US Congress Members Letter to FDA

June 23rd Del Bigtree aired his talk with Congressman Louis Gohmert (21:05- 48:50) about a letter he and other Members of Congress sent the FDA on June 8th.

The letter contained 19 questions. You can read them all on Robert Malone’s Substack.1Background to the letter available on Congressman Louis Gohmert’s site. PDF of the letter available on Congressman Bill Posey’s site. Or here’s a copy I downloaded for safe-keeping.

Then ask why they are not being answered.

More clips on the official episode page.

The (real) Global Covid Summit

Declaration IV – Restore Scientific Integrity

A Joint Statement, representing 17,000 Physicians and Medical Scientists to end the National Emergency, Restore Scientific Integrity, and Address Crimes Against Humanity.

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Is vaccine science trustworthy?

If there has been shoddy science and intentional deception around previous vaccines why should we “trust the science” and public health officials this time with Covid injections?

Also, if there’s nothing amiss in the vaccine and public health world then there would be no need to ignore or cover up of harm, or attack those questioning things. Right?

So let’s start there… are there vaccine harms being downplayed or ignored, and are challengers being smeared, ostracized or otherwise censored?

If the sheer volume of childhood injections in that image (and the implication that kids are born with a horrendous vaccine deficiency!1Image from here) doesn’t give you cause for pause then I suggest you familiarize yourself with Dr. Paul Thomas.

A medical practitioner, Thomas committed to informing parents about the ups and downs of each vaccine. So some of his patients chose to follow the CDC vaccine schedule while others didn’t. No surprise there really.

But then he conducted a study comparing the overall health outcomes of his clinics vaccinated and unvaccinated patients.2If vaccines left us healthier you’d think the vaccine industry, the CDC and others would be doing loads of such studies to drive home the value of vaccination. But they’re not. Strange, huh? The study was published after peer review and showed the unvaccinated tended to be healthier. A few days later the Oregon Medical Board suspended Dr. Thomas license to practice.

Jeremy R Hammond has written about Dr. Thomas work and knows the details well.

Then there’s the story of Andrew Wakefield – also suffering because of his research on vaccines. As you’ll learn from his chat with Jerm, he did little more than dare to ask questions and suggest more research was needed.

He later learned of some deceptive vaccine science going on in the CDC and teamed up with Del to reveal it in the movie Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (2016). The movie also highlighted the legal and financial protections given vaccine producers.

Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth (2019) saw the addition of Dr Suzanne Humphries, other medical professions and families prepared to speak about their discoveries and experiences with vaccination… including the way in which vaccines are most likely undermining naturally-acquired herd immunity.

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    If vaccines left us healthier you’d think the vaccine industry, the CDC and others would be doing loads of such studies to drive home the value of vaccination. But they’re not. Strange, huh?
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Former Pfizer VP: “The thing to be terrified of is your government”

Episode 219 of The Highwire featured Michael (Mike) Yeadon, “one of the most credentialed medical professionals speaking out about the dangers of the #Covid19 vaccines”.

But as he goes through his “list of lies” you’ll hear it’s not just the ‘vaccines’ he thinks we need to worry about.

Sometimes in this interview Yeadon mentions the Romney family. He is referring to a family who appeared on the same episode shortly before he did – a family where a father and son experienced some of what these ‘vaccines’ can do. You can find that clip here.

Episode 219 of The Highwire originally aired on June 10, 2021.