Math signals in VAERS

“… the different lots, the amount of damage they cause, is mathematically precise… it’s very, very high tech medicine that’s going on…

Craig Paardekooper (@38:03)

Mike Yeadon has wondered if the roll-out of the Covid-19 injections was a trial-run to calibrate a weapon.

Has Craig Paardekooper found corroborating evidence? He wants other data people to check his work. The data can be found on

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Background: 5% is the magic number

In August he told the Corona Investigative Committee about anticipating that the rate of side-effects from the Covid-19 injections would be kept to 5% or less – because it’s a threshold between us noticing when something is happening by chance or intention.

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NEW: International Crimes Investigative Committee (ICIC)

Reiner Fuellmich is back on the air.1 following the split from the Corona Investigative Committee. His take on that here. Broadening his approach to encapsulate both

  • the “deliberate and targeted action” against humanity and
  • how we can decouple & create our own regionalised world. | Telegram | source video

  • 1
    following the split from the Corona Investigative Committee. His take on that here.

The Control Group, medical ethics and parallel communities

Friday 22nd July, Dr. Robert Verkerk1Alliance for Natural Health and Dr. Katarina Lindley2World Council for Health and Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (see her 2019 Direct Primary Care talk on this page). tell the Corona Investigative Committee about a paper on the control group survey.

Plus, a new medical journal and the need to return to traditional medical ethics and create our own community hubs and medical systems.

Dr. Hedley Rees

Managing Director of Pharmaflow. Held senior positions at Bayer UK, British Biotech, Vernalis and others. Author and advocate for modernisation of the pharmaceutical industry.1e.g. Taming The Big Pharma Monster: by Speaking Truth to Power (2019)

Testified to the Corona Investigative Committee on July 1st 2021 that evidence suggests COVID injections were rushed to market with significant shortcuts to make money rather than deliver the safest and most effective product possible.


  • … how MHRA/EMA did not follow its own rules and guidelines described in its Orange Guide, so did not meet their own terms for conditional approval of the injections.
  • … how -70°C (ultra-frozen) injections were a gross contravention of GMP2Good Manufacturing Practice as they were not fully finished as unit doses on leaving the factory, and had to circumvent pharmaceutical wholesalers because they were not equipped to handle those temperatures.

A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation

Friday 1st July, Margaret Anna Alice spoke with the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee about framing, philanthropathy,1A term she coined democide, her “why” questions and their answers.2She ran out of time, but here are her promised notes.

Her WHYs are comprehensive3As are Steve Kirsch‘s. and grouped into four categories:

What answers does she come to?

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How Bad Is My Batch?

Robert Malone recently shared his experience of his own potentially fatal vaccine adverse event and his recently discovering that his vaccine came from one of the ‘bad’ batches.

Malone’s account fits well with Mike Yeadon’s Jan 7th presentation to the 86th sitting of the Corona Investigative Committee.

Yeadon outlines evidence of possible premeditated murder, using “hot lots” of Covid injections. He can’t think of any benign reason that would explain the vast differences in numbers of adverse reactions between batches.

His presentation centres around these two slides.

Note the small number range, 0-40, on vertical Y-axis
Range on vertical Y-axis is 0-700, far wider than with flu vaccines (previous slide)

Website mentioned: 1Backup duplicate site.

Yeadon detailing the Covid lies on The Highwire, June 2021.

Video by Paul Schreyer: