Derek Sloan – a new hope for Canada

Tell your Canadian friends. Or anyone who might know someone in Canada.

Husband, father of three, lawyer and former Member of Parliament for Hastings-Lennox & Addington. Derek Sloan was kicked out of The Conservative Party of Canada for his views on Covid and other issues. He now leads the Ontario Party.

While not in agreement with all his views, his talk with Zuby left me wishing there were more politicians like him. And parties like the Ontario Party,

Every day, more of us are waking up to the truth that we are at war in this country against a tide of radical leftism, the aim of which is to destroy everything Canada has been built on. In Ontario, Doug Ford and his friends have betrayed the interests of Ontarians and played along with Justin Trudeau’s federal government as they used the COVID crisis and Emergency Orders to strip us of freedom after freedom. 

The political system is corrupt. We have elected Members, but they’re all obliged to vote according to the wishes of their party leaders, not in the interests of those who voted for them. If they don’t vote according to what the party brass wishes, they get booted.

There are only three party leaders. They decide everything.

I was kicked out of the federal Conservative Party because I spoke the truth and wasn’t willing to play the political game. I am now here as the Leader of the Ontario Party to keep speaking the truth. I am here to keep fighting.  

Derek Sloan

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