Won’t believe there is a conspiracy happening around Covid?

Then you must have found some way of denying or dismissing the obvious.

In which case, whether you read it as a “conspiracy denier” or a “coincidence theorist”…

… Robert Malone’s recent News that Doesn’t make it to “Mainstream” will simply bounce off your comforting bubble of denial. Especially the bit about “nation states” being a thing of the past.

But if you’re Irish, before you let that bounce happen perhaps ponder this.

Even though Ireland wasn’t mentioned by Malone or Lord, we do have some Klaus Schwab / World Economic Forum graduates amongst us.

Like Leo Varadkar for one.

Just a coincidence though. Nothing to see here. Right?

Cartoon above from Jerm. Who is ‘out’ as a conspiracy theorist.

Believing that there are not nefarious, powerful people trying to control our lives from a local level to a global level, is profoundly naive and, quite frankly, stupid.

It’s not a conspiracy theory if they’re openly telling you what they’re doing.

Jerm Warfare

Men of faith

Maybe not in the same way as you, or in the same things as you. But these guests of Jerm’s have faith.

Mike Yeadon and Mattias Desmet also have compassion for those entranced and believe it’s unhelpful to use the term ‘psychosis’ – despite the fact the real danger to us comes from our own psyche.

They also believe it is vital that those of us who are aware of what’s going on find a way speak out. Even if it’s just to ask questions that sow seeds of doubt.

Oh, and they don’t want to go back to normal. Because we got here from there.

New Normal: sports people collapse, some die

Welcome to the ‘new normal’ where increasing numbers of fit sports people can collapse suddenly – and even die – with cardiovascular issues often involved.

Will journalists continue to ignore scientists saying that spike protein damage to blood vessels and organs is likely driving the sudden increase in stories like these? Will they continue publishing blithe dismissals like “it’s just a coincidence”, “it’s rare” and “nothing to do with the vaccine”?

Now that 5-11 year olds are being jabbed will we be told things like “young people get strokes too”?

Jerm has a simple question

If you’ve been jabbed, then why do you believe you’re better off than me (who isn’t jabbed)?

Let me put it another way.

Since I refuse to be injected with a mysterious mRNA cocktail that has no long-term safety trials, the chances of me experiencing negative side effects from it are zero.


However, the chances of you experiencing negative side effects from it, are over 900 times higher […]

In fact, no vaccine rollout, in history, has been this deadly.

Jerm Warfare, 30 September 2021

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Why aren’t the vaccinated losing their jobs too?

Doctors, nurses, paramedics, firefighters, police and more – once applauded as heroes for facing Covid daily for over 18-months, are now being fired.

From hero to zero overnight.

This begs a question:

“If the fully vaccinated can still get Covid and therefore can still spread it, then why aren’t they losing their jobs too?”

That’s just one of many questions which ought to make clear the absurdity of what’s being done in the name of Covid.

But chances are… especially if Professor of Psychology Mattias Desmet is right… the masses will keep on not noticing this kind of absurdity. The patent unfairness, the glaring injustice, will also go unremarked. As will the destruction of society and millions of lives – including their own.

“Mass formation” seems to be upon us. Totalitarianism is probably where it will bring us. If we collectively let it.

His interview with Jerm contains some frightening psychological insights.

Audio-only version available on JermWarfare.com

Dr. Tess Lawrie explains why Ivermectin works

South African cartoonist and podcast host Jerm interviews fellow compatriot Dr. Tess Lawrie. Now based in the UK, Dr. Lawrie discusses the good news about Ivermectin and the ever-growing body of evidence that shows it is effective at both preventing and treating Covid-19.

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