Joe Rogan talks with Maajid Nawaz

I found this a horrifying listen. But couldn’t help admiring his research and presentation, and kept thinking THIS is what good journalism looks like.

We are in a war. Between centralisation and decentralisation. Take it from someone who once fought (non-violently) for a totalitarian way of living.

Double-jabbed, former UK call-in show host Nawaz was once an Islamist revolutionary, trained in ideological warfare – the deconstruction of a country for the purpose of destroying it from within. So he knows the signs.

After describing his activism and imprisonment he warns about mission creep, the weaponisation of language, the deliberate shutting down of those seeking truth and widespread sowing of confusion.

Finally he discusses (‘with receipts’)1Fair play to Rogan who plays devils advocate well how Covid has been a red herring – and a key step on the way to the centralised, totally controlled life some actors 2who publicly share their plans and say they have penetrated governments worldwide – 50% of the Canadian parliament being one example want for us all.

… people in power… have told us what they want to do next… Central Banking Digital Currency… programmeable… controlled centrally… so that you can’t buy certain foods, or if you do something that your employer doesn’t like… you won’t be able to spend your money. In other words it’s not money. They’re vouchers! … ‘only spent on essentials or goods which an employer, or government, deems to be sensible’… because the passport infrastructure is in place, you bring in that digital currency and you’ve got this total control

Maajid Nawaz, Joe Rogan Experience #1780 (from c 02:07:00)

Spotify: The Joe Rogan Experience #1780

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    Fair play to Rogan who plays devils advocate well
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    who publicly share their plans and say they have penetrated governments worldwide – 50% of the Canadian parliament being one example

“I want to live in a community, not a collective”

Me too, David Thunder.

Thunder’s well thought-out comparative piece shows how collectives are not healthy places to be. Unless you live at the top, defining what the ‘greater good’ is and determining what the collective is to do to achieve that ‘good’.

There are numerous historical examples of the horrors of collectivism. But there are emerging modern day examples too. Like Canada.

There politicians have just declared an emergency and announced that anyone protesting their dictates, and supporters of those protesters, can be fined, arrested and have their bank accounts tampered with – for supporting terrorism.

It no longer matters that those politicians were, and are, creating a climate where they and the media, police, colleges, hospitals, shops and more can infringe on human rights for ‘the greater good’ – with no direct consequences for them.

It also no longer matters that the measures they imposed (masks, distancing, injections, privilege passes etc) were, and still are, demonstrably useless at managing the virus. 1See Ian Miller’s latest analysis and charts from Canada.

The spirit of collectivism is alive and well in political leaders like Trudeau, Macron, Sánchez, Biden, Ardern, Daniel Andrews (premier of Victoria, Australia) and plenty of other public officials, and they have made a scary amount of progress in installing collectivism as the reigning philosophy of their governments.

We Must Dare to Dream and Hope for a Better World

But we cannot afford to give up hope or resign ourselves to defeat. We must give ourselves the chance to dream and hope, against all odds, for a better world, just as civil rights activists like Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther King did. We need to open up our imagination to what is best and most inspiring in humanity. We need to think beyond this dark moment in our history, when cruel, inhumane, and anti-scientific authorities seem to rule the roost.

We must engage in forward-looking thinking, and dare to conjure in our mind’s eye the sort of society we want to live in, and the sort of society we want our children and grandchildren to grow up in, once authoritarian and collectivist governments finally collapse under their own weight.

David Thunder, Feb 18th