The Learning Curve

We are not familiar with totalitarianism.

More specifically, with the slow removal of rights that happen along the path towards its full, horrific expression.

We know about the Nazi medical experiments, concentration camps and slaughter… but not much about how the preceding years enabled them.

So we could be forgiven for not noticing or appreciating the import of what’s happening now. For not recognising totalitarianism.

But as the ranks of the aware swell, our voices rise and we begin to stand, those pushing the tyrannical agenda have to resort to ever more ludicrous responses and extreme measures.

In the USA you are now a ‘terrorist’ if you say anything that undermines public trust in government institutions. Funding organisations withhold or redirect donations. Police grow increasingly violent. Trudeau in Canada says mandates are the way to end restrictions1Thanks JP for highlighting this amazing double-think. while he seems to be preparing to declare martial law…

… and more of us are learning about totalitarianism.

It is a steep and emotionally painful learning curve.

But the learning IS happening.

Is it happening fast enough though?

Ilana Rachel Daniel reporting from Israel is warning us.2Keep up with her excellent work on Children’s Health Defense.

So is holocaust survivor Vera Sharav.3See her “Never again is now” speech – one of the 11 forbidden speeches of January 23rd, 2022.

Listen. Learn. Share.