Three times. In three weeks.

NOV 12th: live-link to some German Parliamentarians

“… After I’d finished… The whole place was on its feet. They were clapping like mad. It went on for an embarrassing 2-3 minutes.

Gratified, I mumbled thanks for the opportunity to speak to them and ended the link.

I learned yesterday that dissenting voices in AfD had decided my opinions were too extreme and they’ve excised my presentation from the link to the session, which I understand has now been made public…

Dr. Mike Yeadon

DEC 1st: an event for Croatian Parliamentarians and journalists

“… For reasons I don’t yet fully understand, this recording was not played at the session in Croatia…

Again, I say there was no pandemic of an alleged, severe acute respiratory viral illness. We were lied to about that. At the other end of the crime, billions of people were injected with intentionally dangerous substances…

Dr. Mike Yeadon

DEC 4th: presentation to members of the UK Parliament

“… unfortunately & unsurprisingly my recorded speech for Andrew Bridgen’s event was apparently not played.

It is very unlikely to have been for the same reason that Dr McCulloughs live link presentation wasn’t made. 

My recording was in Andrew’s teams hands at least four days ago & confirmed to play locally.

Unless all their laptops failed, they chose not to play it.

Well, that makes three times in as many weeks.

Germany, Croatia and U.K. 

We will release two talks, because I possess the recordings, just as soon as I get my technical act together…

Dr. Mike Yeadon

Summaries of this UK event (with some recordings): Sonia Elijah and Robert Malone.

Just coincidental?

“… Why didn’t they want me to speak?

I’m the only one who says:

1. There’s been no pandemic, no medical emergency. Therefore rushing a novel technology “vaccine” at the public was malign. All the “countermeasures” also had malign intentions.

2. The alleged vaccines were toxic by design, not accidental. Intentionally harmful.

3. I outlined the obvious endgame.

Best wishes,

JJ Couey suspects it’s to help protect the ‘illusion of consensus’ around a ‘Scooby Doo’ we’ve been tricked into solving

(‘Mr. Sparkle’ is his nickname for Mike Yeadon)