Clairvoyants anticipate Monkeypox

Some scientists, public health officials and philanthropists seem gifted.

At least the ones talking about preparedness and doing tabletop exercises.

Although they’re really bad at “keeping everybody safe,” the global guardians of “public health” are awfully good at prophecy

Mark Crispin Miller

Patrick Wood has also remarked on this amazing ability.

Wanting to maintain focus on the criminality of all this may be why Wood didn’t further comment on two aspects which stood out for me.

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If they were interested in truth…

… wouldn’t they ask her how she came to believe what she believes?

December 2021. Remember the furore back then about this clearly racially-motivated attack by two white supremacists?1Sarcasm. Me neither.

Perhaps news of the outcry and the valiant efforts to protect this victim of racism never made it into my echo chamber?

Watch it here.

But before you do… this November 2021 video2Hugo Talks will clue you in for when she mentions Waterford, Ireland:


It sounds like Canada might be preparing to go all China on the massive – and peaceful1Watch their Feb 6th Address To The Nation if you doubt their peaceful intent. – truckers Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

Talk is spreading of cell phone blackouts, riot police numbers increasing and processing centres being prepared while politicians refuse to talk, declare a state of emergency and use increasingly loaded terms – seemingly to justify aggressive action.

So the convoy captains, medical advisors and organisers put out a preemptive SOS call on 7th February.

Let us hope and pray for a peaceful end to the medical tyranny.