ThinkLocal event cancelled

So truth didn’t get talked about

… in this follow-up conversation with Dr. Gerard Casey,1see second video we talk about the importance of truth-telling in a world plagued by propaganda and indoctrination, where thousands of United Nations’ Digital First Responders hunt down every dissonant voice on the digital steppe and social media algorithms identify and inhibit all so-called fake news (which usually turns out to be truth a little bit later). Truth-telling, as an act of speech, is the opposite of propaganda and it also reverses its effects. It is the ultimate remedy for the major symptom of our society – mass formation and totalitarianism. And it not only addresses the symptom, it also removes the root cause: the widespread loneliness and disconnectedness of modern man. Truth-telling is resonating speech, and as such is is what truly connects human beings and the basis of all truly humane living together…

Mattias Desmet

Who dunnit?

… I was in Mullingar to attend the scene of a crime. A two-day Think Local festival lay in ruins thanks to the persistence of Leah Doherty and her small tribe of alphabet spaghetti warriors. This is no targeted outing of hidden forces by me. She’s been on a bragging spree ever since the news came to light…

… I was forced to pay her a grudging respect…

The West’s Awake | Mattias Desmet | West’s Awake

Melissa Cuimmei

A collection of interviews with the investor.

Dec 2, 2022: You will ‘rent’ everything and be happy!

… do you want the government dictating every aspect of your life?

Net zero is not about saving the planet. Net zero is about taking control of the food and the energy. And finding a way to turn that into a currency

It cannot happen without digital ID. Digital ID is the last gate that we can rebel at

Jan 19, 2022: ICONOCLAST Roundtable 4

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One to one: Nick Hudson

Analog life is superior. PANDA. Lockdowns. WHO Pandemic Treaty. Not a new virus. Sweden and The Diamond Princess exposed the foundational lie.

“knowing what you know – and doing nothing about it – is incompatible with sleep.” … probably the most important words that anybody’s ever said to me…

Nick Hudson (5:26)

Filmed for the Ryland Media Iconoclast series during the Better Way Conference.