The Trusted News Initiative

After recent posts on media lies and misdirection, it seems relevant to remember this BBC initiative exists, what it does and who is involved.

It is NOT a group of conspirators though.

It is merely a coincidental partnership between entities aligned around agreed goals.

Steve Kirsch and Robert Malone are two of many who have looked into it:

This intellectual obscenity purports to be able to discern and enforce scientific “truth” by defining truth as that which established public health bureaucracies (and singularly autocratic public health “leaders”) say it is.

the most intrinsically anti-science global organization ever implemented in the history of modern man.  The closest historical approximation to this monstrosity is the Catholic Church during the Spanish inquisition.

When this history of this pandemic is written, the combined effect of the Trusted News Initiative and autocratic national and international public health leaders will be documented as being responsible for massive excess human suffering and loss of life due to suppression of the discussion and dissent which is critical for the modern scientific process to accurately discern evolving truth and inform effective public policy decisions.  This must stop, before yet more avoidable, unnecessary suffering and loss of life accrues.

Dr. Robert Malone

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