Dr. Mike Yeadon with Maajid Nawaz

Former Global Head of Respiratory Diseases and drug designer with Pfizer dismantles The ScienceTM and exposes key COVID lies in an understandable, common sense way.

Lots of bombshells. For example:

[The Diamond Princess cruise ship highlights that because our immune response wanes with age]…

They don’t work! Vaccines don’t work in elderly people…

I’m depressed. I mean, I came from this industry.

Dr. Mike Yeadon (from 45:15 on)

Who is Maajid Nawaz?

A double-jabbed, former UK call-in show host who was once an Islamist revolutionary, trained in ideological warfare – how to deconstruct a country so as to destroy it from within. In-depth interview with Joe Rogan here.

Ethical Medicine with Dr. Rochagné Kilian

From November 2021, so it might appear dated. But what motivates people, medical ethics, principles and similar topics are eternal.

She talked with Kate Wand about moral choices in the face of Covid measures and government interference in the doctor-patient relationship.

Are you as comfortable with your choices as Dr. Kilian is with hers?

She also spoke at the Freedom Convoy in Ottowa in February 2022. Just before her court case.

Get jabbed or starve

In yet another example of “not forcing you, just taking everything away until you comply”… Canadians are now being told by their leaders that it’s ok to deprive other people of food.

No doubt some who have already taken the officially sanctioned gene therapy will offer to shop for the unjabbed. That might seem kind. But wouldn’t it have been kinder to stand in solidarity with the unjabbed before it came to this? Or at least NOW boycott those venues implementing the governments wishes?

Because, when you consider how government policy is to clearly to force injections on everyone, if there isn’t massive pushback and non-compliance NOW it won’t be long until helping the unjabbed will be deemed a criminal act.

How many currently offering to shop for the unjabbed will risk the government approved shaming, fines and prosecution?

Very few I would imagine.