Pete Parada on punk rock and being fired from The Offspring

Note: I’ve set the video to begin where he talks about being ousted from the band for not taking the experimental gene therapy. Scroll back to beginning if interested in his musical history. Also, this conversation happened shortly before the USA lifted the entry ban on unvaccinated non-citizens. Hence one of his remarks has become outdated.

The Offspring are one of my favourite bands of all time.

At least, they were.

By now, everybody knows that they unceremoniously fired their drummer, Pete Parada, for refusing the jab…

The Offspring, like many other (former) punk rock bands, no longer stick it to the man. Rather, they stick it in their arm … have opted to rage for the machine.

What happened to them?

Some truly punk rock musicians who’ve shown the finger to the establishment are Right Said FredZuby and Five Times August.

Pete, who drummed for The Offspring for nearly 15 years, joined me for a conversation in which he chatted about his background, musical influences, playing in various bands. his journey with The Offspring and being booted after taking a stand against the Covid™ “vaccination” nonsense

Jerm Warfare

He didn’t ‘give it all up for nothing’

“Rock And Roll Over” by Bob Moran (impostar Syndrum Studios) | Pete Parada on Twitter

What happened in the mid-terms?

Despite expectations and hopes there wasn’t a ‘red wave’ in the USA elections. So the current political, judicial, economic, medical, educational etc direction of travel are unlikely to change much.

Dan McCarthy shared his analysis with Tom Woods .

But if the elected keep infringing human rights and making things worse… does their party affiliation really matter?

By their fruits ye shall know them.

“A clear winner is emerging” by

Some want a ‘Pandemic Amnesty’

October 31 Professor Emily Oster called for amnesty in The Atlantic.1Also archived here. Because, apparently, she and others were in the dark and didn’t know.

But she could have known, couldn’t she?

Cartoon by Jerm

Plus, she never says

  • what wrongs were done
  • who perpetrated them
  • what reparations will be made or
  • how we can prevent anything similar happening again.

So it hasn’t gone down well

  1. Rep. Andy Biggs
  2. Emily Burns
  3. Chris Bray
  4. Igor Chudov
  5. Mark Crispin Miller
  6. Jimmy Dore
  7. el gato malo2… and here.
  8. eugyppius3… and here.
  9. Sage Hana
  10. Justin Hart4author of the new book: “Gone Viral: How Covid Drove the World Insane” from Regnery Publishing
  11. Erich Hartmann5Describes witnessing Oster arguing for opening schools, then backtracking.
  12. Jessica Hockett
  13. AJ Kay
  1. Brendon Marotta
  2. Joseph Mercola
  3. Ian Miller
  4. Maajid Nawaz
  5. Vinay Prasad
  6. Brittany Sellner6Author, Austria
  7. Michael P. Senger7attorney and author of Snake Oil: How Xi Jinping Shut Down the World.
  8. Madhava Setty M.D.
  9. The Highwire8Also on Rumble.
  10. The Unty Project9via Robert Malone
  11. Paul Joseph Watson
  12. Sheldon Yakiwchuk

… to name but a few.

The politics of Covid – a year on

The swelling of the red-pilled population is perhaps the best thing to emerge from the Covid panic. The resolutely blue-pilled will look increasingly foolish, naïve and cowardly as that process continues. The red-pilled are taking on all manner of wokery in corporations, clubs and school boards. Long may that continue.

Nick Hudson

Unfamiliar with the pill idea?

In The Matrix (1999), there were two: red and blue.

Today there are a few more.

Jon Rappaport: ‘Starve The Swamp’

… Logicians… have a reputation for being pensive, detached, and a bit reserved. That is, until they try to train all of their mental energy on the moment or the person at hand, which can be a bit uncomfortable for everyone.

Sage Hana

Despite being aware of the AIDS hoax, ‘no virus‘ concept and decentralised understanding of sickness I was still discomfited by Rappaport’s logic in this conversation.1Realising I’m still harbouring some illusions about myself and others. You might be too.

… mass formation… is the easy way out… each person CHOSE to fall under the spell… there’s a moral choice involved… at some level all of these notions of mass whatever, negate the idea of free will and individual freedom.

Jon Rappaport

Starving the swamp…

… turning the oil tanker of culture… will take time, personal action and accountability. | |

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    Realising I’m still harbouring some illusions about myself and others.

Infighting – a historical warning

Steve Kirsch claims the ‘no-virus-people’1Drs. Sam and Mark Bailey for example weren’t prepared to defend their science in a recorded public debate.2But there’s evidence they were – even though some, like Jon Rappaport consider such debate inappropriate.

The Breggins are dissing Mattias Desmet and the mass formation perspective.

Dr. Robert Malone is fending off ‘controlled opposition’ accusations, citing the historical example of Jacobinism as he does so.

Psychotherapist Todd Hayen thinks this infighting, intolerance and polarisation is consciously fostered to help the agenda.

War Of The Worlds

Todd Hayen on living in two competing worlds

The Toronto-based psychotherapist recently spoke with Jeremy Nell.

… a really deep conversation, touching on a bunch of things like

Jerm Warfare

Audio & Resources

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Edward Dowd… touches on…

Jerm Warfare |

Time to De-Stigmatize the Word “Anti-Vaxxer”

Cartoon by

My point in showing Jerm’s cartoon is not to educate in how to defeat an innocent. Rather to suggest we can ‘win’ against the globalists by disempowering the language being deployed to divide us. One encounter at a time.

Perhaps keep that in mind as you read Chudov’s encouragement.

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Fauci’s Red Guards

Lawsuit Reveals Vast Federal Censorship Army

… an astonishing new release of discovery documents in Missouri v. Biden—in which NCLA Legal is representing plaintiffs including Jay Bhattacharya, Martin Kulldorff, and Aaron Kheriaty against the Biden administration for violations of free speech during Covid—reveal a vast federal censorship army, with more than 50 federal officials across at least 11 federal agencies having secretly coordinated with social media companies to censor private speech.

Michael P. Senger

Why does it matter?

Quashing free speech enables (amongst other things) forced preference falsification – a process central to Mao Zedong’s regime and vehemently implemented by his Red Guards.

The parallels with today are profound. (Although I’d liken the federal officials to Generals and the agencies and Fact-checkers they use to units of their army).

Image by Jerm Warfare1The hammer & sickle are normally associated with Russian-flavoured communism. But in the context of communism on the verge of engulfing the whole world I hope you will agree the flavour doesn’t matter too much.

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    The hammer & sickle are normally associated with Russian-flavoured communism. But in the context of communism on the verge of engulfing the whole world I hope you will agree the flavour doesn’t matter too much.

All-cause mortality in the United States.

… seasonal variation… you can go back to… before the second World War… very regular… There is a regular pattern. There is a clear historic trend. Then… there’s this break to a new regime. where we don’t even come down close to the summer baselines that we were seeing before.

Denis Rancourt

The “COVID-Period Mass Vaccination Campaign and Public Health Disaster in the USA” paper found…

  • No deaths were averted by the vaccination campaign.
  • Excess mortality is linked to poverty, disability, obesity.1The poverty correlation they found would seems to bolster Matthew Crawford’s budding Wealth Theory of Vaccine Efficacy.
  • No increase in death in elderly; young adults died more than aged.

So it’s not a virus doing the killing.

Not good for ‘the narrative’. In any way.

Also not good for the claim that treatments2like those using ivermectin are successfully beating a SARS-CoV-2 virus.

A broad overview

The authors explain methods and charts

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