National Citizen’s Inquiry Commissioners Report

“”Ottawa: On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) released the final report of its months-long investigation into Canada’s response to COVID-19…

The Report was written by NCI’s four independent Commissioners: Chairperson Mr. Ken Drysdale, Ms. Heather DiGregorio, Ms. Janice Kaikkonen and Dr. Bernard Massie. The Report is the culmination of their efforts to:

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Canadian doctor sudden deaths, disappearing data and ‘turbo cancers’ since COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

Dr. William Makis testified, under oath, to the National Citizen’s Inquiry on September 18th, 2023.

His written submissions can be found on the NCI Exhibits page.

Dr. Makis has broken some of the video into parts on his Substack: |

“It’s either I take it, or I die… That’s what they told me.”

Despite having had COVID-19 twice and evidence of antibodies, Canadian Sheila Lewis was denied life-saving transplant surgery unless she took a COVID injection.

She initiated legal proceedings. But lost.

Needing 25 litres of oxygen per minute just to stay alive, she testified to the National Citizen’s Inquiry on May 17th:

“If you laugh, you lose your oxygen… if you cry, you lose your oxygen… if you move, you lose your oxygen… So you have to be devoid of emotion of any kind. Because you’re scared to lose that oxygen”

Sheila died last week.

COVID: Lockdown Mistakes

The National Citizen’s Inquiry in Canada received 325 testimonies – from lay people recounting experiences to professionals giving considered opinion.

Here, under the stewardship of lawyer Shawn Buckley, double-jabbed economics professor Douglas Allen1[Wikipedia archive. Also archived here. tells the commissioners some of the flaws and trickery underpinning ‘lockdowns’ (by which he means non-pharmaceutical interventions).

Academics may be interested in his January 2023 essay Lockdown: A Final Assessment – his own summary of which Is cited in full below the video.

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Denis Rancourt expert testimony National Citizens Inquiry – Ottawa 17 May 2023

The multi-disciplinary scientific researcher presents an overview of his research findings in his testimony to the National Citizen’s Inquiry, Canada.

European viewers might find the heat map of Europe particularly interesting (start from 27:40 for context). Amazing how the virus respects borders.

1 on 1 with Michelle Leduc Catlin – Ottawa Day 1 (Odysee)| (Rumble)

The National Citizen’s Inquiry

As part of his #SolutionsWatch series James Corbett spoke with National Citizen’s Inquiry volunteer and spokesperson Michelle Leduc Catlin .

The National Citizens Inquiry is a citizen-led and citizen-funded initiative that is hearing testimony from Canadians and experts examining the nature, the legality and the effects of the Canadian governments’ COVID mandates and restrictions.  Today James talks to the volunteer-run inquiry’s volunteer communications director, Michelle Leduc Catlin, about the inquiry itself, what it is seeking to accomplish and how Canadians (and people around the world) can support it in its endeavours.

James Corbett (The Corbett Report)

National Citizen’s Inquiry | Corbett Report show notes & mp3