“Nothing was spreading”

Professor Denis Rancourt on deaths in Ireland

“… graph on all-cause mortality in Ireland from 2018 to present day which shows the first major spike around April 2020. Rancourt puts these deaths down to official assaults on vulnerable people, like ventilators and end-of -life protocols at a time of visitor restrictions at hospitals and nursing homes.

“The proof that it cannot be due to a virus is the following. Everywhere that it occurs around the world, it is synchronous, it happens at the same time immediately after the pandemic is announced. So the virus is waiting for a political announcement that there is a pandemic and then it’s going out and killing people right away”.

Aisling O’Loughlin

Aisling O’Loughlin: Rumble, Substack | DenisRancourt.ca | Correlation-Canada.org

Excess Deaths Varadkar

Aisling O’Loughlin recounts the twists and turns of An Taoiseach’s take on excess deaths.

Excess death figures in Ireland for 2020 were 1,600 above the previous five year average according to RIP.ie data which would reflect a 5% increase. The Covid-19 death count was based on dubious methods, without mentioning the use of midazolam, remdesivir or ventilators that accelerated mortality figures. So far this year, 2023, we’re up nearly 20%, a shocking figure that is being ignored by the mainstream media. With an Irish Covid Inquiry on the way, what excuses will be made for the rise in excess deaths since the roll out of the experimental injections?

Aisling O’Loughlin


“If he didn’t take a vaccine he would be alive today” – Dr Peter McCullough

On the eve of the Joseph McGinty inquest decision, Louise Rosengrave recaps the testimonies. Including that of Dr. Peter McCullough.

Dr McCullough examined the details of Joseph McGinty’s autopsy and said the findings are consistent with multi-system inflammation disorder, which is a fatal condition. In contrast to the second opinion offered as evidence to the inquest into Joseph’s death, Dr McCullough does not find Addison’s Disease a credible cause of death, since, he said, it does not cause inflammation.*

The Texas based medic specializes in the management of post-covid 19 syndromes and injuries.

Before delving into his commentary, it’s worth considering the evidence again.

… Sunday marks the two year anniversary of the teen’s vaccination, on August 20 2021…

Louise Rosengrave

Patrick E Walsh: Eurostat figures

Co. Kilkenny accountant Patrick E Walsh breaks down the Eurostat monthly excess death figures for Ireland which point to a worrying trend since the roll-out of the experimental vaccines.

Aisling O’Loughlin News

More about the Eurostat tool here. There’s also a simpler version on Eurostat (click “Excess Mortality” graphic).

Well done to these people: IrelandExcessDeaths.com

RTE’s Claire Byrne. Shedgate? Why the silence?

Do you ever get the feeling you’ve been led up the garden path and back again? The questions surrounding Claire Byrne’s garden shed certainly indicate that all is not as it seems. Did the RTÉ presenter really present Claire Byrne Live from her garden shed at her home in Bray, Co Wicklow in March 2020….

Aside from HSE compliant Byrne looking and sounding perfectly healthy, the wood panelling behind her sleekly coiffed bob looked freshly constructed, as if newly built…

… this was the tidiest garden shed of all time. No clutter. No shivering March temperatures. No passing traffic sounds. Why not the spare room in the main house for some comfort and heat? How curious. Time passed. Byrne apparently got Covid again in April 2022… was back in the famous garden shed, not a hair out of place, the picture of health, complying with those HSE regulations with virtue signalling glee.

…Brave Byrne somehow, miraculously, struggled on and managed to broadcast a live prime-time show from her garden shed. For three weeks in a row. What a trooper. That wood panelling though, it was so similar, strikingly close, to Marty Morrissey’s shed in County Clare.  What a strange coincidence. Two RTÉ presenters with the same taste and choice in wood and carpentry.  What are the chances?…

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Aisling O’Loughlin with John Waters

I can’t leave my kids a world where they’re pin-cushions for somebody who wants to kill them.

Aisling O’Loughlin

The former TV3 presenter joins journalist John Waters to discuss what’s happened to journalism, family relationships, moral responsibility, people’s inability to see… and more

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