Dr. Hedley Rees

Managing Director of Pharmaflow. Held senior positions at Bayer UK, British Biotech, Vernalis and others. Author and advocate for modernisation of the pharmaceutical industry.1e.g. Taming The Big Pharma Monster: by Speaking Truth to Power (2019)

Testified to the Corona Investigative Committee on July 1st 2021 that evidence suggests COVID injections were rushed to market with significant shortcuts to make money rather than deliver the safest and most effective product possible.


  • … how MHRA/EMA did not follow its own rules and guidelines described in its Orange Guide, so did not meet their own terms for conditional approval of the injections.
  • … how -70°C (ultra-frozen) injections were a gross contravention of GMP2Good Manufacturing Practice as they were not fully finished as unit doses on leaving the factory, and had to circumvent pharmaceutical wholesalers because they were not equipped to handle those temperatures.