Derek Sloan – a new hope for Canada

Tell your Canadian friends. Or anyone who might know someone in Canada.

Husband, father of three, lawyer and former Member of Parliament for Hastings-Lennox & Addington. Derek Sloan was kicked out of The Conservative Party of Canada for his views on Covid and other issues. He now leads the Ontario Party.

While not in agreement with all his views, his talk with Zuby left me wishing there were more politicians like him. And parties like the Ontario Party,

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The West Is In Crisis

Professor Julie Ponesse lectured in ancient and political philosophy and ethics at a Canadian university – until her sacking last September for not complying with campus Covid mandates. Yet in her conversation with Zuby she sounds calm, tolerant and genuinely keen to understand what’s going on.

Despite it being somewhat dated (eg the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy had yet to be crushed by authorities when they spoke), conversations like this give me hope.

Well worth a listen.

Rav Arora with Zuby

While I don’t agree with everything he says (like Zuby, I’m not into using substances to expand awareness) I found it refreshing to hear Rav Aorora having a Real Talk with Zuby.1Video version on Zuby’s Odysee channel.

“Narrative vs Truth” is a wide ranging talk touching on faith, science, psychology, censorship, travel, fascism, lockdown, psychedelics… and more.

Calm, sensible, thoughtful, humourous and with the integrity to acknowledge he got things wrong and the courage to adjust his perspective. Great to see in someone so young.

If we want a better future we would do well to support men like Rav.

And Zuby.

Zuby is puzzled

So am I.

Why are so many ‘vaccinated’ people afraid of ‘unvaccinated’ people?

Do they not believe the shots work?

If so, why did they take it and why do they want everyone else to take it?

I’m still trying to understand this peculiar phenomenon.

If they wanted to send the right message, they’d just live normally and without fear.

But everybody who is still living in fear of the rona has been fully jabbed at this stage.

It’s very strange.

Zuby (on Twitter)

I agree. It’s very strange.


Maybe they don’t believe natural immunity can be acquired? Maybe they don’t believe there are effective treatments?

Ok. Let’s grant them those two inaccurate beliefs (natural immunity can be acquired; there are effective treatments) and start from the assumption that they genuinely believe ‘vaccines’ are the only option they have.

Then yes. Sure. In that context the realisation that the vaccine does not provide protection after all is going to be very scary. Not only that, but there are variants evolving to dodge vaccine-induced immune responses (as predicted by Geert Vanden Bossche, Luc Montagnier and others).

With all your eggs in the ‘vaccine’ basket then the world might seem very scary right now.

But even still the vaccine is supposed to reduce the severity of symptoms and the chances of dying. Wouldn’t that provide some comfort, some reassurance?

Then there’s boosters coming. More comfort and reassurance surely?

Add to those positives the excellent chances of surviving an infection regardless of vaccination or not.1Similar to the flu. Some pointers here if that’s news to you.

So I honestly do struggle to understand why the ‘vaccinated’ are not only less confident than the ‘unvaccinated’ but actually seem to fear them.

  • 1
    Similar to the flu. Some pointers here if that’s news to you.