Coronavirus, Propaganda and States of Fear

March 2020, Dr. Colin Alexander1Senior Lecturer in Political Communications within the School of Arts and Humanities at Nottingham Trent University anticipated twenty ‘plays’ the British Government would use in its Covid propaganda – mirroring the wartime propaganda ‘playbook’ developed during the First and Second World Wars.

December 2021, in a PANDA Open Science meeting, he recapped before giving – in my opinion, one of the better talks on the psychology of what we are all being put through.

Ever heard of “self-haunting”? Me neither. But it explains a lot.

How will the Covid-critical be treated in a post-pandemic society? Unsure. But there are worrying undercurrents.

Both reckoning and reconciliation are needed.

Here is his original video from March 20202From Nottingham Trent University website.

… one of the highest achievements for the propagandist within the dissemination of mass communications is the successful transfer of a contested subject with a multitude of legitimate positions into the realm of public consensus wherein the vast majority consider alternative positions to be illegitimate and where some don’t even realise that alternative positions exist at all.

Colin Alexander, Jan 2021

Also here’s an article from July 2021 in which he explains why the UK’s “Freedom Day” is another example of Covid propaganda – and why greater ‘propaganda literacy’ amongst the public is important.

The Covid Operation As A Battle Of Ideologies

[Figures given in the image above refer to South Africa only. Globally “Years of Lost Life” (YLL) due to lockdowns will likely be counted in billions]

Nick Hudson delivers many insights in this interview.

Here are some of them.

  • No country produced a cost-benefit analysis of lockdowns.
  • The propagandizing of science is obvious, intended to drive fear and is creating a dangerous mass psychosis.
  • Is this a conspiracy? No. The planning is going on in the open.
  • Those using the pandemic to increase the centralization of power probably genuinely believe “their own B.S.”
  • Centralism has always failed.
  • Humans innovate and learn to do more with less all the time. Unless Centralists and Malthusians have their way.
  • Asymptomatic transmission has little science backing it – but even if does happen, it is more likely to transmit immunity than disease.
  • The dissenting minority will grow and become a majority over time.
  • God-shaped holes in each of us can leave us susceptible to unworthy leaders and cultish behaviors when we are scared.
  • The intellectual foundations of mass vaccination and vaccine passports are tenuous.
  • Censorship is happening in covert, overt and aggressive forms. Even scientists are being censored for merely retweeting (without comment!) per-reviewed scientific papers!
  • A keen “wildlife guy”concerned about habitat destruction, he still sees the climate change / sustainability agenda is another Malthusian idea being pushed by Centralists.
  • Being calm and courageous is important for retrieving people one-by-one from the mass psychosis. We need to avoid talk of retribution and instead model moral power and humane behaviour.

Is it a cock up, a conspiracy or an emergent reality? … Yes it is. It’s all three of those things. There are features of our society that lend themselves…


… a bunch of elites enamored of power, as elites have always been… have stumbled across a wonderful way to drive fear into the hearts of people, to divide the populous and under cover of all of that to implement a wide-sweeping vision for our future that we have not consented to.

Nick Hudson

Talking with Taylor Hudak1independent journalist, publishing in The Last American Vagabond earlier this month Nick Hudson, Co-Founder & Chairman of PANDA2Pandemics ~ Data & Analytics discusses COVID-19 from a statistical perspective, as well as the ongoing ideological battle that COVID-19 has clearly exacerbated.

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