The Continuing Mystery of Early 2020

“Now that the dust has finally settled, we have the leisure to return to the panicked days of early 2020 and reexamine what really happened. And it may not be quite what we think. Nick Hudson and Jonathan Engler join us.

Tom Woods, 29th Nov, 2023

Eight reasons to doubt the New York story

Jessica Hockett takes Mark Kulacz through some of key oddities in the official story.

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Dr Jonathan Engler Dismantles The Covid Pandemic & mRNA “Vaccine” Narratives

Dr Jonathan Engler is qualified in both medicine and law. During a varied career he has worked as a doctor, medical adviser within the pharmaceutical industry, entrepreneur and barrister. He has 4 adult children and 2 grandsons, and lives near Manchester in the North of England.

Jonathan co-chairs the Hart Group with Dr Clair Craig and is on the exec of Panda, for both of which he regularly writes and reviews articles.

In this conversation, Jonathan dismantles both the official Covid and mRNA “vaccine” narratives.

Doc Malik
HART Group

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The Lombardy Analysis

A pattern difficult to explain by viral spread.1An article by eugyppius (The Earliest Days of the Italian Pandemic, or: Why Nobody Wants To Talk About February 2020 Anymore) got Jonathan Engler digging in the Lombardy regional death data.

The first thing to note… is the extreme synchronicity of the excess death curves… surprising in the context of a “spreading” virus. The next thing to note is the height and sharpness of the peaks in deaths.

This extremely rapid rise and fall, to unprecedented levels, also seen synchronously elsewhere in Lombardy, does not look at all natural. However, it does resemble another, non-viral incident. In 2003 there was a huge spike in elderly deaths in France, triggered by a heatwave…

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