Wouter Aukema…

… is the source of that graph showing how relatively quickly that infamous Corman-Drosten PCR paper went through the Eurosurveillance peer review process.

(This is the same paper whose Version 1 had been submitted to the WHO on Jan 13th 2020 – “eight days prior to the date it was submitted to the medical journal Eurosurveillance…)

“To assess commonality in the review and acceptance process at eurosurveillance.org, the author collected and analysed meta-data for all 1,595 publications since 01-Jan-2015…

  • Of the 17 types of articles published since 2015, three types occur most frequently: Rapid Communication (385), Research (312) and Surveillance (193).
  • The average number of days between Acceptance and Reception of Research type articles is 172 (2019) and 97 (2020). 
  • In line with the Editorial Policy for Authors, the category ‘Rapid Communication’ publications appear to be reviewed and accepted more quickly (18 days average) than type ‘Research’ and ‘Surveillance.’
  • Except for this one Research article (on 22-jan-2020), no other article has ever been reviewed and accepted within a single day since 2015.
Wouter Aukema

Interactive version of graph | Instructions to replicate