This is one powerful vaccine!

Of all the vaccines I have taken in my life like Tetanus shots, measles, mumps, polio, meningitis, TB shots, etc…

… never have I heard so many lies and deceptions over a vaccine that says I have to wear a mask and socially distance even when fully vaccinated, and that I could still contract or spread the virus even after being fully vaccinated.

Never had to get tested when I was perfectly healthy without any symptoms whatsoever.

Never been bribed by the establishments to take the vaccine in order to win a holiday and/or cash prizes or earn frequent flyer points.

Never had to worry about cardiac issues, neurological disorders, blood clots and sadly more! Didn’t even have to worry about death.

Never was I ever THREATENED by the use of FORCE by the Government, employers, police and military for a vaccine (as seen overseas).

I was never judged by my friends or relatives if I didn’t take it.

I was never discriminated against for travel or other regular services to a point where I could not buy or sell without it.

The vaccines I have listed above never told me I was a bad person for not taking them – or even for taking them come to think of it.

I have never seen a vaccine that threatened the relationship between my family members and/or close friends to a point of destroying my relationships with them ever.

Never have I seen it used for political gain.

Never seen a vaccine needing 24/7 mass media advertising and promotion on every media outlet known to humanity.

Then there’s mixing and matching different vaccine brands and being told it’s okay to do it one day and then told the next day to not do it (science!).

I have never seen a vaccine threaten someone’s livelihood, as well as wipe out their jobs.

I have never seen a vaccine that allows a 12-year-old child’s consent to supersede their parent’s consent.

Finally, after all the vaccines (jab, shots) I listed above, I have never seen a vaccine like this one that discriminates, divides, and judges a society – and has to have any concern about it censored, deleted and removed from the internet and mainstream media!

So many doctors, health care professionals, police and scientists are censored and forbidden to speak out or ask legitimate questions – even when what is being allowed or not allowed does not make sense! Particularly when it comes from mainstream media.

I have never known a vaccine that has made all the Pharmaceutical companies that manufacture it exempt from liability if it injuries or kills anyone (even when life insurance companies will cover it!

This is one powerful vaccine guys! It does all these things above that I have mentioned… and yet… It does NOT do the one thing it is supposed to do which is: END THIS PANDEMIC!

How come?

Is vaccine science trustworthy?

If there has been shoddy science and intentional deception around previous vaccines why should we “trust the science” and public health officials this time with Covid injections?

Also, if there’s nothing amiss in the vaccine and public health world then there would be no need to ignore or cover up of harm, or attack those questioning things. Right?

So let’s start there… are there vaccine harms being downplayed or ignored, and are challengers being smeared, ostracized or otherwise censored?

If the sheer volume of childhood injections in that image (and the implication that kids are born with a horrendous vaccine deficiency!1Image from here) doesn’t give you cause for pause then I suggest you familiarize yourself with Dr. Paul Thomas.

A medical practitioner, Thomas committed to informing parents about the ups and downs of each vaccine. So some of his patients chose to follow the CDC vaccine schedule while others didn’t. No surprise there really.

But then he conducted a study comparing the overall health outcomes of his clinics vaccinated and unvaccinated patients.2If vaccines left us healthier you’d think the vaccine industry, the CDC and others would be doing loads of such studies to drive home the value of vaccination. But they’re not. Strange, huh? The study was published after peer review and showed the unvaccinated tended to be healthier. A few days later the Oregon Medical Board suspended Dr. Thomas license to practice.

Jeremy R Hammond has written about Dr. Thomas work and knows the details well.

Then there’s the story of Andrew Wakefield – also suffering because of his research on vaccines. As you’ll learn from his chat with Jerm, he did little more than dare to ask questions and suggest more research was needed.

He later learned of some deceptive vaccine science going on in the CDC and teamed up with Del to reveal it in the movie Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (2016). The movie also highlighted the legal and financial protections given vaccine producers.

Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth (2019) saw the addition of Dr Suzanne Humphries, other medical professions and families prepared to speak about their discoveries and experiences with vaccination… including the way in which vaccines are most likely undermining naturally-acquired herd immunity.

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    If vaccines left us healthier you’d think the vaccine industry, the CDC and others would be doing loads of such studies to drive home the value of vaccination. But they’re not. Strange, huh?
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If the Covid injections are so effective then why…

  • … are so many vaccinated people getting Covid?
  • … are case numbers so high in highly vaccinated areas?1Like Ireland’s very own Waterford
  • … are booster shots needed (unlike with other vaccines)?
  • … are Pfizer investing in developing a tablet??
  • … are the vaccinated being told they need to be protected from the unvaccinated???

Image from Telegram

Why haven’t you…?

People rarely ask questions with a genuine desire to understand. Instead they are often looking for reassurance about their own views, an opportunity to vent, to catch you out, start an argument, etc.

In such cases your answer is supposed to be brief – so they can quickly move in their anticipated direction. This seems especially the case around Covid injections.

Giving more than one reason throws a spanner in the works.

.. and Dr. Simon Goddek forwarded some extra reasons a private Telegram user shared:

Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) was set up in 1990 in the USA to record reactions to vaccines.

Reports to it are made on a voluntary basis and have been estimated to account for only 1% of real-world vaccine-induced injuries ( see the Lazarus Report). However, exploring VAERS data can be tedious as it involves constructing your own inquiries to the database.

Wonderfully, the OpenVAERS project does all that for you and presents the main data, in broad strokes in an easily read format (more advanced searches can be done at or

One of those broad strokes is truly staggering. There have been more deaths reported thus far in 2021 than for all previous years combined!

If the 17,000+ deaths published by October 15th represent just 1% of all the Covid vaccine related deaths in 2021… then the actual number could be in the region of 1.7million!

If this is what “safe and effective” vaccines can do is it any wonder people are ‘vaccine hesitant’?

Zuby is puzzled

So am I.

Why are so many ‘vaccinated’ people afraid of ‘unvaccinated’ people?

Do they not believe the shots work?

If so, why did they take it and why do they want everyone else to take it?

I’m still trying to understand this peculiar phenomenon.

If they wanted to send the right message, they’d just live normally and without fear.

But everybody who is still living in fear of the rona has been fully jabbed at this stage.

It’s very strange.

Zuby (on Twitter)

I agree. It’s very strange.


Maybe they don’t believe natural immunity can be acquired? Maybe they don’t believe there are effective treatments?

Ok. Let’s grant them those two inaccurate beliefs (natural immunity can be acquired; there are effective treatments) and start from the assumption that they genuinely believe ‘vaccines’ are the only option they have.

Then yes. Sure. In that context the realisation that the vaccine does not provide protection after all is going to be very scary. Not only that, but there are variants evolving to dodge vaccine-induced immune responses (as predicted by Geert Vanden Bossche, Luc Montagnier and others).

With all your eggs in the ‘vaccine’ basket then the world might seem very scary right now.

But even still the vaccine is supposed to reduce the severity of symptoms and the chances of dying. Wouldn’t that provide some comfort, some reassurance?

Then there’s boosters coming. More comfort and reassurance surely?

Add to those positives the excellent chances of surviving an infection regardless of vaccination or not.1Similar to the flu. Some pointers here if that’s news to you.

So I honestly do struggle to understand why the ‘vaccinated’ are not only less confident than the ‘unvaccinated’ but actually seem to fear them.

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    Similar to the flu. Some pointers here if that’s news to you.

Jerm has a simple question

If you’ve been jabbed, then why do you believe you’re better off than me (who isn’t jabbed)?

Let me put it another way.

Since I refuse to be injected with a mysterious mRNA cocktail that has no long-term safety trials, the chances of me experiencing negative side effects from it are zero.


However, the chances of you experiencing negative side effects from it, are over 900 times higher […]

In fact, no vaccine rollout, in history, has been this deadly.

Jerm Warfare, 30 September 2021

View on

Against Therapeutic Nihilism

This is perhaps the most important medical presentation I’ve ever seen.

Dr Peter McCullough is the most courageous & smart physician involved in fighting for recognition that covid19 is treatable using rational, sequential, multi-drug treatment.

Also, using PUBLIC DATA ALONE, showing that the gene-based vaccines are neither safe nor effective.

Finally, and he gives just five minutes to this at the end. He’s very clear that this is a planned event & is much more than only a viral pandemic. He rightly alludes to the global, lockstep nature of the coercion going on almost everywhere in parallel.

Dr McCullough calls upon doctors everywhere to stand up and join the fight to hold & express medical opinions, to uphold their Hippocratic Oath & to TREAT patients with covid19, not demonise them.

Please let this play in the background if you don’t have an hour. But please do not pass on this. The presentation contains all the evidence that’s needed that the vaccines are not the way forward but that rational, sequential, multi drug treatment is.

Best wishes

Mike Yeadon (on Telegram)

Dr. McCullough’s slides.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) Guide to Home Treatment.

Other talks from the 78th Annual Meeting of the AAPS are available through links on this page.