Math signals in VAERS

“… the different lots, the amount of damage they cause, is mathematically precise… it’s very, very high tech medicine that’s going on…

Craig Paardekooper (@38:03)

Mike Yeadon has wondered if the roll-out of the Covid-19 injections was a trial-run to calibrate a weapon.

Has Craig Paardekooper found corroborating evidence? He wants other data people to check his work. The data can be found on

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Background: 5% is the magic number

In August he told the Corona Investigative Committee about anticipating that the rate of side-effects from the Covid-19 injections would be kept to 5% or less – because it’s a threshold between us noticing when something is happening by chance or intention.

Couldn’t ‘bad batches’ be due to errors?

“… if the Government were making errors, they would’ve corrected them when they saw so many deaths and disabilities happening throughout 2021. They didn’t do anything. In fact they accelerated it. … maybe in the first week or two they could’ve claimed it was a manufacturing error and they were gonna correct it. After the first couple of months when you had a couple of thousands dead people, and God knows how many disabled people, then the idea of an error kinda goes out the window and we have to accept that it is intentional, and if it is intentional then it is planned and designed to be that way… some kind of deliberate, uh, harm that was caused to people…

Craig Paardekooper (@24:11) | The Eagle’s website