Caught in their own trap?

Appropriate vaccine information they want to ignore

Pasted below the line: a thorough and succinct critique of a recent “we must overcome vaccine hesitancy” article. Copied from the PANDA Substack. Also published on


“On January 5, 2024 the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published an article by Peter Marks and Robert Califf. Both authors are affiliated with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The article, “Is Vaccination Approaching a Dangerous Tipping Point?,” is a discussion about growing vaccine hesitancy in the US, and includes suggestions on how to alter this trend. The article is brief; it contains only nine paragraphs and one figure. The authors claim that vaccines (including the Covid shot) have been carefully developed and are safe and effective. They also argue for the medical community to “redouble its efforts” to provide the public with appropriate information about vaccines.

Unfortunately there are multiple problems with the claims made by the authors. We do, however, agree with their conclusion that “the best way to counter the current large volume of vaccine misinformation is to dilute it with large amounts of truthful, accessible scientific evidence.” In consequence, we think it appropriate to respond to the article by countering their incorrect claims with truthful, scientific evidence. To accomplish this, we consider nine specific claims made in the article.

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The Continuing Mystery of Early 2020

“Now that the dust has finally settled, we have the leisure to return to the panicked days of early 2020 and reexamine what really happened. And it may not be quite what we think. Nick Hudson and Jonathan Engler join us.

Tom Woods, 29th Nov, 2023

Eight reasons to doubt the New York story

Jessica Hockett takes Mark Kulacz through some of key oddities in the official story.

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Actuarial and statistical problems around the Covid phenomen

Neuro-biologist JJ Couey, reviews Nick Hudson’s Oct 11th presentation to the Actuarial Society of South Africa. A plain version can be watched on

(Apologies for the text/chat replay on the screen. Nothing I can do about it.)


Copied from the Pandata substack. Contains an Addendum responding to some questions he was asked on the day…

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One Nation Under Mind Control

“Mind control is much more simple than one could ever imagine and unfortunately it’s also much more effective than one would ever imagine as well. Once you know how the mind control magician does his tricks, the magic show fails to impress. Jason’s goal is to make mind control easy to understand for the general public, so that more and more people can sidestep the psychological manipulations that are destroying their lives.

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Why centralisation is a disaster and threatens us all

Centralisation requires suppressing knowledge, learning, creativity, innovation and growth. It also assumes our complex world can be understood with, and managed by, simple models and one-size-fits-all policies.

Speaking with Ivor Cummins at the end of July, Nick Hudson discusses the dangerous effects of these fundamental flaws. | Ivor Cummins (Odysee)

One Health, holistic medicine, and the poisoning of minds

Writing for PANDA, David Bell reveals the dangers lurking behind the ‘One Health’ concept – and what those who espouse it have in mind for us.

… medical journal Lancet explained the ideology of those driving the One Health cult in January 2023: 

All life is equal, and of equal concern”, 

and further: 

“One Health will be delivered in countries … by taking a fundamentally different approach to the natural world, one in which we are as concerned about the welfare of non-human animals and the environment as we are about humans.

In its truest sense, One Health is a call for ecological, not merely health, equity.” 

The narrative, and its intent, are clear. Those pushing it envision a world in which any lifeform is considered intrinsically of equal worth to others. If you must choose between your daughter and a rat, the choice should weigh the probability of the survival of each, or assess which may do the least harm to other lifeforms after being saved.

Within this ‘equitable’ worldview, humans become a pollutant… Humans become a plague upon the earth, and their restriction, impoverishment and death may therefore be justified for a greater good.

It is difficult for people to grasp that this is a guiding ideology of public figures, as it runs counter to most human moral systems or Natural Law. People therefore consider this a misrepresentation of what is intended. If this is you, go back and read those quotes, and read more widely. We must understand the ideology driving this movement, as they intend that we should follow their dictates, and they intend to indoctrinate our children…

We tend to think such changes cannot happen in free and rational societies. To be convinced, we might need solid evidence of real totalitarian control. If we experienced mandated population-wide injections, people banned from visiting loved ones, or body-armoured police shooting at crowds and beating up old ladies for not wearing masks, whilst those promoting such policies lived and travelled freely, then we might start to wonder whether our preconceptions regarding society were wrong. At that time, we might start to believe that some in authority don’t really have our best interests at heart.

Exposing a cult

Evil is not defeated by hiding from it. It is fought by exposing the ideology that drives it – the greed, the lies and the deceit. We should not be overwhelmed by the scale and depth of wrongdoing. It may now be global but the people running it are as empty as those in past times, seeing the subjugation of others as the only way to address their internal inadequacies. Many more go along for the ride, doing their bidding to secure careers and pensions. This is normal, and has been faced before.

In the end, mad ideologues collapse under the weight of their own deceit and the shallowness of their dogmas. The earth-mother religion of a corrupted One Health and the feudalist ambitions of its priests will be no different. We should not fear public health or a holistic view of the world. They are ours and can be a force for good. Rather, we should expose the hollowness of the people who would subvert them, driven by their own greed and barren ideologies.

David Bell (PANDA)

Worth reading in full.

The politics of Covid – a year on

The swelling of the red-pilled population is perhaps the best thing to emerge from the Covid panic. The resolutely blue-pilled will look increasingly foolish, naïve and cowardly as that process continues. The red-pilled are taking on all manner of wokery in corporations, clubs and school boards. Long may that continue.

Nick Hudson

Unfamiliar with the pill idea?

In The Matrix (1999), there were two: red and blue.

Today there are a few more.

The Lombardy Analysis

A pattern difficult to explain by viral spread.1An article by eugyppius (The Earliest Days of the Italian Pandemic, or: Why Nobody Wants To Talk About February 2020 Anymore) got Jonathan Engler digging in the Lombardy regional death data.

The first thing to note… is the extreme synchronicity of the excess death curves… surprising in the context of a “spreading” virus. The next thing to note is the height and sharpness of the peaks in deaths.

This extremely rapid rise and fall, to unprecedented levels, also seen synchronously elsewhere in Lombardy, does not look at all natural. However, it does resemble another, non-viral incident. In 2003 there was a huge spike in elderly deaths in France, triggered by a heatwave…

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One to one: Nick Hudson

Analog life is superior. PANDA. Lockdowns. WHO Pandemic Treaty. Not a new virus. Sweden and The Diamond Princess exposed the foundational lie.

“knowing what you know – and doing nothing about it – is incompatible with sleep.” … probably the most important words that anybody’s ever said to me…

Nick Hudson (5:26)

Filmed for the Ryland Media Iconoclast series during the Better Way Conference.

Did you have a good lockdown?

Well here is an insight into just some of what your lockdown cost others.1By the way, the cost to you (which you were never told about)… is now coming into view. Your human rights converted into privileges dependent on your governments whims; Years of Life Lost (also here); psychological damage and developmental delay – especially to children and young adults; businesses destroyed; power centralized; surveillance increased; inflation; crippled health services (longer waiting lists, vaccine injuries piling up); excess deaths from vaccine damage… but, yeah, if you like, keep telling yourself that you and others feeling safe and morally righteous is worth it. Also, do keep trusting The ScienceTM because your always-truthful, always-competent leaders and media tell you to..

In this PANDA’ Open Society Session, Dr. David Bell (PANDA) and Professor Toby Green (Collateral Global) discuss the devastating impacts of the pandemic response in poor countries: what happened, why it happened and how to ensure it does not happen again.

They combine their expertise in public health, world history and colonial history to also question continuities of power and inequality, and how the world reverted to the medical colonialism of the first half of the 20th century.

  • 1
    By the way, the cost to you (which you were never told about)… is now coming into view. Your human rights converted into privileges dependent on your governments whims; Years of Life Lost (also here); psychological damage and developmental delay – especially to children and young adults; businesses destroyed; power centralized; surveillance increased; inflation; crippled health services (longer waiting lists, vaccine injuries piling up); excess deaths from vaccine damage… but, yeah, if you like, keep telling yourself that you and others feeling safe and morally righteous is worth it. Also, do keep trusting The ScienceTM because your always-truthful, always-competent leaders and media tell you to..

The Quest for Open Science

… questions have become very uncomfortable answers, speculation has become truth and conspiracy theories have become spoiler alerts.

Nick Hudson

The chairman of PANDA presents data, applies critical thought and challenges assumptions.1More presentations from ‘The Quest‘ and other PANDA series on their Odysee channel.

He mentions his talk given last year that was censored on YouTube. In case you missed it here is The Ugly Truth About The COVID-19 Lockdowns and its Q&As:

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Coronavirus, Propaganda and States of Fear

March 2020, Dr. Colin Alexander1Senior Lecturer in Political Communications within the School of Arts and Humanities at Nottingham Trent University anticipated twenty ‘plays’ the British Government would use in its Covid propaganda – mirroring the wartime propaganda ‘playbook’ developed during the First and Second World Wars.

December 2021, in a PANDA Open Science meeting, he recapped before giving – in my opinion, one of the better talks on the psychology of what we are all being put through.

Ever heard of “self-haunting”? Me neither. But it explains a lot.

How will the Covid-critical be treated in a post-pandemic society? Unsure. But there are worrying undercurrents.

Both reckoning and reconciliation are needed.

Here is his original video from March 20202From Nottingham Trent University website.

… one of the highest achievements for the propagandist within the dissemination of mass communications is the successful transfer of a contested subject with a multitude of legitimate positions into the realm of public consensus wherein the vast majority consider alternative positions to be illegitimate and where some don’t even realise that alternative positions exist at all.

Colin Alexander, Jan 2021

Also here’s an article from July 2021 in which he explains why the UK’s “Freedom Day” is another example of Covid propaganda – and why greater ‘propaganda literacy’ amongst the public is important.

The Covid Operation As A Battle Of Ideologies

[Figures given in the image above refer to South Africa only. Globally “Years of Lost Life” (YLL) due to lockdowns will likely be counted in billions]

Nick Hudson delivers many insights in this interview.

Here are some of them.

  • No country produced a cost-benefit analysis of lockdowns.
  • The propagandizing of science is obvious, intended to drive fear and is creating a dangerous mass psychosis.
  • Is this a conspiracy? No. The planning is going on in the open.
  • Those using the pandemic to increase the centralization of power probably genuinely believe “their own B.S.”
  • Centralism has always failed.
  • Humans innovate and learn to do more with less all the time. Unless Centralists and Malthusians have their way.
  • Asymptomatic transmission has little science backing it – but even if does happen, it is more likely to transmit immunity than disease.
  • The dissenting minority will grow and become a majority over time.
  • God-shaped holes in each of us can leave us susceptible to unworthy leaders and cultish behaviors when we are scared.
  • The intellectual foundations of mass vaccination and vaccine passports are tenuous.
  • Censorship is happening in covert, overt and aggressive forms. Even scientists are being censored for merely retweeting (without comment!) per-reviewed scientific papers!
  • A keen “wildlife guy”concerned about habitat destruction, he still sees the climate change / sustainability agenda is another Malthusian idea being pushed by Centralists.
  • Being calm and courageous is important for retrieving people one-by-one from the mass psychosis. We need to avoid talk of retribution and instead model moral power and humane behaviour.

Is it a cock up, a conspiracy or an emergent reality? … Yes it is. It’s all three of those things. There are features of our society that lend themselves…


… a bunch of elites enamored of power, as elites have always been… have stumbled across a wonderful way to drive fear into the hearts of people, to divide the populous and under cover of all of that to implement a wide-sweeping vision for our future that we have not consented to.

Nick Hudson

Talking with Taylor Hudak1independent journalist, publishing in The Last American Vagabond earlier this month Nick Hudson, Co-Founder & Chairman of PANDA2Pandemics ~ Data & Analytics discusses COVID-19 from a statistical perspective, as well as the ongoing ideological battle that COVID-19 has clearly exacerbated.

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