes things deeper and makes it more personal to each of us. The Line Dividing Good and Evil passes through each of our hearts… and it is evil’s ordinary, banal nature that allows evil spread like a fungus.

Referencing the writings of Hannah Arendt and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn she suggests:

When people do not think, others can put thoughts in their heads. If the greatest acts of evil are committed and accomplished by ordinary people who have lost their ability to think, this leaves a wide gap easily filled with propaganda.

Kate Wand

So if someone has had their ability to think nullified by fear of say, an invisible, deadly virus potentially lurking in the breath of every person they encounter1aka ‘asymptomatic spread’ – now see how damaging this medical myth is?!… and that unthinking mind is then subjected to authoritative direction… then it won’t take much for them to go passively along with, or actively commit harm.

In fact it’ll probably seem to them that such behaviour is quite normal.

Even good.

If history lends prediction to the future, then our fate depends on the sum of our personal choices and moral conviction, and perhaps above all, our ability to think.

Kate Wand

  • 1
    aka ‘asymptomatic spread’ – now see how damaging this medical myth is?!