Infighting – a historical warning

Steve Kirsch claims the ‘no-virus-people’1Drs. Sam and Mark Bailey for example weren’t prepared to defend their science in a recorded public debate.2But there’s evidence they were – even though some, like Jon Rappaport consider such debate inappropriate.

The Breggins are dissing Mattias Desmet and the mass formation perspective.

Dr. Robert Malone is fending off ‘controlled opposition’ accusations, citing the historical example of Jacobinism as he does so.

Psychotherapist Todd Hayen thinks this infighting, intolerance and polarisation is consciously fostered to help the agenda.

War Of The Worlds

Todd Hayen on living in two competing worlds

The Toronto-based psychotherapist recently spoke with Jeremy Nell.

… a really deep conversation, touching on a bunch of things like

Jerm Warfare

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