A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation

Friday 1st July, Margaret Anna Alice spoke with the Berlin Corona Investigative Committee about framing, philanthropathy,1A term she coined democide, her “why” questions and their answers.2She ran out of time, but here are her promised notes.

Her WHYs are comprehensive3As are Steve Kirsch‘s. and grouped into four categories:

What answers does she come to?

After assessing and meticulously assembling thousands of pieces of evidence over the past two years, I have concluded the only logical answers to the above questions are:

1. PROFIT: accomplishing the largest wealth transfer from the middle class to the super-wealthy/super-rich in history;

2. POWER: setting the stage for The Great Reset and a global technocratic one-world tyranny; and

3. DEMOCIDE: reducing the population to “save the planet.”

Margaret Anna Alice

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